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Charlie, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-12-10 5:20am
Last Chapter
2009-08-27 11:46am
Last Updated
2009-08-27 11:46am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Fired

“No, you aren’t, but you are a horrible friend. Scars are one thing, with no arm I bet a Veela would be appearing out of nowhere to talk to me. I hope you’re happy, you cost me a Veela- Ow.” Marco had tried to lift his injured arm to jab Charlie in the chest, which had turned out not the best idea considering there were three separate breaks in it was wrapped in enough gauze for it to be three times its original size.

2,871 14
2 Seriously Annoying Maniac and Hippogriff Boxers

“So, I’m guessing you didn’t find her?”
“How’d you know what I was up to?”
“Course he told you.”
“He told me because I threatened to pants him in front of Meg.”
Charlie grinned. “I guess I don’t blame him. Bet he didn’t want her to see his hippogriff boxers.”
“They were Unicorns actually. I pants-ed him after he told me just for a laugh.”

4,210 10
3 Pretty Hair vs. Purple Hair

"I don’t know why people can’t just respect me around here?” Charlie said, running his hands through his hair.
Marco shrugged and grinned. “Maybe because your hair is purple.”
Charlie scoffed. “What? That doesn’t even make…” he trailed off as he saw the look on Marco’s face.
“My hair is purple isn’t it?”
“Bloody hell.” Charlie sighed.

3,843 8
4 Snitch Slippers

“Deal,” said Marco.
“What about you two, are you in?”
“Dag stop it! Quit it! I SWEAR—DAG!”
Dag had somehow wrestled his wand, and hers, away from Meg and was now squirting water at her from the end of both of them. “Are you two just going to sit there?”
“Yep,” said Marco.
“You turned my hair purple. Remember?” said Charlie pointing at his tussled, still slightly purple hair.

3,353 9
5 A Secret Keeper

 “I would be scared but I don’t have much confidence that you even know what to look for if you were to try and castrate me.”
“I bet you have nothing for me to castrate anyway," said Molly.

3,586 4
6 Meeting of the Parents

“Oh, but I quite like what I’m seeing right now.” Caroline stuck out her lower lip and pouted; a skill she appeared to have mastered as Charlie found himself feeling sorry for her and a bit happy for himself.

3,858 5
7 The Trouble with Mothers, and Friends, and Brothers

“So what’d you want me to do with him, I could lock him inside Lulu’s pen?” Charlie grinned, Carter didn’t.           

“Just make sure he doesn’t destroy the compound while I’m gone. And make sure you and Molly don’t either.”

4,715 4
8 Niffler Sniffer

Charlie quickly replaced everything he’d touched and exited the office before he was caught. He didn’t need Hardigan to find him there. She he didn’t trust to look after a baby flobberworm.

3,196 3


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