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McGonagall, Snape, Arthur, Molly, Percy, Lucius, Voldemort, Draco, OC, OtherCanon
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Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Lucius/Narcissa, Remus/Tonks
Horror/Dark, Romance, Angst
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-12-09 7:55pm
Last Chapter
2016-02-01 8:15pm
Last Updated
2016-02-01 8:15pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Draco's Introduction

“All’s fair in love and war, that’s what they say, isn’t it? How stupid to think that anything could be fair in a war, especially love!”

The war has changed Draco Malfoy. A lot. And now he wishes to share his side of the story with anyone who is willing to listen… 

1,743 66
2 Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

Under normal circumstances, this night would have been spent in celebration, with plenty of laughter and joy to spare, for the Malfoy’s had been blessed with a son. But these were dark times now, very dark times indeed. The wizarding world was at war, and with each passing moment, the tides were turning more and more in the favor of Lord Voldemort...

****Prologue Edited & Updated on 1-11-2011***

3,078 50
3 The Letter

He realized at once who the letter was from the second he opened it and started reading. It was signed by the last person that Arthur Weasley ever would have expected to be writing to him: Lucius Malfoy.

4,700 42
4 The Healer

Molly's first impression of her was that she was far too young to be a healer. She was very pretty; tall and slim, with long blond hair and mint green eyes. She was very professional looking, with her clean-cut white suite, her briefcase filled with medical supplies, and her golden hair woven into a long braid along her back.

4,320 32
5 Unexpected Visitors

It was not until Sunday evening, three days after Draco's arrival, that Saleena had finally gathered enough information to get a clear picture as to what exactly had happened to him. But before she could deliver his diagnosis to the Weasley's, they received yet another group of unexpected visitors.

7,996 15
6 Same Side Now

"We’re both going to be on the same side now, I guess. If you honestly do hate Voldemort as much as you claim, and if you really wish to see him defeated, then that makes you one of us now,” Harry explained.

10,497 21
7 Under Arrest

“You are under arrest, Draco Malfoy,” Scrimgeour continued. “I hereby convict you of being a Death Eater, and sentence you to life in Azkaban for your involvement with he-who-must-not-be-named, and for your attempts on the lives of Albus Dumbledore and myself. Do you have any objections to this sentencing?

8,043 4
8 Trustworthy

McGonagall took a moment to consider the determined look on Saleena's face. She certainly seemed trustworthy enough, and she had done nothing but help their cause so far. “I'm sure by now that you have heard of the Order of the Phoenix, Miss. Blackwell. Am I right?”

8,316 4
9 A Drop of Veritaserum

Saleena knew, right then and there, that the Veritaserum was working on her, because she never would have said that to Minerva McGonagall otherwise. She was not comfortable with the direction the conversation had taken at all.

6,316 13
10 False Accusations

"Would you all just look at yourselves; arguing amongst one another, and placing blame on the innocent. And here I thought that the Order of the Phoenix was supposed to be above all that nonsense. Wasting your time with these false accusations will get you nowhere. Besides, you've got it all wrong anyways. It isn't her..."

7,015 4
11 The Spy

Minerva was the first one to break the silence once everyone had been seated. “Very well then, Draco,” she began. “Let's get straight to the point, shall we? You mentioned before that you do know exactly who the spy is. So, please, tell us.”

--Chapter Updated 9/19/14

6,475 17
12 Conversations

Saleena sighed as she realized that the conversation was slowly turning in the direction that she had been trying to avoid.
Roxi found herself strangely attracted to the sad blonde boy. And sitting there alone with him; having such an intimate conversation, only seemed to intensify those such feelings.

--Chapter Updated 9/27/14

7,353 15
13 Captive

Roxi gaped at the dark wizard before her in sheer horror. She knew that it would do her no good to beg for her life, nor would it be within her best interest to try and resist. Lord Voldemort had already made up his mind to take her as his captive, and there was nothing she could do to change that now.

-New Chapter Added 10/3/14

4,074 4
14 His Side of the Story

Lucius Malfoy was, of course, too prideful to come right out and ask for help directly. Therefore, it had been his plan all along to get this girl to hear his side of the story, in the hopes that she would then go back and retell it all to Draco... The conversation may not have exactly gone in the direction that he was aiming for, at some points. But nonetheless, his plan had turned out perfectly in the end.

--Chapter Updated 4/10/15
---BETA'd by MrsJaydeMalfoy

12,297 11
15 Answers

Draco immediately went up to his assigned room and climbed into bed, but he found that he could not sleep. His mind was racing. He needed answers, and he knew that he would not be able to get any rest without them. He also knew that their conversation would have to remain private. So he laid in his bed, staring up at the ceiling, waiting patiently for everyone else in the house to turn in before making his move.

- Chapter Updated 2/1/2016

8,144 9
16 The Truth

Draco wasn't sure how he felt about this news at first. A part of him was pleased to know the truth; that his father was finally capable of feeling remorse for the things that he had done. So what if the old man was wanting to off himself. The world didn't need someone like Lucius Malfoy in it anyways, right?

- New Chapter added 2/1/2016

5,097 1

This story has NOT been edited or updated past this point, therefore, continuing to read beyond this chapter will not make very much sense. I still need to add a few new chapters in between the last one and this one, so please bear with me as I make the necessary edits, and then await Validation times... Thank you for reading.

7,279 9
18 |Chapter 11| And There Will Be Justice For All

“Last night, at approximately 1:00 in the morning, Death Eater Lucius Malfoy surrendered himself into Ministry of Magic custody. He claims to feel remorse for all that he has done and is said to be giving up at last. The Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, has informed us that, despite him turning himself in, Lucius Malfoy is still to receive the Death Sentence. However, the Minister it seems, is doing things a tad bit differently this time…”  -- (an excerpt from the Daily Prophet)

9,391 13
19 |Chapter 12| Atropha Rickium

Was it not enough to know that his father was going to die? Now he had to bear the knowledge that Lucius was going to suffer immensely in the process, and there was no way out of it this time... “Of course, that’ll be the reason why the Minister chose this Atropha Rickium poison in the first place,” he said, thinking out loud. “Because there basically is no antidote for it...”

10,051 11
20 |Chapter 13| Coming up With a Plan

As Snape looked at Draco, he was instantly reminded of Narcissa. He couldn’t help but remember how desperate she was the day she came knocking on his doorstep, begging for him to help her son. And now that same boy, whom he had made the Unbreakable Vow to protect, was standing before him, pleading for help to protect his father. One thing was certain; the Malfoys may not care too much about other people, but they definitely did care for one another. ..

5,933 11
21 |Chapter 14| To Make an Antidote

He could not afford to make a mistake now. Lucius’ life depended on this antidote. There was no room for error here. This had to be made perfectly...

11,818 17
22 |Chapter 15| A Deal With the Devil

Roxi was surprised at how incredibly easy it was to remain calm right now. Here she was, striking a deal with the devil, and she was totally relaxed about it, as if she had known that this is what needed to be done all along.

10,420 12
23 |Chapter 16| Not to be Trusted

“You asked me why I’ve never let anyone in. You asked me why I do not trust anybody. You asked me why I don’t talk about my feelings with other people. Well, this is bloody well why right here! People are NOT to be trusted, and you’re proof of that now!”

10,104 11
24 |Chapter 17| A Day of Introductions

“Temper, temper, miss. Uh...”
“It’s Roxi,” Roxi said quickly, holding out a hand for her to take - which surprisingly enough, she did.
She shook Roxi’s hand before continuing. “It was only merely a mere question. I’m Bellatrix by the way; Bellatrix Lestrange.”

8,706 6
25 |Chapter 18| The Loophole

Lord Voldemort had found a loophole in their unbreakable vow, a way to get around the inability to torture Draco part, just as Draco had guessed that he would. But Roxi had not believed him at first, she had sworn that nothing bad would happen to him... Roxi had been the one who was wrong though. Clearly she did not know what she was up against when it came to the Dark Lord.

10,023 6
26 |Chapter 19| Lies and Deception

Draco sat up in an attempt to make himself wake up more. He was desperately trying to make his legs work so that he could get out of bed and strangle Percy. How was it possible for just one man to cause so much damage by the use of his lies and deception? And since when did Percy Weasley become a master manipulator -- one that could damn neart put even his father to shame? One thing was for certain now, and that was that Draco wanted to beat Percy within an inch of his life.

9,477 6
27 |Chapter 20| Devastation and Despair

Devastation. Despair. Sorrow. Loss. Pain. Guilt. Misery. Dread. Depression. Sadness... These were just a few of the words that best described how Roxi felt the next day when she awoke.

7,371 10
28 |Chapter 21| The Stranger

The man was right up on her now, but Roxi found that she still could not get a good look at him. Not at his face anyway, because it was still hidden beneath his long brown traveling cloak. His smell, however, was just as rugged as his appearance, and then some. Roxi crinkled her nose as another slight breeze drifted through the air and wafted the stench of wet dog through her nostrils.

*This chapter has now been Beta'd by the fabulous: RandomnessisinmyNature.

12,616 11
29 |Chapter 22| Betrayal

Betrayal, that was what he was feeling now. Never, in all his life, would he have imagined Roxi to take things this far. At first, he had honestly believed that they were only joking with him. But then when she... He shivered at the memory of her treachery. By no means did he ever think that she would betray him like that. It was the final straw for him. Any hope he had once had of getting back together with her was gone now.

7,158 8
30 |Chapter 23| A Way Out

Could it be that against all odds, Draco had finally found a way out after all this time? But was it really safe to put his full trust in someone whom he barley knew anything about? And, if he were to leave here right now, would he ever gain his ability to walk back again? It definitely had the potential for danger, but at this point, it was certainly a risk that he was more than willing to take... Draco was ready to do anything that would mean getting him out of this prison.

7,444 7
31 |Chapter 24 | Who to Blame

"But this is not about whose fault it is or isn’t, so I see no point in standing around here wasting our time trying to figure out who is to blame. The fact of the matter is that Draco is gone and there is nothing that either one of us can do about it now. There is still much work that needs to be done, and far more pressing matters that need to be dealt with." -Voldemort

6,365 6
32 |Chapter 25| The Edge of Right and Wrong

Roxi was teetering on the edge of right and wrong, but her mind was finally made up. She would no longer hide in the shadows and pretend to be something that she was not...

4,273 7
33 |Chapter 26| Interrogation

"But let's get down to business, shall we? I trust you've figured out by now why I am here."
"You have come to interrogate me," Draco casually stated.
"That's right," she replied with a short nod of her head.

6,124 5
34 |Chapter 27| Making a Promise

“Are you threatening me?” he asked, doing his best to hide his concern.

"No, not at all.” Percy seemed to relax a bit and Roxi smiled deviously. “It’s more like making you a promise, actually..."

5,447 4
35 |Chapter 28| Nightmares and Memories

Draco was having a nightmare. He dreamed that he had died and his father was kneeling, broken, by his graveside. He watched, helplessly, from afar as Lucius picked up fistfuls of dirt and let it run out between his fingers...

8,257 2
36 |Chapter 30| From One Prison to the Next

She had only accepted Greyback’s offer because she thought that it was the best chance she had at gaining back her freedom. But now... Roxi could not help but to think that she had only just gone from one prison to the next.


This chapter had been BETA'd by: MrsJaydeMalfoy

5,153 6
37 |Chapter 29| A Slight Mistake

Roxi looked down in shame. “No, your ears are working properly alright,” she sighed. “But that’s exactly what I have come to tall to you about, Lucius. I too believe that I might be making a slight mistake here."

“A slight mistake?” he repeated mockingly. “Roxi, this may be the BIGGEST mistake that you could ever make in your entire lifetime! I mean, my god, has my life not demonstrated that fact to you enough?”

6,233 10
38 |Chapter 31| Rescue Mission

"Think of it this way," Saleena offered. "When we come back, for I am extremely confidant that this rescue mission will be a success, you will have gained a very powerful new ally in my mother. She will be most thankful to you for going along with this, and thus helping me to rescue her. So have faith, Minerva, for all is not yet as lost as you might think."

This chapter has been Beta'd by MrsJaydeMalfoy

7,210 2
39 |Chapter 32| Somonus Mushrooms

Somonus Mushrooms looked like most commonly edible species, but what really set them apart from all the rest was their perfectly round shape their stout bodies... And even though they were okay if you only ate a bite or two, the amount of mushrooms that she was planning to use in the stew would be enough to knock them all out for at least a day, if not two.

- This chapter has been Beta'd by: MrsJaydeMalfoy

4,341 2
40 |Chapter 33: A Logical, Medical Explination|

"Well, no matter the case, I am certain that this is not your fault," Kireonna said encouragingly. "There has got to be a logical, medical explanation for what happened here. And whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll find it."

4,042 3
41 |Chapter 34| Freedom Always Comes at A Price

Sure, Draco had wanted to be freed from his curse. But at what cost? For freedom always came at a price, and this time the price was pain. If he wanted to be healed, then he was going to have to work for it, and the road to recovery would not be an easy one this time around...”

 - This chapter has been Beta'd by: MrsJaydeMalfoy

8,300 3


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