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Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
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Fluff, Humor
Next Generation
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-12-08 7:25pm
Last Chapter
2011-12-13 2:45am
Last Updated
2011-12-13 2:45am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Reason 1, Detention 1.

Reason 1, Detention 1.

Apparently setting fire to your homework in front of a teacher- and unfortunately burning off their disturbingly crazy eyebrows in the process - does not bode well with them, and will usually lead to double assignments and detention.

I blame Albus for that one.

1,669 19
2 Reason 2, Detention 2

Pineapples are not meant to fly. Not even to pelt Slytherins in the head during lunch. They totally deserved it though, I mean, they are Slytherins.

That was a piece of Nikki and James handiwork that was. Technically though, that was Al’s fault too. I was just getting revenge.

1,761 16
3 Reason 3, Detention 3

Reason 3, Detention 3.

Apparently, Malfoys don't like being turned into rodents. A ferret was bad enough for his dad, so turning Scorpius Malfoy into a lemming- nature's retard- is much worse.
That detention was most definitely worth it. As was the wrath of one Rose Weasley. And James was with me the whole way, Merlin bless his soul.

2,260 17
4 Reason 4, Detentions 4-10

Reason 4, Detentions 4-10 


Headmistress McGonagall apparently does not want a male cat around for a mate. So I guess setting five of them loose in her classroom wasn’t the smartest idea if one wasn’t looking for a week of detention.


That was all James and that idiot Colin Finnigan.


Okay so maybe I held the door open.

2,266 15
5 Reason 5, Detention 11

Reason 5, Detention 11

Casting a Hex on James' new obsession, which caused her to not only gain thirty pounds, but lose most of her hair, is not something that pleases McGona-GollyGee

I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. Those blonde tarts are everywhere. The world was a better place for one less.

Alright, fine, that wasn't the real reason I did it. Happy?

1,566 15
6 Reason 7. Detentions 13-14

Reason 7, Detention 13-14.

Telling Firsties that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Whomping Willow and that it's actually great to sit under for picnics is HIGHLY FROWNED UPON.
But in James' and my defense, they were Slytherins.

1,874 14
7 Reason 8, Detention 15

Reason 8, Detention 15.
Just because Divination is a crock of horse-puckey and Trelawney is certifiably insane, does not mean we should be "predicting" that someone's parents are going to win the lottery. Predicting how they are going to die isn't the best idea either. Especially when they ARE NOT going to die. At all.
I started that. Al joined, but I most DEFINITELY finished it.

Go figure I was the only one to get caught. Well, told on is more like it.

2,033 15
8 Reason 9, Detentions 16-18

Reason 9, Detentions 16-18

The Hogsmeade Trip is not made available so that we can jump out of bushes and scare the living daylights out of the poor unsuspecting people shivering in their boots at the fence around the Shrieking Shack.
That was all of us. But only because I am too easily persuaded by those gits for my own self-preservation.

2,552 15
9 Reason 10, Detention 19

Reason 10, Detention 19

Pulling a "Weasley" and blowing up the toilet on the third floor makes Filch a very unhappy caretaker.
Adding our own special touch of filling it with dungbombs AND THEN blowing it up makes him a furious one.

So furious he makes US clean the mess.

I don't even know how that man is alive. He's more ancient than Sluggy and Minnie combined.

That was James, Fred and I, that was. But in all fairness it was in memory of Fred Weasley I.

1,602 22
10 Reason 11, Detention 20

Reason 11, Detention 20

Banding together with Al and turning James' broom into a flying marshmallow during practice may be easy on James' "Quaffles", but it
does not make it a good idea.

Even though it may sound totally awesome.

And fun.

Hell, We should have done it to our own brooms. Who doesn't want to ride on a flying marshmallow?

Besides James Potter, of course.

1,783 21
11 Reason 12, Detentions 21-22

Reason 12, Detentions 21-22

Helping James frame Al as revenge is not always the greatest idea. Especially when that framing involves charming all the Mandrakes to pop up simultaneously during class.

I don't recommend it, you'll be deaf for days.

I really need to stop joining in every prank those boys think of.

Oh, and if the Weasley-Potter clan ever kidnaps you for an intervention, accept it happily.

4,093 14
12 Reason 13, Detention 23-25

Reason 13, Detention 23-25

Placing a hex on Taka Chang's head every time one of us walked by him is a BRILLIANT idea.
Especially when it results in every bird within a thirty meter radius of him to take a dump on his head at that moment.
I will not say it was a bad idea or that it wasn't worth the detentions, because that would be a LIE.
It was SO worth it. Bloody ingenious too.

He deserved it, the stupid prat. He's lucky James stopped me from killing him in his sleep.

That was all of us. And I mean ALL.

3,235 12
13 Reason 14, Detention 26

Reason 14, Detention 26

Locking Al in a closet with Heather Longbottom is a great idea.

That is until we get caught by none other than Minnie.

My parents got called in.

So did Mr. and Mrs. Potter.

Professor Longbottom wasn't very happy either.

It was bad.

Oh well. At least I got twenty galleons out of it.

1,907 13
14 Reason 15, Detention 27

Reason 15, Detention 27

Re-enacting the Thanksgiving feast dressed as a Native Americans- in just moccasins, feather headbands, and loin cloths- and parading around with tomahawks telling all the wee first and second years you're going to scalp them is never a good idea.

That one was Albus and James.

Okay, So Heather and I may have egged them on that time.

And I MAY have made out with James in front of the whole great hall.

3,384 19
15 Reason 16, Detention 28

Reason 16, Detention 28

Have a full-out fight with James in the Great Hall is not a good idea.

We really need to learn to stay out of the Great Hall with our quarrels. Minnie doesn't like them much, even though the rest of the student body gets a kick out of them.

What can I say, relationships with no fights whatsoever just aren't healthy ones, and just won't end well.

Which is why Romeo and Juliet just had to die.

Good riddance, I say.

2,077 7
16 Reason 17, Detention 29 & 30

Reason 17, Detention 29 & 30

Sticking the Americans IcyHot stuff in Malfoy's knickers is a beautiful idea.

More amazingly epic than the stunt we pulled with Taka.

It was wonderful, let me tell you.

And it was all Heather's idea.

Oh and on a side-note, it's not a good idea to let teachers find you in a compromising position. Especially not in a broom closet. It may result in an extra detention.

3,508 31
17 Reason 19, Detention 32

Reason 19, Detention 32

Having a huge throwdown with Ravenclaw during the final Quidditch match before Holidays is never a good idea.

Especially when said throwdown starts a fire.

I don't mean that figuratively either. I mean an ACTUAL fire.

Gotta love Ben for that.

2,658 34


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