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Harry, Ron, Hermione, R. Lestrange, Lucius, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ginny/OC, Harry/OC, Ron/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-12-01 1:08am
Last Chapter
2012-04-27 4:33pm
Last Updated
2012-04-27 4:33pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The introductions

The war is over. Voldemort is gone. Harry, ron, hermione, draco & many others come back to hogwarts to complete their last year at hogwarts. Note:Dumbledore and Snape are alive. Draco is on the positive side and against the death eaters. He wants to make up for his mistakes & thus he is made head boy. Hermione is head girl. See how romance spices up.

1,552 33
2 Chapter 2: The Shock

Hermione gave a start and turned around to be face to face with professor McGonagall and hurriedly took some steps back, but to her horror, she collided with Draco Malfoy.REVISED 6 MAY '10. STRONGLY ADVISED TO RE-READ.

Hermione recieves her first shock of the day...

please R&R

2,122 31
3 Chapter 3: Some more surprises

“Thanks. I never thought you could compliment someone.” Hermione replied looking modest.

“Well, you will soon come to know many things which I can do, and which you had never thought of.” Draco smirked. 

Dumbledore gives the heads a surprise.

1,373 16
4 Some Speech and After

“Shut up you idiot! Don’t you see?! We have to share the same bathroom and… that’s just NOT DONE!” Hermione retorted.
"You are crazy? That can’t be possible. Dumbledore isn’t such a fool.” Draco reprimanded at her.
He walked out of the room to search for the other one. Hermione was about to say something, but no words came out.
 Draco Malfoy had just walked out of his room bare chest, without a shirt in front of her.

2,781 11
5 Some thoughts, Some Dance and…A Kiss

Slowly, he separated himself from her and presented her with a beautiful ring. He slipped it into her slender fingers and kissed her hand gently. They both looked at each other warmly. She moved even more closer to him, and the next moment, they both were kissing each other. He loved the feeling.R head girl and boy perform d salsa & sumthin else hpns too. Read on to find out! Plz Review! 

3,476 12
6 Ch 6: The New Friendship and the New News

“Oh really?! Well…I just wanted to tell you, that It would be really great if you could become my girlfriend.” He replied, winking at her.Read on to find out what happens!*winks*

5,106 14
7 Ch-7 : Sweet and Sour

Preparations for the 'date'.

Read & Review...

9,202 7
8 Ch-8: Date and encounters (PART 1)

Draco and Hermione enjoy their 'date', have a few encounters with a few people, share some 'sweet' moments together, and hermione tells something to Draco.....
Please read and review!!

6,833 4
9 THE DATE: Part 2

A silent tear trickled down her cheek as she realized he was going to kiss her. She gave one last try and shouted with all her might. 
Please read and review!

5,823 11
10 Birthday Blast

The mere name from his lips sent tingles down her back. He called her like none did. His voice, husky yet so tender and sweet. She felt another wild urge to hug him closely, to get the feel of his body over hers.
Plz R&R

7,185 5
11 Ch 11: Apologies and Letters



Draco looked at Hermione with wide eyes as he touched the spot on his chin where she had just punched him.Plz R&R

4,493 9
12 Ch 12: A lot happens

Draco couldn’t help but lean in closer towards her, his face inches from hers. He inhaled her vanilla scent and closed his eyes for a second. He opened them to see her beautiful face with her pink lips and pretty eyes. His fingertips moved on her soft skin, caressing her tender cheeks. His fingers traced her jaw line making him lean in closer. He chuckled slightly as he saw her eyes flutter close. Deciding that he had taken enough time, he lightly pressed his body against hers before bringing her lips closer to hers. 
Plz R&R

9,170 8
13 Ch 13: Madeline, Plans and Flying...

She was way too close, and he was finding it hard to control his raging urges. He tried to back off a bit, but she seemed to be really afraid of heights rather than flying, and wouldn’t let go.Please R&R

11,571 6
14 Ch 14: Rumors and Realities

Some rumors are spread...New friendship is discovered....and most importantly,
Our lead couple, Draco and Hermione, give us a great surprise...
Plz R & R

12,312 17
15 Ch-15: Of Cliché Romance and Meaningful Talks

Romance spices up between the heads as they've finally confessed their true feelings...

Also, Interesting Conversations take place; revealing how certain two 'supposed' dead people returned back to life...

Plz R&R

10,144 10
16 Ch-16: Of Meetings, Mistakes and Make-Ups. PART 1

Arguments break out between some; things heat up for some; there are some unfamiliar and some confused feelings among some; something odd happens in the DADA class. THIS IS JUST HALF OF CH-16 !!! Plz R&R

11,249 10
17 Ch 16: Of Meetings, Mistakes and Make Ups - PART 2

She smirked at him before pointing her wand at herself. “Originality Revilio!” 

A/N: Here's the continuation of Ch16 Part 1...Please read and review!!

6,930 24
18 Ch 17: Of Unexpected Events

She shrieked as a jet of red light hit her abdomen and she fell backwards screaming in pain as she felt as if her whole body was on fire.

“Hermione!” Draco shouted as he saw her writhing on the ground.

“Draco…don’t…don’t come near me…you have to…keep…fighting!” She croaked. She didn’t have any ounce of energy left to send jinxes at the figure anymore and now only Draco was dueling with it.

12,334 8
19 CH 17: Of Unexpected Events CONTINUED

Hermione shrieked as she saw how each one of them were thrown backwards with an unseen force…including McGonagall. All of them fell on the ground with a lot of force and Ron, Maddy, Ginny, and Theo became unconscious...
In Continuation with Ch-17 Of Unexpected Events...!! Keep reading...and please review..!!

2,553 16
20 Ch 18: A Lot Of Mess

“No, never. Nothing will go wrong. Everything is going to go according to the plan.”

6,588 9
21 Ch-19: Plans in Action

"The end of Lord Voldemort, sadly, did not mean the end of all evil.”

Please R & R..!!

5,746 10
22 Ch 20: Unions and Revelations

A hot and steamy chp... Our hero & heroine take a break from all the dark stuff going on.... but it seems its not gonna leave them alone!

Please R&R! :D

6,876 6
23 Ch 21: Confessions and Discussions

 “So…could she be a death-eater in disguise? Or a dark wizard perhaps?” 

Please read and review.

3,943 10
24 Ch 22: Staying Together and Staying Strong

 “Now there, I don’t think that would be wise kids.” The smoke had now vanished entirely and in its place stood Linda Johnson, smirking menacingly, her eyes narrowed with red glinted in them.

Please read and review!

6,200 16
25 Duelling the Devil

“Lacarnum Inflamarae Maxima!” Zaila shrieked as a huge ball of fire came hurtling towards the group.

1,705 21


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