Andromeda, Charlie, Percy, Seamus, Dean, Oliver, Teddy, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
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2008-11-24 16:55:24
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2009-11-11 20:35:52
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2009-11-11 20:35:52
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Letters and Feelings

Harry recieves a letter from Gringots.

3353 8
2 Chapter 2: love is an everlasting thing

I suck at summaries but here's the gist. its Ginny's quidditch match then Christmas Eve. tada!

4536 3
3 Chapter 3: 4 years later

it has been 4 years since the match the couple is going strong

woo hoo!

2944 2
4 Chapter 4: Memories, A Dinner, And a Dream

He walked out and saw Ginny staring at the box.
“What’s in the box?” Ginny asked him registering he was there.
Harry looked at her and shrugged “I have no idea.”

6346 3
5 Chapter 5: A Proposal

well here it is folks! the biggest moment in their lives.

4933 3
6 Chapter 6: 3 Months And Loving It

Well here it is folks chapter 6!!!
Harry's new job, a new character!
Ginny and Harry plan for their wonderful day
Ron's a git about his big day

6882 3
7 Chapter 7: Wedding Fever

Oh boy poor Ron and Harry. They have to attend Oliver Woods wedding. Then it’ll be Ron’s turn.

10466 2
8 Chapter 8: Harpie Heaven and Baby Bliss

The Harpies are on their way to the Quidditch World Cup. Ginny is putting the finishing touches on hers and Harry’s wedding when she isn’t running to the bathroom. Is there something wrong with her? Or is she just nervous about everything.

5809 3
9 Chapter 9: The Wedding of the Century

It's finally here the wedding of all weddings the crem de la crem! Harry and Ginny are heading towards the final step of becoming a happy family. Harry can't wait and neither can Ginny but an old flame may cause some trouble for our happy couple.

5460 3
10 Chapter 10: Tragedy Strikes

Poor Harry and Ginny their honeymoon is cut short when a phone call from home changes their lives forever.

3876 3
11 Chapter 11: Ohana

Harry and Ginny welcome Teddy into their home as their son. Not that he wasn't already but it's finally official

4954 6
12 Oh Dear

Ginny has little James, and Quidditch drama arises

2871 6
13 Postpartum

Ginny is feeling a little bit of PPD only she won't admit it.

1030 4
14 Teddy's First

It's Teddy's first September 1st!

2885 4
15 Again Teddy?

Teddy and the gang are in trouble.....again

1144 4
16 Why is the train late? TEDDY!

Teddy is coming home for the Holiday break.

1920 4
17 Snow

Grounded? Not grounded? Couch? Not on the couch? Life is getting hectic in the Potter household.

2134 2
18 St. Mungo's and Confusion

Lily is one sick baby. Will she be ok? And why on earth did Teddy floo to the wrong house?

1110 2
19 Who?

Who did it? Do they have the right person?

1227 2
20 Who Dunnit

"No." she took a deep breath "Mr. Potter, I know where your children are. So please stop trying to be slick. I can't tell you here though. Meet me in Muggle London in 3 hours, in front of the fountain."

1335 2
21 A Little Bit of Bella

What Bella goes through at home.

1037 2
22 Found

"I love you Harry and I know you'll bring our boys home safe and sound."
Harry smiled and kissed her back holding her tightly to him. "I love you too." he whispered in her ear. "I promise you I'll bring them home."

1509 2
23 He's Just Not Teddy

"He doesn't want to prank, he won't eat, he isn't sleeping well, and he's just not Teddy."

1788 2
24 Just One of Those Chapters

blah blah blah don't now what to put

1729 3
25 Puppy?

Lily wants a puppy

2076 4


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