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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-11-22 2:25pm
Last Chapter
2010-10-20 12:11pm
Last Updated
2010-10-20 12:11pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Complicated Beginning

"Don't tell me, he's tall, dark and amazingly sexy?" a new voice laughed, entering their conversation.

Lily took a deep breath thinking, 'This is definitely not my day..."

3,688 20
2 Live News In Produce

Lily couldn't believe how natural the moment felt. It was like she was meeting him for the first time. "You know, I think we might be able to have a little bit of fun together here."

James's eyes lit up in a smile. "Lets hope so. The last time you said we should try to be friends, you hexed me to stick to a wall."

2,456 22
3 Marauders Coming Through

"I'm in the top ten of our class and can't understand the concept of muggle money...something we covered in Muggle Studies just last year."

"Well, how about a tutor?"

3,914 20
4 A Night's Beginning

"Come on," James said, "Lets get out of here"

Lily smiled and for the first time in their history said, "Sure."

4,237 17
5 Tension at Register Four

Marcus walked back to them and Lily could see James tense up. "You gave me an extra penny." he said plainly. He placed it down on her register and let out a scoff when he saw James. "You should keep your dog on a tighter leash, Lils."

2,907 15
6 The Almighty Roast Beef

"Want to come over tonight?" he asked her. "My family wants to meet you."

Lily laughed that her parents already knew about her. "I'd love to."

And with a final peck on the lips he walked out the door leaving her dancing around the back room singing.

2,114 23
7 A Night of Tales

"If it makes you feel any better I can tell you plenty of embarrassing stories about James and Sirius that are far worse that this. Comes in handy for bribing." She winked. "Wanna hear one?"

"Sure," Lily laughed.

2,367 21
8 The Biggest Problems

Lily shook her head and leaned against the register. "So. You've been lucky enough to meet my two biggest problems in twenty four hours. Anything you'd like to warn me about?"

James grinned lopsidedly. "A have one or two...You won't have to meet them until school comes back around though."

"Let me guess. The James Potter fan club and quidditch?"

"Something like that..." he ran his hand through his hair.

2,674 18
9 Meetings Gone Wrong

"You're barking up the wrong tree if you think that meek threat will persuade me. I'll see you on the battlefield."

Lucius smirked and walked closer to Mr. Potter. "Your boy's girlfriend is a mudblood, isn't that right?" He didn't move an inch. "Pity."

2,704 17
10 Those Muggle Wars

"We're going to talk to Dumbledore about what happened last night. I'm not promising anything about you being able to talk to him...and Remus I can't speak for you, but I'm sure he'll have the same verdict for you all."

2,731 14
11 What A Night

"Have any plans for the night, Lils?" Remus asked.

"Not really," she said, "You guys?"

"James' parents are out of town for the night. We were going to have a few select people over...."

2,738 19
12 Naked

"I thought we were best friends. Why you can't trust me?" Paula complained. "What kind of friendship is that?"

"Paula, come on," Lily said a little shaky, "You would understand if you knew, but I just can't tell you right now."

2,338 10
13 Lily Protection Program

"It's all apart of the Lily Protection Program. Relax, Evans!" Sirius said.

"The Lily what?" She sent a hard glare in James's direction and mumbled angrily, "Ridiculous. This is all ridiculous."

3,159 11
14 Forever Blowing Bubbles

"James," Lily said softly. Her hand reached up to rest on his cheek. "I don't want to break up. I always want to be with you, but I'm trying to be realistic. We can live in a bubble where we'll always be just a hallway away from each other, but that'll make it even harder when the bubble pops."

5,141 12
15 Duplicate Story Line

"It's kind of sweet you know. I'll bet he's had a crush for her all of these years and now he finally won her over."

"That story line is already taken."

"Yeah, but it's so much cuter when you get to watch someone else go through it!"

5,553 7
16 Solutions Night

"Well, I was thinking I could buy him a new broom that hasn't been released yet, or a new captain's uniform for this season. I'm so scared he wouldn't like it though! I've never messed up this bad before!"

Lily's jaw dropped, "You're acting like he's your boyfriend! For Merlin's sake, man up and go say you're sorry!"

5,288 9
17 Tied Ends

"James," Lily said making him turn to look at her. "I want to start this year out right, and I just wanted to say," she paused and took a deep breath,"I love you."

3,362 28


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