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Harry, Hermione, Draco, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-11-18 1:17am
Last Chapter
2011-08-12 8:09am
Last Updated
2011-08-12 8:09am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 We Meet Again

The first chapter will focus on establishing their relationships- a Prologue of sorts. The story will spin around between the present and flashbacks, humor and drama, sarcasm and romance, with a little suspense thrown in. It's gonna be a ride! Hopefully, fun for all. I've put in my soul... can you see the rainbows and dragons?

1,920 11
2 Reluctant Designs

What she can't tell anyone and why she can't tell him.

1,716 8
3 Memories

What happened then and how she found out

3,282 6
4 In the Still of the Night

In wait of a princess, in bed with a prince.

3,745 10
5 I Wanna Have Your Baby, Maybe.

Did she say it out loud?

2,849 7
6 Crash Boom Bang

Where Hermione remembers why this adventure may be quite detrimental for her sanity

2,342 6
7 Issues? What Issues?

Where Draco and Hermione sort out minor details. "Are we proceeding towards a mutually fulfilling plan or are you too much of a coward?”

2,311 10
8 To Dream, To Sleep, To Wake, To Soar

Where some dreams come true and new dreams are dreamt

4,243 20
9 The Redemption of Slytherin

Draco, the man of many words, most of them cutting.

6,258 15
10 Sun and Moon and Stars in Snow

A chat with Harry

4,000 13
11 The Right and the Righteous

Flashback to Year 7; Hunting for Horcruxes

5,220 14
12 The Right and the Righteous (contd)

The battle

3,675 11
13 Senses

Moans and Groans. Lessons and Learning. Draco 101 and Hermione 102

4,028 14
14 The Study

In his lair, where Hermione has trouble walking.

3,675 14
15 Mother Dearest

Meet your mother? NO! Please?

5,334 11
16 Battleship, Silver, Rose Quartz and Arsenic

Some of the many shades of grey

6,423 12
17 Confessions of Control Freaks

Where some truths come to light

5,513 22
18 Simple Pleasures

So what did he want to show her? Oh, that?

2,954 10
19 Relativity: It's you. It's all in my head.

Her boys, the dunderheads.

6,729 18

No, you couldn't have done THAT! It makes no sense!!

1,376 19
21 Mercury Rising

When the going gets tough, the scared get gone

1,550 15
22 Seekers Keepers

Sweet talking, no good, huh, yes, won't you come in?

2,737 18
23 Hermione's Journal

In her head, in her heart

1,752 16
24 New, but not so strange?

So Hermione's pregnant. How does Draco deal?

4,350 17
25 The Thing About Reality

Do dreams come true or does truth become dreams? Are dreams real or is reality a well-sequenced dream?

5,374 20
26 The Nuptials

Where Hermione socialises with her friends, her best friend, her other best friend and the other guy.

5,097 12
27 The Reception

When a frozen Dragon breathes fire.

5,108 17
28 Days to Remember

Is life days strung together? Thorn after pearl after obsidian after quartz?

7,475 28
29 C'est la Vie

 Such is life

6,335 42


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