Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny
Horror/Dark, Angst, AU
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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First Published
2008-10-24 05:20:58
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2009-07-04 05:04:10
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2009-07-04 05:04:10
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Unexpected

"I suppose, after everything, I have finally broken’ she said as she placed her empty glass on the table"

1620 18
2 Throw me outside!

‘How dare you make a suggestion as to what I need’ she spat ‘you know nothing of what I need or of what I want’ she snatched her cloak up and stormed to the front door, Severus was quick on her heels. He didn’t want her to leave, he desperately wanted her to stay.

1295 15
3 The Unscathed

"Severus bowed his head in Voldemort’s direction and a series of skeptical whispers broke the silence. Voldemort gestured with his hand to the seat next to him and Severus walked quickly to his allocated space, much to the annoyance of everyone else, at their Lords right side"

1739 15
4 Never Love

"What was happening, this wasn’t the way things were supposed to work, her boyfriend dies and she ends up in the arms of the least likely member of the Order. What will they say when we arrive together, what will they think, what will they whisper?"

1546 14
5 How cruel his Mother was

"Severus ignored him and looked towards Hermione, her eyes turned to glass once again as she stared in horror at the table
It was then that it dawned on Severus that this was where Ron’s body had lain, this was the spot where he died, and this was the very table that had pooled his blood while she was at his side"

1602 14
6 The First Taste

"The scar lines that ran down Draco’s face looked purple in the natural light and the malicious glint in his eye sparkled as he smirked and crossed the rubbish strewn stream"

1547 12
7 Please

"He reached the cobbled pave where he had first apparated and turned on the spot. On the very second of his departure he cast his eyes to the stars and saw a fiery ball of light rip through the velvet night, leaving a burning trail in its wake"

1882 12
8 Nothing but Pieces

"I can’t keep playing this role!’ he shouted again, he didn’t know where the sudden anger was coming from. He wasn’t really angry at her, he was irritated at himself, his endless selfishness for leading her along. He didn’t want to tomb her along with himself in this doomed life he had forged"

1480 13
9 Another Star

"Harry watched his breath fog against the velvety blue night’s sky, it was a rather cold night, even for November it was cold, and the stars twinkled brightly above him. He sat with his back against the trunk of the thick oak in the burrow’s garden"

1148 12
10 Do I Love you?

"I turned to stone, enclosing everything I had ever loved and barring everything else, for years. And then you arrive on my doorstep, seeking out my company alone to get away from the grief of someone you’ve lost. I see so much of myself in you"

1728 13
11 Monster

"Mother…tell me about Snape’ he ordered as he turned his face to the side, bathing it in the amber glow of the candlelight. His eyes narrowed as he saw the ugly purple lines that etched and crossed into that side of his face"'

1043 13
12 The Search

"A loud bang at the window made them both start, Severus grabbed Hermione’s wrist without searching out the source of the crash and began to pull her towards the living room to the hidden room but she pulled out of his steely grasp and ran to open the window"

1495 12
13 Scribed in Blood

"What have you done to her!?’ Harry snapped, his eyes wide and mad, the whites of them shone in the candlelight"

1918 15
14 Tears of a Doe

"But all he could think of was how to burn all these smiling images away, he wanted to get rid of the exposed teeth, the pulled back lips of smiling students, the bell like sounds of laugher piercing his ears. The sights of the dancers twirling on strings that leered at him from the light"

1790 12
15 The Snap of the Rope

"Draco smiled to himself and looked over the front page of the paper once again. His eyes grew bright as he watched the bodies of the mudbloods swing, to and fro, hitting each other, the ropes chaffing at their bare broken necks"

1432 10
16 Broken

"Ginny lay sleeping silently next to him, one hand gently resting on her bump. He took a few deep breaths to steady himself and he put his hands over his eyes, trying his hardest to remember what he was dreaming about"

944 11
17 You've already Saved me

"Severus’s eyes widened, his guts twisted in disgust as he saw a crimson stain spread dangerously over her white dress"

1300 12
18 The Spinning Apple

"There was still so much she didn’t understand, about Severus, about his life before she had met him. The thought addled her for a moment, then she closed the door and returned to the sleeping Severus, a crease still etched into his brow"

1331 11
19 Falling

"Voldemort looked over the boy; he was a creation, an unknown experiment that had turned out too well for words to describe. He was a son to him, a son that he could never have, but a son that was rightly his"'

1589 13
20 Guilty Conscience

The lights were off in the house; it seemed that no one was home. He stopped at the gate, straining his eyes in the darkness for any sign of life. The wind died for a moment, and behind him he heard the eerie slither of a cloak brushing the grass.

1347 13
21 Chipping the Ice

And if it was not love, if it was some need that he simply had to fulfill then he would be using her, she would be using him, and it should not go on any longer. It should be broken, frayed to such an extent that it could not be put together again.

2104 13
22 Goodbye Old Friend

"If it were possible to freeze a single second in time and keep it in a safe box forever he would have done it. Cut out this moment from time and space and kept it in his hands to re-live forever, until the world fell to ashes and dust around him, he would not have torn his eyes away. Not for one second"

1442 11
23 Brutus

'You’ve played the Brutus in this, you stabbed me in the back'

1572 12
24 Lost from Lilies

"He raised his head to the ceiling his eyes were shut tightly, as if the sight of the room would provoke his loss of control further. Ginny could hear the sounds of his teeth grinding over the snaps of power bursting from him"

1222 13
25 The Descent

‘If you defy me once more mother, I will send you to the very depths of hell to meet my father, and there the two of you will rue the day you ever obtained even one moment weakness. In this new dawn only the strongest live to see the sun rise"

1409 10
26 Could Never, Have Never

"I would rather watch the world burn to cinders then say that I loved you’ Severus replied"

1961 13
27 A Wasted Struggle

"Draco laughed and the others shuffled around him, as though the sound of it had set a sudden nervousness in their stomachs'''

1851 13
28 Compulsion

"The door opened wider, her throat closed up as she saw a beastly pair of grey eyes glinting within the blinding rays of light spilling onto her face"

1795 13
29 Words of Fire

"‘I can’t stand by another night and wait for news on three more bodies being discovered. Ron sacrificed himself to save Hermione, Molly, I don’t want our youngest son’s last deed to have been in vain"

1660 9
30 Concealed

"It was now or never, he had thought, now was the time to not only save the wizarding world but himself from certain destruction. Everyone else would be safe, only he would be put at risk, and if he was sure to die, he would take Voldemort with him through that shadowed valley"

1442 11
31 The Severed Role

"Severus knew his game was up before this moment, so the accusation was not felt with fear or shock or anger, simply acceptance. Every role must one day has to be cut after all"

1583 15
32 But a Fawn

‘The last one was like you too’ he said.

2064 12
33 You Mustn't Listen

"Veritaserum is a rather marvelous solution, wouldn’t you say Granger. Of course I had a whim of what was to be expected if I dropped a little truth serum into Severus’s gut, but I never realized the story could run as deep as it has"

2108 11
34 Silver Sickles

"Harry gripped his wand all the tighter in his hand as he stepped closer to the werewolf, he twirled his wrist without Greyback seeing. And where his holly and phoenix feather wand had been now shone a long silver blade"

1541 13
35 Defiance

'He could see the potential there, the intelligence that couldn’t be dented, even if he threw every insult under the sun at her. And he supposed she was pretty, perhaps beautiful out of the dim light of the dungeon'

1948 12
36 Blood will Rain from the Heavens

"Perhaps we were never meant to be Granger, perhaps this time was never supposed to be ours"

2211 11
37 Blood For Blood

'Hermione saw in the corner of her eye, Bellatrix raise her own wand and point it towards Harry, she heard the sounds of her blood thirsty jinx leave her lips.

"Atroxius Lectum!" Bellatrix shouted'

2224 12
38 The Jump: Part 1

'The scream sounded again, and her stomach dropped as again the feeling of déjà vu spun in her head, she ran towards the burrow where the shriek was coming from. The edges of the house were hazed and watery, as if she were within a stroke painted canvas'

2202 12
39 The Jump: Part 2

"He didn’t understand, wasn’t he supposed to be gone, mere mist or breeze, unthinking, unfeeling. Just there. Didn’t death take you back to where you came from? Didn’t death take you back to the very earth itself?"

1639 11
40 The Jump: Part 3

"No spell, no matter how powerful could possibly bring back the dead. You know that, silly to ask really. Because you’re not dead, not really, you’re just kind of lost. And I’m the one that has been sent to make sure you get back safely’ she smiled"

1846 12
41 The Three

"Lily that caused my destruction the first time. She tried to sacrifice herself, but you can’t can you. There is no way the child can be saved, because when I kill you… Harry Potter’s child will die with you"

4099 13
42 The Blue Stone

"Hermione never dreamed she would be in this spot again so soon. Beneath that old oak in the garden of the burrow"

2865 8
43 Epilogue: Unseen, is Destiny's Way

"Life doesn’t always work out as we planned it"

3099 17


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