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    Bill, Molly, Fleur, Teddy, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Bill/Fleur, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire, Other Pairing
    Drama, Humor, Young Adult
    Next Generation
    Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    Work In Progress (WIP)
    First Published
    2008-10-23 9:41pm
    Last Chapter
    2012-07-16 11:45am
    Last Updated
    2012-07-16 11:45am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Prologue: Sick

    Everyone has 20/20 hindsight. And mine's telling me that the right choice should have been pretty bloody clear even back then. Great.

    1,758 47
    2 Chapter One: Fault

    Running late, finding out Emmelyn's secret, semi-demonic children, passing out, having terrible things shouted to an lift full of people... this is the best bloody day of my life.

    4,324 45
    3 Chapter Two: Emotions

    Well, at least now I know why I've been so bloody sick and tired for the past three months. But still, that barely makes anything any better, and now I have to go and present my fat self to the whole family. Perfect.

    5,124 38
    4 Chapter Three: Explosions

    Weasley family dinner's are always... interesting. But seriously, what seems to be six hundred of us all in one place... add in the tension that I now feel around, well, anyone I'm related to and oh, Merlin. I'm in for the time of my life.

    4,111 55
    5 Chapter Four: Reasons

    There are reasons for everything. Like why I hate Teddy, old owls, and old ladies with canes. Or why Aunt Ginny is making me really paranoid lately...

    4,596 34
    6 Chapter Five: Torn

    Aunt Ginny can be really helpful... when shes not making me remember what a terrible person I am, that is.

    3,871 50
    7 Chapter Six: Confession

    I hate that the world. But don't worry, it's mutual.

    5,329 40
    8 Chapter Seven: Help

    Sometimes, meeting new people is fun. I mean nearly everyone is a stranger to you at one point, right? However, other times, meeting new people can knock you on your arse. Literally.

    5,307 28
    9 Chapter Eight: Responsibility

    It's a good think that I have Aunt Ginny now. I don't know what I'd do without her. Though I guess I have grown up a bit ever since I found out I was growing a human being inside of me...

    4,506 25
    10 Chapter Nine: Relations

    There used to be a limit on how much of my family I could tolerate in one week. Nowadays, I'll spend time with everyone in the whole bloody family so long as they don't hate me.

    4,273 44
    11 Chapter Ten: Sacrifice

    What is harder to do than telling your family that you're pregnant? Taking the fall for everything in the eyes of your only sister - that's what.

    4,903 38
    12 Chapter Eleven: Fancy

    I find it astonishing that even though I'm pregnant, I can still get that school-girl-on-a-date feeling around Hayes. I'm so cliché these days it makes me want to gag... though, due to aforementioned pregnancy, retching is a common occurance nowadays...

    4,964 36
    13 Chapter Twelve: Buzzkill

    I wish Teddy knew when to butt the hell out of my life. So I'm carrying his spawn? I'll be polite when he can convince my sister to take her niece-slash-stepdaughter for the weekend.

    5,137 26
    14 Chapter Thirteen: Extended Family

    Relatives are oh-so-lovely.

    8,351 24
    15 Chapter Fourteen: Got To Be Kidding

    She can't honestly think that she'll get away with having the last say, can she?

    4,095 42
    16 Chapter Fifteen: Guests

    Guests are lovely and very nice when you are fat and bored. Excepting, of course, the ones you walk in on during a secret dinner.

    4,783 40
    17 Chapter Sixteen: The Art of Deceiving

    The only thing he had perfect was the art of deceiving... and I'd have to say he had that down pat.

    3,577 34
    18 Chapter Seventeen: Unexpected, Part I

    The closer it gets to Christmas, the stranger things get.

    5,293 42
    19 Chapter Eighteen: Unexpected, Part II

    At least people are finally explaining themselves.

    6,737 38
    20 Chapter Nineteen: The Circumstances Change

    It's weird how, sometimes, things can be the exact opposite of the way you've always believed them to be.

    8,867 47
    21 Chapter Twenty: Maternal Instincts

    Baby hormores and maternal instincts are more than enough to drive a person crazy.

    8,284 41
    22 Chapter Twenty-One: Running Out of Time

    Nine months seems like forever at first. It's almost a year and from the beginning side of things, so I thought that I had more than enough time to prepare. But, as the due date gets closer, there are things that just can't be ignored anymore. There are conversations that have to be had. There are things that I'm not ready for, but I'm running out of time.

    6,712 46


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