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Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
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First Published
2008-10-21 3:16pm
Last Chapter
2010-01-03 11:44am
Last Updated
2014-04-23 12:57pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Welcome Home

"Stay here with me, Julie,"  Cinda said to Mum,  "I didn't wear the right shoes."

    I looked at Cinda's shoes and had to agree with her.  She was wearing four inch stiletto heels, and I'm not sure why.  She knows we get the tree every Christmas Eve.

    "I could transfigure those into sneakers, Cinda,"  Mum commented.

    Cinda looked appalled,  "My favorite heels?  I think not!"

4,512 15
2 The Perfect Tree

"We'll have to try and get home quickly,"  Dad announced as he gazed at the sky,  "It's almost dark."

    I nodded and started pulling the tree.  It was a lot harder than it looked.  Dad conjured another rope, attached it near mine, and handed the end to Richard.  Dad swung Matt up into his arms and the four of us set off through the woods.

3,493 8
3 Happy Christmas

"Um, is this an iPod?"  I asked.

    "Yes!"  Cinda said excitedly.  "All the teenagers have them now."

    "Er, ok,"  I continued to look at the box,  "These are for listening to music, right?"

    Cinda laughed,  "Yes."

3,751 5
4 Kicked Out of the Family

"Is that really it?  What about yours and Mum's safety, huh?  It's perfectly safe and you know it!  You lock him up in the basement with loads of charms so he can't get out.  You're the head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Dad, I know you are able to keep him safely locked up!"

4,032 9
5 Shopping With Cinda

"Oh Amy,"  Cinda shook her head as I poured myself a bowl of Cheerios,  "Can't you wear something a bit more, sophisticated?"

    "Would you rather I wear robes, Cinda?"  I grinned mischievously at her.

    "R-robes?"  Cinda visibly paled.  "No, I was thinking more along the lines of a skirt and blouse."

3,787 4
6 The Party

Cinda had given up on making my brother wear his tie.  He screamed anytime she went near him with it and Mum told her to just let it go.  Personally, I thought Cinda should just be grateful Dad put on a tie for the occasion.  Now Cinda was straightening Richard's tie, which was kind of funny.

8,120 7
7 The Letter

"If it doesn't turn out to be anything,"  I continued,  "Why in the name of Merlin are you and Mum so worried about it?"

    "Because of what might happen if it does turn out to be anything!"  Dad leaned forward and looked me in the eye,  "Now please drop it.  I assure you that you'll find out eventually if it turns out to be anything at all."

4,038 6
8 That Night

It had been me who realized that Matt was gone.  He must've left the tent to go to the bathroom and disregarded Dad's warning.  I have always been a light sleeper and heard growling and screaming coming from outside.

4,166 7
9 Olivia

We didn't say much more on our way to my room.  It was odd because usually Olivia and I never run out of things to talk about.  My mind was racing as to how to tell Olivia I wasn't going to go back to school.  I couldn't put it off very long, but I had no idea how to bring it up.

3,909 7
10 For One of Your Kids

"So,"  I began as I poured my cereal,  "Know what today is?"

    Mum sighed,  "January 25th?  Two days before the full moon?"

    "Anything else happening today?"  I inquired.

4,022 7
11 Life Goes On At School

I stared at her with my eyes wide open.  Was she insane?  Me helping with the party would be a one-way ticket to Mum's bad side for the remainder of time.  "Are.  You.  Mad?"

4,515 6
12 Muggle Encyclopedias

"Yeah, probably.  Hey, Mum said we might get to go to Hogwarts.  That's where Dumbledore was headmaster.  Wouldn't that be neat?"

    I honestly wouldn't care if Merlin himself was currently headmaster at that school, I still wouldn't want to go there.

    "I guess,"  I replied.

3,472 6
13 Stricter Legislation

"What kind of laws?"  I asked quietly.

    Dad sighed,  "Awful laws.  The paper never elaborates on what kind of laws.  It just calls it 'stricter legislation' and people immediately think that's a good thing.  The fact is, that they aren't good laws."

4,236 9
14 Off to New York

"Are we going to visit Uncle Jack?"  Matt asked.

    "Of course,"  Mum told him,  "I'll send him an owl once we're sure of our plans."

    "What are we going to do there?"  I asked,  "Are we just visiting the school?"

    "Well, we'll probably look at houses, too,"  Mum explained,  "I don't want to fly over there twice."

3,972 7
15 Muggle Watching

"Figures,"  a large man wearing a horribly tacky Hawaiian T-shirt muttered,  "Always get in the line with the dodgy metal detector."

    "Is it going to take long to fix, mam?"  the large man's wife shouted.

    "I don't know,"  gum-chewing lady answered, not looking up from the machine.

4,094 9
16 Turbulence

"Uncle Jack!"  Matt shouted and ran over to him.

    "Hey!  Matt, you've gotten so big!"  Uncle Jack grinned and picked him up,  "How's my little guy doing?"

    "Good,"  Matt replied.

3,903 7
17 The Adirondack Academy of Magic

"Well,"  Roberts clapped his hands together,  "I thought we'd start by a tour of the school and then we could talk in my office.  I would show you around the grounds as well, but there's a raging snowstorm out there, so we'll skip that."

    Mum looked relieved about this, but I kind of wanted to wander around in the snow.  I hadn't had a chance to do much with it yet.  I wanted to build snowmen and go sledding and all the other snow related stuff Uncle Jack had told me about.

5,775 8
18 House Hunting

"Oh, gross!"  Uncle Jack called from the kitchen.  "There's an old cauldron with a fermenting potion in it in here."

    Josephina's cheeks turned red,  "I guess I'll have to clean the place up a bit."

2,544 6
19 The Salem Witch Institute

Finally, the door to the restaurant opened and a very short man walked through.  He looked around nervously before resting his eyes on my family.  He walked over to us and I was able to look at him properly.

    He was older than Roberts and was kind of hunched over.  His few remaining hairs were grey.  He had a nervous look about him and his left eye kept twitching.  All in all he was a very odd looking man.

3,992 7
20 Failed Inspection

I heard the thundering of feet on the hardwood floor and a minute later, a man appeared in the doorway.  He was shorter than Dad and rather skinny.  His hair was brown and untidy, with a dirty look to it.  His gaunt face had a smirk on it and his eyes were very sinister.  Despite the difference of appearance, he reminded me of Professor Valsey from Salem.  I automatically took a step back and didn't look at him directly.

4,801 8
21 Revealed

I paced around my awful bedroom wondering about what was going on at my house.  I wished more than ever that I was allowed to stay there over the full moon.  Would Lubar wait until morning to hunt down my dad?  Or would he show up as soon as Matt didn't appear at the Ministry center?  Or maybe he would just find Dad at work the next day.

4,244 11
22 Suspended

"Well, what's going to happen?  Is Dad going to have to go to jail?"

    "I don't think so,"  Mum replied,  "But I'm sure there will be a hearing.  I'm not entirely sure of the details."

4,014 8
23 Fired and Fined

Mum let go of Dad and stared at him.  "1,000?  That's ridiculous.  What do they think they're going to spend that on?"

    "Probably Gabishi's next campaign,"  Dad said bitterly.

4,332 8
24 Keeping Up Appearances

"So those are the girls you hung out with at your grandma's New Year's Party?"  Kenzie asked as she stood up with Maddie.

    "Sure are,"  I groaned.

    "They seem like a fun bunch,"  Kenzie laughed.

3,909 7
25 Hogwarts

"Amy,"  Mum began,  "Take your brother down to the pub and get a butterbeer or something.  We'll come get you once we're done talking about this."  Mum handed me a couple Galleons.  "Don't mention that article to him,"  she whispered.

    I had been hoping to listen in on what Mum and Dad said about the article, but I guess that wasn't going to happen.  I motioned for Matt to follow me and the two of us went back down into the nearly empty pub.

4,227 7
26 The Study

"Where are we going?"  Matt asked.

    "I dunno,"  I shrugged,  "We'll find out when we get there.  Hey, didn't Kendrick say the shack you're going to transform in is somewhere around here?"


    "Let's go find it,"  I took off running.

3,869 6
27 Fish and Chips

"I'm bored,"  I said.  "Why can't you finish that later?"

    "Because I want to get it back to Healer Sterling as soon as possible,"  Mum snapped,  "Now go find something to do."

    "There's nothing to do,"  I replied.

4,049 9
28 A New House

We landed in the middle of a large field.  I stood up and saw an average sized house made of wooden logs and a red roof.  Beyond the house was bush, which immediately made me like that house more than the others.  I gazed around and didn't see any other houses.

3,964 7
29 Confrontations

"Olivia's not allowed to visit me anymore, since her parents don't want her around Matt,"  I explained,  "And Mum and Dad won't let me visit her because her parents are prejudiced gits.  So we're never going to get to see each other again."

    Uncle Jack let out a low whistle.  "Wow.  That is tough."

    "Yeah, but I can't do anything about it,"  I muttered.

3,747 6
30 Family Feud

"Dad!"  I shouted as I ran up the stairs,  "Dad!"

    "What is it?"  Dad popped his head out of one of the spare bedrooms,  "Everything ok?"

    "I don't know.  I don't think so,"  I said,  "Um, Dad, Clarence and Gregory are in the living room."

4,745 6
31 Kidnapped

"Wait, wait,"  Richard held up his hand,  "What?"

    "A witch or wizard has Apparated into the house,"  I said slowly,  "They're downstairs.  We need to get out!"

    "Amy,"  Richard sighed,  "I'm sure there's a more likely explanation for this.  Why on earth would a witch or wizard Apparate into our house?"

4,084 7
32 St. Mungo's

"Well,"  Sterling began,  "After talking with the healers here and examining him, I've come to the same conclusion."  Sterling sighed and paused.  "Before he can continue healing, he needs to wake up from that coma."

4,085 6
33 Traumatized

"I just still can't believe I let that happen,"  Dad sighed,  "If I hadn't have left him alone in the living room, I could've stopped Lubar."

    "It's not your fault.  You shouldn't have to worry about leaving your son alone in your own living room.  No one could have predicted that."

3,985 9
34 Wizarding Psychology

"Well, we have a few options,"  Sterling began,  "He can continue taking the dreamless sleep for a few weeks, and hope he gets over the trauma from the transformation by then.  Or, we could try the therapy I mentioned a few days ago which might help him get over it faster."

4,196 9
35 Back Home

Walking through the quiet house at that hour, I could almost pretend the past few months hadn't happened.  Almost.  The lack of furniture in a lot of the rooms and the empty places on the walls where the portraits had been told me otherwise.  The past few months had happened.  How many more times would I walk through the house at this hour?

3,793 8
36 Therapy Session

"Matt's in the living room,"  Dad said and pointed down the corridor.

    "Actually, I thought I'd talk to you first,"  Norlam said.

    "Oh, all right.  Amy-"

    "She can stay,"  Norlam smiled,  "That's fine.  I imagine she'll just listen in around the corner anyway."

4,339 7
37 Kenzie's House

Mari and Maddie soon grew bored of listening to our conversation and started running around the yard.  They stopped in front of Matt and noticed his crutches.

    "Can I try those?"  Mari asked. 

    "Sure,"  Matt shrugged. 

    Mari picked them up and bent low over them and began to awkwardly walk around the yard.  Despite the fact that Mari is only a few months older than Matt, she's a head taller than him and the crutches were much too small. 

4,103 10
38 Memories

"I still can't believe this is our last sleepover,"  Kenzie sighed as she flopped down onto my bed.

    "Me either,"  I laid down next to her.

    "Are you scared?"  she asked quietly.

    "About moving?  Yeah, a little,"  I replied.  More than a little, I thought.

4,294 10
39 The Last Night

It was a clear quiet night with hardly a hint of wind.  It was cool, but not cold.  The perfect night to sleep outside, I thought.  I realized that I hadn't snuck out of the house and slept in the yard in months.  Why was that?  I used to do it all the time.  This was my last chance.  I knew I wouldn't get any sleep inside, so why not?

4,826 6
40 The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

The phone booth settled into a large atrium.  Dad opened the door and it disappeared once we left it.  I looked around the huge place and saw fireplaces lining the sides.  Every once in a while, a witch or wizard would floo into one of them or floo out.  There were a few people walking through the foyer, but none of them so much as looked at us.  They all looked rather busy.

4,968 6
41 The Only Bank in England

  Dad led us all the way down the street and up the steps of a very large white building.  We walked through the door and into the foyer.  There was a long desk along either side of the room and numerous goblins behind them. 

4,115 8
42 Microwaved Eggs and Home Renovations

In fact, we all thought it was best not to bring up the topic of the renovations unless Dad did.  The next day progressed much as the first one had, with more swearing and trips to the hardware store in Diagon Alley.  They would know Dad by name soon.

3,945 6
43 First Class

Dad returned a few minutes later with shrunken furniture that had not been sold.  "So, this is it,"  he said quietly.

    "Yeah,"  I whispered,  "We're never coming back."

    "No, Amy, we're not,"  Dad replied,  "This part of our lives is over.  But we need to look forward, not back."

3,875 9
44 The Sorting

"I've got a solid gold cauldron,"  a voice drawled from behind me.

    I turned around and saw a tall and skinny bloke around my age walking towards me.  His hair was a mousy brown and his face was plagued with a lot of acne.

    "Er, ok,"  I said,  "Is it nice?"

    "'Course it's nice.  It's solid gold,"  the boy laughed,  "You don't look familiar.  Do you go to Hogwarts?"

4,282 6
45 Tense Moon

The room was about as dirty as the pub below.  The bedspread on the only bed looked to be older than the bloke who was running the place.  It was patched and frayed and missing some chunks of fabric.  There was no doubt in my mind that a goat had chewed on it.

4,020 9
46 Here Comes Goodbye

"I think you're going to have to get on the train,"  Dad said quietly.

    I nodded.  "Yeah.  I love you guys."

    "We love you, too,"  Dad squeezed me and kissed the top of my head.

3,999 10
47 First Day

"You should chop those lacewing flies into smaller pieces,"  Willinson announced and pointed to his own,  "Like mine."

    I glared at him.  "Mine are perfectly fine,"  I said shortly.

3,997 10
48 Strange Acquaintances

The Charms professor was a short man with thinning black hair and very bushy eyebrows.  He turned away from the class when I walked in five minutes late.  He glared at me with such menace that I was taken aback.

    "Who are you?"  he barked.

    "Erm, Amy Eckerton,"  I muttered, wanting nothing more than to run from the room and skip Charms all together.

4,817 8
49 In the Hospital Wing

"What did you get on that werewolf essay?"  Monica, who had unfortunately picked the telescope next to me, asked.

    "100,"  I muttered.  Torro had given the essays back earlier.  It certainly had taken him long enough to grade them.

    "Figures,"  Monica muttered,  "Guess what I got."

3,695 8
50 The Slug Club

I tentatively bit the pheasant while Teddy watched.  It was disgusting.  I grimaced and swallowed it, dropping the remaining bit onto my plate.  Teddy burst out laughing.

    "I guess it's an acquired taste,"  he grinned.

    "Not one I'll be acquiring,"  I said as I took a large gulp of water.

4,154 9
51 Hogsmeade

"Why are you two so out of breath?"  I asked warily.

    "Erm, probably best you didn't know,"  Teddy muttered,  "So you can say you didn't know anything about it if you're asked."

    "We figured the library would be the best place to hide,"  Landon grinned,  "We'll blend in with all the academic types, like you."

4,172 7
52 Happy Birthday

"Who was that?"  Dad asked.

    "Monica Kramer,"  I whispered,  "The one who hates werewolves."

    "Seems like a pleasant girl,"  Dad said sarcastically.

3,805 8
53 The Chudley Cannons

I turned to see Samantha Meyers looking at me curiously.  "Oh, hi Samantha."

    "I had no idea you liked Quidditch,"  she said,  "Didn't you say you weren't a Quidditch person?"

    "Erm, I'm actually here to get my little brother a Christmas present,"  I told her.

4,033 6
54 Shopping With Mum

What would it be like this year?  I stared at the swirling snow outside my window and shivered.  Christmas was warm and sunny, not cold and snowy.  Christmas was spent barbecuing and playing outside.

4,316 10
55 Christmas in Australia

"A year ago we were doing this in the bush behind your old house,"  Richard said as we began looking at trees,  "Things sure do change."
    "That they do,"  Dad mused,  "But change is good."

3,832 8
56 A Meeting With Professor Kendrick

"Did Morgan get a mobile phone?"  I asked Kenzie as she and I sat in a tree in her backyard.  Morgan was walking around the yard jabbering away into a tiny phone.  One thing I learned from Vivienne, Breanne, and their lot was that mobile phones are very important to girls like them.

4,063 8
57 The Room of Requirement

It was kind of exciting.  I was finding new parts of the castle!  I left the room and turned away from it.  The door disappeared.  I paced again and it returned.  Getting the door to materialize was so much fun that I did it over and over again until I was convinced that pacing in front of the wall three times was the way to get it to appear.

4,484 9
58 Detention

“Why Monica!”  Teddy bowed deeply,  “What has caused you to grace the library with your presence?  Might I offer you a tour?  The place may have changed since you were here last.”

    “Very funny, Lupin,”  Monica muttered,  “I'm here to find Victoire.”

4,296 9
59 Moaning Myrtle

The House Elves left and Victoire and I waited near the door.

    “They just get you anything you want whenever you want?”  I asked.

    “Yeah,”  Victoire said,  “They love it when students come down here.”

3,250 8
60 Cannons Quidditch

Maybe I didn't like Quidditch that much.  Maybe the idea of watching Matt's new favorite team get their arses kicked didn't interest me.  But I was going to pretend to be excited for Matt's sake.

3,410 9
61 An Interesting Combination

There was then a very long list of the O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s that were required.  I turned to the last page of the pamphlet, which listed a bunch of famous healers.  One of the last names on the list hit me like a bludger to the stomach.

3,990 8
62 Home

It was strange how you settled back into life at home so easily after life at school.  During the last few days of any given year, I would always think about how weird it would be to go back home and be around my family all the time.  But when the time came to go back home, it wasn't that strange.

3,333 10
63 Understanding

I counted every second in that ten minutes.  600 seconds went by.  Then I glanced out the window and saw the moon peeking out over the horizon.

4,310 29


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