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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Heartbreakers

Based on the movie Heartbreakers. LIly Evans and Cara Kurtis are almost Partners in crime, Cara marries the man, Lily gets him to cheat on Cara and they both cheat him out of his money, leave. While scamming their latest victim, things go wrong for Lily when she bumps into some people she hasn't seen for almost four years.....Finished at last, please read and review, tell me what you think

1,865 6
2 The Seven Wands bar

Lily follows her latest target to the Seven Wands bar where she meets an all too familiar face.

1,683 3
3 Potter

LIly has to get her wand back....again...when she discovers something about James

2,134 5
4 The duo are found out

Lily and Cara are found out by one of the past scams

2,528 2
5 Wanting Out

Lily gets drunk with James and Sirius and the next day decides she wants to end it.

2,215 5
6 I'm not doing it

Lily confronts Cara about playing James

1,969 2
7 Jazz dinner

Cara notices something about her friend that she doesn't like

2,016 6
8 Break up with him

Lily does something very bad.

2,132 10
9 Leaving the fold

Lily ups and leaves when she gets into an arguement with Cara

1,980 5
10 Returning

Lily returned to James after a few weeks of running

2,332 7
11 The Wedding and betrayal

Those of you who do not want to see the betrayl only read the bit with the wedding.

2,285 7
12 A happy ending?

Will it be a Happy ending for Lily and James? read to find out.

2,204 43


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