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Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, General
Next Generation
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-10-17 10:15pm
Last Chapter
2008-12-20 11:55am
Last Updated
2008-12-20 11:55am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Lovely News

I do not own JKRowling's Harry Potter stories or characters. Perhaps I own the new characters in here and the plot, but I'm not going to be selling it any time soon.

1,504 3
2 Radical Rows

"It's for the greater good!" They both yelled in each others' faces.

2,374 0
3 Saving the Stubborn

"I can't let you go blundering along like a headless hippogriff, with Filch snooping around," said Albus sincerely. "Because admit it, you know the castle at night no better than you know yourself."

3,040 1
4 Strange Beginnings

Getting to know Seda a little more...

3,094 2
5 Creating Schemes

Seda turns devious.

2,999 1
6 Good to be Home

"You're next. Wife number seven, woman number ten. So I'm sorry if, you know, I don't love you and all that."

2,961 2
7 Not Appreciated

How can so much happen over just two weeks?

5,223 1
8 Capital R's

Return to Hogwarts and a nighttime trip to Honeyduke's.

3,890 0
9 The Impossible

"You're only angry because I beat you," Albus said. He was smirking at her. They were incredibly close.
"I never win," whispered Seda, hurt crossing her eyes.
But Albus was smiling. "No, you won something."

2,313 2
10 Baby It's Fact

Is it possible for two people who are passionate about arguing to cancel out each others' aggression and bring out their calmest state of mind?

3,951 8


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