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James (II), Scorpius, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Next Generation
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-10-14 1:27pm
Last Chapter
2010-02-06 5:12pm
Last Updated
2014-01-06 11:14pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 I

Twins, Cecilia and Charlotte, get dumped in England. Orianna gets caught spying and find that its easier to stay in the shadows.
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3,017 2
2 The Sorting

The first years get sorted. The groups meet and run into some trouble on the train causing Orianna to get sent to the heads deparment where one Professor and Perfect think strangely of her.

Read and Review please ♥

3,472 1
3 Disappointments

Orianna is shaken up after something happens to her, ignoring her friends she starts the first day of school alone and bullied by Malfoy but with the kind words of a new possible friend she may be able to fallow her own path.

Read and Review please ♥

2,495 1
4 The Daily Prophet

There is an article in the daily prophet talking about murders... weeks later there is another.

Read and Review please ♥
The action is about to start :D

2,463 1
5 Christmas Discoveries

Orianna and Leo finally put aside their differences and become friends and they also find some stuff out about her dad and Louie.

Read and Review please ♥

2,858 1
6 Another Attack

There's another attack...

R&Rplease ♥

2,736 1
7 The Sky Theories

Brent and Orianna have detention with Professor Derwent.  Orianna gets to hear a story that helps her with her and Leo's small investigation but it soons becomes bigger when they had a few... additions.


2,768 0
8 Going down hill

Orianna has a meeting with the Headmaster.
Spies on James Potter and learns something startleing.
And visits Professor Derwent on her birthday.. As well as uncovers something that might just help her in the future.


2,591 0
9 Dark Wizards

Why are the Staff acting oddly? The first year Gryffindors find out. Whats the secret behind the Cross's past that James has been dying to know ? It seems his father knows.  Its the battle of the sexes as Elliot and Cecilia fight over the possibility of the Dark lord being a girl.

R&R please ♥

2,037 1
10 Suspicions

Orianna confronts Professor Derwent about the books but finds that it isn't such a good idea so turns to the Headmaster who quickly turns her down.

2,005 0
11 Shadows : Part one

fourth to last chapter.

2,186 0
12 Shadows : Part Two

could the end be near ?.... third  to last chapter.

1,947 0
13 A Horrible End to a First Year

[i] Orianna wakes up in the Hospital wing, only to discover something deadly wrong. Its the end of the year, time to pack up our trunks, say goodbye to friends and mentors and maybe save a life or two. [/i]

1,614 2


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