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Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
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Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-10-13 2:16pm
Last Chapter
2009-01-25 12:01pm
Last Updated
2009-01-25 12:01pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

Preparations for the Ravenclaw's annual start-of-the-season party commence. Helena considers what the night may hold as she puts the finishing touches on her appearance with a little help from her maid Elise. Expository.

1,302 4
2 The War of Roses

Helena has trouble avoiding the over-eager Baron at her mother's grand party, even with the "support" of her best friend Olivia.

1,223 2
3 Something Old, Something New

Helena heads back to Hogwarts with her friends in tow, prepared for another year of being known as the Headmistress's Daughter. She nearly winds up in trouble on her first night back, but something unexpected occurs.

1,085 1
4 Flying in Circles

Helena is a week into school, already failing a class and dreading her upcoming flying lesson. To her surprise, class goes better than she had expected, in more ways than one...

1,133 1
5 Madame Librarian

Helena's mother makes further arrangements for Helena's future, and Helena takes up a penchant for law books.

1,286 2
6 Unpleasant Encounters: Part One

Helena and Co. attend Xiyung's party, and Helena has an unpleasant encounter with an overeager (and attached) young man.

1,299 2
7 Unpleasant Encounters: Part Two

Helena discovers that the classroom she chose to hide in is not entirely empty. Later, she meets up with Olivia and Benjamin and the three discuss the state of her friendship with Priscilla.

1,180 1
8 A Winter October

Helena's post-party depression inspires Priscilla to invite the gang up to her winter cottage. Before leaving, Helena has a chat with the unreadable Baron.

1,431 1
9 Cauldron Burn...

Helena is forced to attend the Professors' Halloween party, and is unsure what to think when her mother pushes her into dancing with an unexpected partner. Later, plans are made for Halloween night.

1,254 1
10 ...Boiling Hot

Helena and Co. head to Xiyung's party, making a new friend on the way. Later, the party is interrupted by an unwelcome guest (and no, it's not Olivia).

1,065 1
11 A Confession

After leaving the party, Benjamin shows an interest in Priscilla that angers Helena. She runs off (as she is prone to do) and finds herself alone in a frightening forest. Luckily, she finds truth and solace in the arms of a friend.

1,341 1
12 Bark and Bite

After Helena and Benjamin kiss, they discover that a disturbance has occurred within the castle grounds. Later, Helena is told that a tragedy put a friend in grave danger.

1,102 1
13 Waiting

Helena visits Olivia and the Baron, who are being held in the new healing-center St. Mungo's (five hundred years later, it would become a modern wizarding hospital). Her friend is not doing well, and Helena's worry leads to arguments with her mother, who still appears to be planning for an arranged marriage.

1,286 1
14 The Truth

While visiting Olivia in the hospital wing, Helena discovers that Benjamin has harbored anger against her since the night they kissed. A fight between the two ensues and Helena works to recruit Xiyung and Priscilla to her side. Then, after a successful flying class Professor Cooper pulls Helena aside to discuss the matter she has been worrying about: engagement.

1,146 1
15 Lost and Found

Olivia returns from the hospital wing only to discover that much has gone on in her absence. Benjamin and Helena are entirely distant with one another, and his lowly actions have cause all to treat him with dismay (even Priscilla and Xiyung). But Helena has yet to discover his sneakiest act yet, and when she discovers what trouble he has sown she will never be able to look at him the same way again.

1,213 1


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