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Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M)
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-10-13 12:55am
Last Chapter
2009-03-23 11:13pm
Last Updated
2009-08-20 5:19pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 An Invitation

“But she didn’t seem upset about anything…she even invited me to go home with you for the holiday, Draco. That was actually quite generous of her.”

1,858 29
2 Blazing Thoughts

"Now how do I keep her from trying to go to the Manor? You know how hard-headed she is.”

1,154 18
3 Reverse Psychos

“Did I just hear you say that you’re going to Malfoy Manor? Then why did you just tell me that nothing was new? That’s some pretty big news!”

1,124 22
4 Pleasing Others

“Granger, it’ll help me more if I don’t have to worry about you, okay?”

1,136 18
5 Promises, Promises

“Malfoy’s got enough to worry about when he has to explain to them about her...they may not even let him come back here.”

1,393 15
6 The Pawn

"You have so much potential, and I want to make sure that you discover all of it and don’t merely rest back on the laurels of being a Malfoy."

1,681 18
7 The Rook

“Maybe you’re right, Granger…in fact, I’m almost sorry you’re not going. It could have been entertaining to hear about how you tried to save Malfoy from being roasted on a spit.”

1,163 22
8 The Knight

“Travel safe, Draco, and we’ll see each other before you know it.”

2,323 19
9 The Queen

“All right, Granger, if you’re so hell-bent on staying, I guess there’s nothing much I can do about it.”

2,283 15
10 The Bishop

“I will not be manipulated into liking this…muggleborn, Draco!”

2,281 20
11 The King

“They have not arrived yet, but I suggest that we all be in the dining hall when they do arrive, in order to greet them properly.”

2,155 20
12 Counterplay

“Draco, aren’t you going to greet our guest?”

1,754 17
13 En Passant

"It’s only a matter of time before he tires of you and it’s bye-bye bookworm!”

1,915 17
14 Bind

“Bringing that girl here gives the impression that you’re actually…serious about her.”

2,183 15
15 Decoy

"We’ll see what he does—if he continues with this nonsense, I’ll have to stop being so permissive and become more…insistent.”

2,565 21
16 Antipositional

“Lucius Malfoy, you can’t admonish our son about manners only when it suits your purposes.”

1,418 17
17 Deflect

“Draco has always had a bit of a contrary streak in him."

2,286 17
18 Breakthrough

“Sometimes what you think is a bad thing turns out to be a good thing.”

1,540 18
19 Sacrifice

“Is you sure about this, Miss Hermione? Miss Parkinson is not going to wants to talk to you…”

2,301 25
20 Overloaded

“I am going to give you one chance to clarify yourself. Did you or did you not save a Weasley during that Quidditch match?”

1,689 26
21 Check

“Draco, have you made your move or not?”

2,498 25
22 Checkmate

Hmmm…have I finally got her, or is this a bluff and set up for an even more crushing defeat?

2,605 23
23 Closure

“Well, little Gryffindor, you survived the weekend. Think you’ll be coming back to the Manor anytime soon?”

2,820 21
24 Conclusion

“Draco…I think you should take a look at this note.”

1,977 43


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