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Contains profanity, Mild violence
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2008-10-07 14:44:14
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1 - The Curse of Simon Petalsnout

On the train bound for Hogwarts Terence makes a new friend forged from the past and receives shocking news that sets up a troubled first term.

3957 1
2 Chapter 2: For The Good Of The Boy.

Terence is taken to meet with a man from the Ministry and discovers something that taints the image of someone he had always assumed to be perfect within his mind.

2917 1
3 Chapter 3: Questions Unanswered.

Still shaken from the meeting with Robert, Terence makes his way back to his carriage and receives a visit from a unexpected guest.

3283 1
4 Chapter 4: Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

The train finally arrives at Hogwarts and Terence soon finds out that he has more than just his troubled mind to contend with.

4724 1
5 Chapter 5: Unexpected Additions

During the start of year feast the school is greeted by a new member into their ranks.

2836 1
6 Chapter 6: Midnight Memories

Plagued by troubling thoughts Terence decides to take a late night walk but finds he's not the only one with things on his mind.

3766 1
7 Chapter 7: The Path Time Will Take.

Terence thought a Potions class shared with the lower year would be a good chance to spend some more time with his new friends but instead it turns into the worse lesson he has ever taken at Hogwarts.

4014 2
8 Chapter 8: Harbouring A Grudge.

Fearing the reaction over his attack Terence hopes to straighten things out but not everyone is so eager to forgive and forget.

3026 1
9 Chapter 9: Felonious Folts

The first Quidditch match of the season is about to begin and Terence spends the day alone in the school... at least he thought he was alone.

3441 1
10 Chapter 10: A Fool And A Liar

Announcements made during lessons gives Terence more to worry about and a midnight lesson tests his abilities in self control in more ways than one.

6689 1
11 Chapter 11: A Day In Hogsmeade.

It's the first day trip to Hogsmeade and one filled with brighter prospects than any of Terence's previous visits.

5518 1
12 Chapter 12: The Memory Holds The Key.

Terence receives news on a plot to steal something from the school, something that could prove invaluable to the thief's future plans.

3053 1
13 Chapter 13: Adélaïde Aucoin.

The day after the planned office break in brings about many more problems for Terence but events unfold that cause him to forget all about his memory mishap.

3188 1
14 Chapter 14: Honestly Hermione.

Still struggling to find answers to his own actions Terence once again finds no solace in the comfort of sleep, his dreams only adding to the hardships that occupy his troubled mind.

3887 1
15 Chapter 15: Confirmed Suspicions.

Christmas is fast approaching and Terence's days at Hogwarts are steadily getting worse. What promise can a day's punishment courtesy of one Professor Snape possible hold?

3641 1
16 Chapter 16: Truth Be Told.

Christmas has finally arrived and for all the reasons the school has to be merry Terence has just as many to be miserable. Could he dare hope that by the time Christmas Day rolls around he may have some ray of hope to cling onto?

4046 2
17 Chapter 17: The Godric Gryffindor Birthday Celebration.

The time for celebration is at hand but not everyone is feeling particularly welcome.

3469 1
18 Chapter 18: Fate in his hands.

Having not planned on a detour Terence finds his journey towards the great hall more eventful than he would have wished for tonight holds more than just revelry in store for the young wizard.

3573 2
19 Chapter 19: A Ruckus On Return.

A new day has only just started but once again Terence finds himself fretting over the repercussions of his actions and another trip into Hogsmeade could prove to be the best he has ever experienced.

4345 2
20 Chapter 20: It All Becomes Clear.

Terence's world is turned upside down as the truth of his past is revealed by the one man he prayed to never meet.. 

2308 1
21 Chapter 21: The Night Of Loss and Gain.

With the truth revealed at long last Terence finally understands the relevance behind his midnight raid on Dumbledore's study.

3647 2
22 Chapter 22: The Time To Choose.

With decisions he never felt he'd have to make and with the prospect of a life he never wished to lead Terence finally has to confront the fact his life will never be the same again.

5764 1
23 Chapter 23: The Curse Of Terence Petalsnout.

This is the final chapter in the story and I'd like to thank anyone who took the time to give it a read. Hopefully you found enough enjoyment within to make it worth while.

9073 4


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