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1 Stories

Celeste returns for her seventh year and runs into quite a few surprises.  Not to mention quite a few confrontations.  Please review!  If you leave a review, I will return the favor on one of your stories.  So please leave a review!

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2 Never Too Late

Celeste faces another confrontation with Hermione.  Draco and Celeste both get something back that they never thought they would and realize, for some things, 'It's never too late, to be what you might have been.' (George Eliot)

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3 Happy

Celeste is hiding something from Draco.  Something that he should have known from the beginning, but she wants to protect him.  Even with that, Celeste realises that this is the happiest she has ever been.  Please read and review!!!

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4 Worries

Draco senses something is wrong with Celeste and confronts her about it.  She admits it, bt she is still too frightened to divulge her secret,  Please review!!! Sorry this chapter is so short, it was just the way it divided up best!

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5 Fallen

Draco is holding trials for the Slytherin quidditch team.  Celeste volunteers to help him out.  Draco is hesitant about allowing her to help, but Celeste's stubborness wins out.  Something happens that will force Celeste to tell Draco about the Mark.  Please Review guys!!!!  =)

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6 No Matter What

Celeste finally tells Draco about her Mark.  A new student from LA shows up and Celeste predicts good things are in Ron's future.  Draco and Celeste make promises to each other.

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7 Future

Ron and  Kira's tour of the grounds.  McGonagall makes some arrangements for Celeste and Draco.  Draco and Celeste discuss what their futures hold.  Reviews are greatly appreciated guys!!!! Thank you!!!

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8 A Turn for the Worse

McGonagall again asks Draco what his intentions are for Celeste.  Draco turns to Ron for help with something he is planning for Celeste.  McGonagall is forced to seek for help outside of Hogwarts. 

Please leave a review and I promise to leave a review on one of yours!  Thank You!  ^_^

There is a little box at the end of the chapter and you gus should so leave me a review!  Then I know if ya'll hate it or like it =)

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9 Visions

Ron and Kira get to know each other a bit better as they wait for McGonagall to return with a healer.

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10 Apologies

Celeste confronts Kira about something.  Draco and Celeste make a wager with each other.  McGonagall reminieces about a few things.  As always please leave me a review and I promise promise promise to return the favor! ^_^

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11 Teasing

The healer looks Celeste over.  The Weasleys are called to Hogwarts to help with Celeste.  Draco and Celeste make a challenge for each other.

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12 Wait

Healer Abbott and McGonagall continue working towards a solution to Celeste's health.  Draco and Celeste receive startling news.  Sorry it took so long to update!  Please read and review!  As always I promise to review back and I stick to my word!  Check out the reviews I have left if you don't believe me!  ^_^

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13 Too Far In

The problem with the Mark clears up a bit.  McGonagall approves some special plans of Draco's.   Kira is fitting in quite well with Ron, Draco, and Celeste. 

Please read and review and I promise to return the favor!!!  ^_^

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14 Challenge

Draco and Celeste make it back to the tower and begin their challenge.  Draco asks Mrs. Weasley for her blessing.

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15 Meetings

Celeste and Draco host the prefect meeting and announce the ball.  Meanwhile, they have some private meetings of their own.

6046 3
16 Family Ties

Celeste finds out some troubling information on her birthday.  Draco plans a party for the day.

3918 2
17 Promises

A/N  I am so sorry it took so long to get this posted!!!!  It took awhile to write, I was trying to make sure that everything was copesetic in it!! 

Anyway, the ball is here!!!! Yay!  We all know what that means. . . Well maybe not, it has been awhile.  The ball means Draco is proposing!  Not to mention, Draco and Celeste get up to some fun before the ball!  Enjoy and please leave a review.  I've lost some for some reason. ^_^

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18 Disappear

Sometimes the love you feel for someone is so much that you know there is no possible way to ever find anything half of what it was.  Celeste knew that was what she and Draco had and she would never betray that.  Nor would it ever disappear.  Not for her at least.


3224 1
19 Recovery

Days turned into weeks. The time that passed showed in Celeste’s drastically changing body. Everyday Celeste would ask McGonagall the same question. That and the answer to it were the only things that weren’t changing. 

4573 1


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