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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Fluff, General, Humor
Next Generation
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-09-23 3:17pm
Last Chapter
2009-08-11 6:43pm
Last Updated
2009-08-11 6:43pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Sleepy Children and Sneaky Spiders

It is a very undesirable hour at which everyone is woken up to go to France, and not everyone has packed yet. To Ginny's disapproval. 

Albus plays a little trick on James, which doesn't go down all that well...

Yes, it is just a typical morning, with  tricks, shouting, arguing but with just a sprinkling of love... awww.

3,353 11
2 A Traffic Jam and a Fat Lorry Driver

Journeys to holiday destinations are always splendidly fun, especially when you are accompanied by five children who will resort to any means to keep themselves entertained...

Traffic jams cause issues for Ron, and a rather large lorry driver is paying some unwelcome attention to Ginny...

2,439 12
3 A Toilet Related Antic that funnily enough... Involves Toilets

Finally the family arrive at the ferry port, and as expected most need to use the toilet facilities (Hermione is the only one who went before they left.) 

Rose is mortified about an unwelcome visitor...

P.S I do have a weak spot for toilet humour... :-) It is an endless classic, and I've only used it very mildly. :D

2,239 5
4 "I'm always good humoured!"

Everyone is now on the ferry, and all they have to do now is find their cabins... which is easier said than done. Can Hermione bring herself to ask for directions?

A small incident of slapstick humour gives Hermione the giggles.

3,768 5
5 Arriving at a place "a little bit" like home

They all arrive at the wonderful picturesque place that they'll live in for the next two weeks. 

"Runes", beaches, lack of swimwear and Harry falling over (again) ensue.

1,637 5
6 "You can see his bott- !"

A trip to the beach :) Water fights are inevitable, hole digging is a must, but something happens that Ron definately doesn't count among "fun beach activities."

It results in an amount of unpleasantness for everyone who witnesses it...

2,447 8
7 The Duvet

Lily gets hold of James' duvet in order to punish him due to differences involving bed arrangements. What she does with it stuns even him... 

2,046 4
8 The Swimming Pool and Some Lemons

It's all in the title really, but basically there is a swimming pool where an incident occurs. Harry and Ron make lemonade.

2,232 7
9 Advantage

Harry and Ginny get revenge on Ron and Hermione's sneaking out... by doing it themselves - in a rather stupid way.

Unfortunately Hermione's annoyance causes Lily to misunderstand something... and so a plan is made.

1,984 7
10 A Lethifold?

James, Albus and Lily venture into the night to find their parents, only their teamwork disintergrates due to an argument over a lone hair...

Albus must go it alone, but will he ever manage to find anything useful that could tell him where his parents could be?

1,558 3
11 The Tussle with the Cupboard

Sleep deprivation from the night before results in Harry doing something stupid. Pointless conversations feature heavily.

2,151 7
12 "Oh the people we're related to..."

The family embarks on a trip to the market. Arguments about who swears the most, power tools, and antics involving pigeons and seagulls ensue. 

Ginny has a strange revelation, that really does prove how much they all love each other really.

3,233 9
13 Ron's Slippers and Merlin's Trousers

A most strange and random day plays ahead for the Peasleys and the Wotters, what with slippers being drenched in milk... strange girls with pink hair... a new game called "Merlin's Trousers" and Ron getting terribly lost in a supermarket and being unable to buy anything apart from three items. 

This is a terrible summary, but this is a strange chapter... :D  

3,821 7
14 Going Home

It is time to be going home. There will be delaying tactics, false facial hair too... but at the end of the day, everyone is quite pleased to be going home. And for one person in particular, the holiday has made him realise how much he really loves his family.

1,256 22


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