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Harry, Albus, James (II), Lily (II)
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Luna, Harry/OC
Drama, Angst, AU
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-09-14 7:02am
Last Chapter
2012-01-31 8:58pm
Last Updated
2012-01-31 8:58pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 I'm Your Daddy

Harry finally meets his daughter, but it isn't the same, there would always be something missing...

1,593 36
2 Mummy Has Wings

Harry has to tell his oldest son what happened to his mummy...

3,021 29
3 The Funeral

The time to say a final farewell to Ginny...

2,327 17
4 Resigning

Harry makes one major decision...

1,669 16
5 Best Friend

While everyone is off, near to having babies or just getting on with their lifes, there is one person Harry is happy he ever had the pleasure of meeting...  

3,200 20
6 Harry's Fears

What are Harry's true fears as he tries his best to get through day after day? Fears he would never tell a single soul, and his nights are filled wih nothing but them for nightmares... 

3,544 8
7 Forbidden

They were only suppose to be friends, this was never suppose to happen...

2,820 18
8 Losing It.

Harry can't take it any longer...

1,607 15
9 A Night To Remember

Will Harry rememeber everything about this night, just so he can save what he has left of his family.

2,274 10
10 Most Important

The world and everyone he knew as family has turned against Harry...He can't even believe himself, but there are people who do and those people are the most important one's of all...

3,965 11
11 Unveiled Secrets

Some secrets you just want to keep to yourself, but no matter how hard you try, they always have a way of being known...

4,617 10
12 Home Sweet Home?

Theres no place like home, but sometimes some places are better than home.

5,456 13
13 Confusion

Harry gets more confused by the actions of a certain ex-best friend.

4,370 7
14 Certificate

Harry finally looks at the certificate.

3,669 5
15 Seeing Red

Harry finds out whats really wrong with Albus while some other news is about to change his whole perspective on life...

3,557 10
16 Bracelet

It's more than what meets the eye.

4,861 7
17 Rolf

Harry goes to see an old friend, and uncovers the answers to his questions. He quickly finds out that they were better left unanswered...

3,582 7
18 Secret

Harry reveals Hermione's secret...

2,983 8
19 Unwanted Visitor

Somebody comes knocking on the door...

3,295 9
20 Azkaban

Welcome to hell...

4,758 8
21 Accusations

New scary cell-mates and accusations.

4,191 8
22 Euphoria

Harry didn't know what had made him turn from a depressed-state to this euphoria of happiness, it was probably exhaustion or the first sign of insanity; but he didn't care what it was from. He was laughing for the first time in ages.

5,467 6
23 777

The prophecy is coming true, but how?

4,016 6
24 Another Day In Azkaban

Making trough a day in Azkaban was a battle...

8,316 7
25 Judgement Day

It was judgement day, the very last hearing he would ever get.

5,391 7
26 Staying Put

Harry can't stay put, not when he isn't getting the answers

4,396 9
27 Reunion

Will it be short lived...?

3,145 8
28 St Mungos

Harry makes his mind up on what's going to happen to Albus...

3,556 18


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