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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Cho, Hermione, OC, Ron
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No Warnings
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First Published
2004-02-16 5:44pm
Last Chapter
2004-03-17 5:31pm
Last Updated
2006-03-12 9:41pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 depressing Summer

It’s time your killing ended!” Harry shouted. “Accio wand!” Harry’s wand flew from the floor to his hand. He pointed it at Voldemort.........HArry's seventh year but he hasn't returned to Hogwarts. He can't especially when it's new headmaster is his mortal enemy, Harry has to learn to cope with Dumbledore's death, learning to live without his guidance, he has to get through auror training and try and save the world. When things get tough the only people who can help him are his friends, Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Jenny but even they seem distant...carries on from The Old and the New

1,978 20
2 Leaving number 4 forever

Harry gets a phone call from Hermione and then leaves Privet Drive forever

2,484 4
3 Reunion of Friends

Harry goes to April's American home and meets up with Hermione and Jenny again but things don't go so well

1,828 8
4 Return of the Weasleys

guess who turns up?

1,731 2
5 The Unlikely Truce

Harry will do anything to keep Jenny, Hermione and Ginny safe at Hogwarts, even make a truce with one of his worst enemies

2,331 13
6 Onto the Hogwarts Express

Well, it's that time of hte year when they all have to return to Hogwarts. Harry gives Jenny some items that are incredibly precious to him and how many seventh years are returning to Hogwarts this year?

2,320 3
7 The Sorting Hat's Song

While HArry learns to Apparate the others return to school to find that the Sorting hat knows what's going on

2,239 11
8 Auror Meeting

Harry has his Apparating test and starts his Auror training

3,159 3
9 Professor Lestrange

Harry talks to Cho for a bit and Grout gets chucked out of the class room and is replaced by Bellatrix Lestrange.

2,006 9
10 Talk with Pavarti

The Patil sisters come to Grimmauld place and give Harry some company.

1,727 6
11 A Rude Awakening

Jenny started to feel Homesick while Hermione confronts Emma about her real family

1,919 7
12 Confessions of a guilty conscience

April is on the verge of killing Wormtail when he confesses to a lot of his sins to her

2,024 6
13 Speaking the unspeakable

Something about Ron and then another thing about Emma, i don't think people read these summaries so i'll just babble shall i?

2,473 5
14 Breaking a few rules

Harry breaks a few rules to see his friends

2,308 14
15 going too far

Harry and Jenny think back on the previous night, sure they didn't do anything, they're just thinking but has it put an extra strain on their far the longest chapter summary since chapter 1

2,610 4
16 Performance of a nighttime

Jenny gives the concert to Voldemort, it's just a small performance......for the whole of the Hogwarts staff and Slytherins and DEatheaters. Jenny begins to panic when out of no where her feelings come out in song

2,188 10
17 Reviving the Team

Gryffindor is finally allowed to have a Quidditch team again, only thing is they're missing a seeker and a chaser

2,400 10
18 Qudditch season begins

Hufflepuff Vs Gryffindor, Harry sneaks out with PAvarti to go and watch Jenny nearly get badly hurt

2,654 5
19 Fight on the Floo network

Really short chapter but there's a fight on the Floo network

1,418 4
20 Talk amongst old friends

Harry eaevesdrops on an conversation between the remaining marauders (That includes April btw)

2,257 3
21 Delving into the past

Harry and Emma get a look into the past, before they met, before they went to Hogwarts, before they were born, before their parents even got together.

2,594 9
22 Parent's memories

HArry and Emma have just come out of hte pensieve, causing HArry to do a lot of thinking, can he actually defeat the dark lord without DUmbledore and why do all the adults around him suddenly look more tired then they did.....a MUST READ chapter

2,514 3
23 Blood Obligation

It's Christmas and Voldemort has attacked the Muggle world again. It's up to Harry and Katie Bell to help protect those who Harry doesn't quite hold very dear to him.

2,132 7
24 Attack at number 4

Harry and Katie are put on Alert meanwhile Emma recieves a gift from the last person she thought would like her.

2,214 6
25 A Stupid Christmas

Harry has a few issues to deal with, Pavarti and Cho join Harry on guarding his family

2,651 14
26 Dream date

just a load of random stuff....cant b arsed to write a summary

2,770 5
27 Embarassing encounters

blah blah blah

2,024 8
28 Trainee meeting

dum dum dum......trainee auror meeting!!

2,470 14
29 Cho's in trouble again

Cho's in trouble, blah blah please

2,389 6
30 Into the Belly of the beast

Will they save Cho?

2,568 2
31 Father Daughter talk

Sirius and Jenny have a little talk while Draco helps out Harry and co.

2,337 17
32 The Cratius Curse

Harry to the rescue

2,471 19
33 Making up with Malfoy

a few random things to set the scene a bit.

2,867 5
34 Dreams

Harry has many dreams......mmm, sleeep

2,418 7
35 Brutal Quidditch Match

What happens when the school's been taken over by Voldemort and Gryffindor have to play against Slytherin? the Gryffindors play it their way.

2,676 6
36 Letting the Feelings Show

Harry spills out all his feelings to April and realises he isn't alone.

2,227 5
37 Messed up Relationships

Harry goes to Hogwarts again to talk to those three people he loves more then anything......yes.....keep reading

2,648 4
38 The return of James' Lily flower

April does something dangerous....renamed the chapter, was return of the living dead...or something like that

2,504 11
39 Jenny's rebellion

Jenny gets Harry's parchment and shows it to Hermione. HArry gets a new assignment and there's yet another performance.

2,124 14
40 CHAOS!!

Jenny's rebellion gets infectious

2,172 13
41 The Final battle begins

Da da da and find out what happens to the, i rele suk at summaries don't i? lol

2,674 18
42 Sacrifices

We all make sacrifices but who in the Harry Potter world are willing to give up their lives for a cause they beleive in, good or evil?

3,019 10
43 Waking up


2,612 8
44 <b>Epilogue</b>

What happened after, kids, families, jobs and quarrels

726 30


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