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Ron, Hermione, Draco, Scorpius, Albus, Rose
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Fluff
Next Generation
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-09-03 8:08am
Last Chapter
2009-07-31 12:34pm
Last Updated
2009-07-31 12:34pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 1: Kingscross Station

Draco and Ron are in agreement, their children should not be friends. Unfortunately Rose and Scorpius disagree

1,791 2
2 New Start at Hogwarts

Scorpius realises he want to be more than just a study buddy to Rose. But has he left it too late

2,291 1
3 3: Her Own Woman Again

For months Scorpius had been watching Zabini trying to use Rose. Today Zabini went too far but before Scorpius can come to her rescue Rose sorts Zabini out for herself. All Scorpius can do is to lend his shoulder for her to cry on - and it is enough.

A/N It was my original intention to only write a short story and this WAS the first chapter. Somehow the story took on a life of its own. after having written several Chapters I felt the story needed a better introduction. I went back and wrote a new Chapters 1 and 2. What was the first chapter became Chapter 3, this one.

2,250 0
4 4: Scorpius’s Folly

 “How could I be SO stupid and lie to the girl I loved?”

With one word Scorpius has possible destroyed his friendship with Rose. And that lie has made him fully realise that Rose means more to him than he ever admitted to himself.  But looking back he realises that he has always been the fool around Rose.

1,892 1
5 5: The Lie

Scorpius fears are true Rose knows that he lied to her.
But what will a Slytherin do about that lie.
And who else will be drawn into the schemes that  Rose is planning

2,208 1
6 6: Wheels Within Wheels

“Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive”
Rose know Scorpius lied to her and now she intends to learn the truth.
But Scorpius knows Rose is up to something and is watching her scheme.

A/N - Sorry but this and the next chapter are a bit shorter than normal. It just seemed to be the proper place to stop for now. As soon as it is Validated I will post the next chapter.

1,442 1
7 7: The Wheels Turns

Project "Get Scorpius's Secret" was under way. Robyn was getting Al's help. Now it is up to Rose to enlist Lysander into the cause.

But would Scorpius's investigation into their investigation of Scorpius's secret create a hugh disastrous mess or will they all achieve a happy ending?

1,624 1
8 8: The Hunter and the Hunted

Zabini does not like being denied anything and to his mind Rose's violent rejection of him needed retribution.
Zabini decides it is time to get even.

This chapter contains violence tat relates to an assult.

2,060 1
9 9: Gently Gently

Zabini's plot to get his revenge failed and he is no longer in the school but the legacy of the attack remains.
Rose began to feel uncomfortable and unclean.
Scorpius felt that he had lost his chance to tell Rose how he felt.

Now everyone has to come to terms with the different ways that the attack has affected each of them.

2,456 1
10 10: Helplessness

Rose only suffered a few cuts and scratches from Zabini's attack but the scars in her mind were destroying her. With Robyn's and Scorpius help she has to come to terms with what happened to her.

2,176 1
11 11: Family and Friends

While Rose is coming to terms with everything that has happened to her; Scorpius has to face her parents.  Robyn also finds out that the world is not as simple as she once thought, Al support causes her to question her life long goals.

2,558 2
12 12: Getting Back to Normal

Rose feels she is well enough to return to the Slytherin rooms and Scorpius is introduced to the Weasley clan.

When everything seems to be improving for Scorpius; Al demands to know Scorpius secret. Will this destroy everything good that has happened?

2,395 2
13 13: Prelude to Christmas

Scorpius realises that Rose is not the only one who was hurt by Zabini, he has his own demons to expel.
Meantime Rose meets Tegan and discovers that love still exists and life has gone on as usual.

2,062 1
14 14: To Your Own Self Be True

Rose conquers her biggest demon and gets all the facts about what happened the night she was attacked. Are her and Scorpius in the same situation as Harry and Voldermort were?

Mean while Scorpius has to bare his sole to Cate.

3,060 1
15 15: The Christmas Train

Rose, Scorpius, Al, Robyn and Cameron board the train to go home for Christmas. Before they even have a chance to sit down Tegan barges in. Rose believes that Tegan has decided to make her moves on Cameron and helps out.

Rose also wants the Malfoy family to go to the Christmas Eve party with her family and Ron supports her; but does he have a secret adgenda?

2,337 0
16 16: Robyn’s Story

We all knew about Robyn father, he left her mum when he found out she was pregnant. But what about her mother?

Robyn answered in a dead voice “My mum died two years ago. I live in a foster home now.”

How will Rose help the person who has helped her?
She thought of all the times Robyn had been there for her and that no-one had been there for Robyn

3,019 0
17 17: Rebuilding Bridges

Rose and Robyn talk about what happened the night before.
Meanwhile Ron has started towards making a reconcilation with Draco; how will it end?

1,877 2
18 18: Party Preparations

Rose and Robyn go shopping for clothes and find something to stun everyone - especially Scorpius.

Scorpius tells his parents everything that happened at school, including his love for Rose.
To his surprise they seem to accept it, they even help him pick out a Christmas present for Rose. But does Draco have a plan to use their relationship.

Please note that all the shops mentioned in this story are actual shops in the London area specializing in Formal dresses.

2,979 2
19 19: Christmas Eve

At the Christmas party when Scorpius first caught sight of Rose he was rendered speechless. There was an air of mystery around Rose yet at the same time a physical pull that seemed to drag the air from him. She was an angelic vision that had a devilish gleam in her eye. She was Ying and Yang. She was in perfect balance. She was “WOW!”

2,065 1
20 20: The Party

Rose watches Robyn give Al a kiss to remember and realises that she is not yet ready to be kissed like that.
But has second thoughts after Scorpius give out the Christmas presents and Robyn kisses him.

Finally Rose and Scorpius talk to Harry about Scorpius's link with Rose.

Eckhart Tolle, mentioned in this chapter, is a philosopher.
His book The Power of Now emphasizes not being caught up in thoughts of past and future

2,969 2
21 21: Christmas

Rose discovers what it is like to have a family and what Christmas means.

2,837 2
22 22: Will Bad Things Ever Stop Happening

The Cristmas holidays are over when Rose heard some news that threatened to destroy her life again. It was Robyn who saved her this time.

It made Rose realise that she did not want to lose Robyn and the best way to make her stay was to ask Robyn to become her sister.

3,391 3
23 23: Back to School

The six friends meet up again on platform 9¾
Rose and Robyn break the news that Robyn will be living with Rose.
Cameron revised the kiss between Robyn and Al on the dance floor.
But it was Tegan's news that stopped the show.

2,390 2
24 24: Lust and Love

Robyn has thought over her relationship with Al and has decided to take it further.
Al loves her, the only problem is she does not love him.

Will Robyn listen to Rose and not meet Al or will she see her plan through to the end?
Can love and lust be mixed together or is this a big mistake?

2,770 2
25 25: The KISA Ploy

Rose has an insperation.
It will take a bit of work and a lot of planning BUT it will allow her to find out Scorpius's secret.

Now all she has to do is decide if she wants to carry out her plan

3,065 2
26 26: Paying the Price

Scorpius has accepted Rose's Challenge.
Now he has to pay the price.

But some payments are easier than others.

3,084 2
27 27: Heart to Heart

After nights and nights of study and research Rose finally admits that she and Scorpius need her mothers help to understand what has happened to them.

Her only worry is how will she tell her parents about her love life and have Scorpius survive the ordeal?

4,124 3
28 28 : Sleep Over

Rose and Scorpius are sleeping over at Neville's place while Hermione searches for answers.
Everyone trusts them to act responsibile but will their mind link let them.

3,272 3
29 29: Soul Mates

Rose and Scorpius are now starting to understand exactly how special there feelings are for each other and that their connection has a name.

It also means that if either one looses control for even an instant then the other is going to be dragged along. The only way out for them is to decide, in the cold light of day, where they want their relationship to go.

3,447 2
30 30: Draco’s Dilemmat

It is now time to let Scorpius's family know that Rose and Scorpius are soulmates.
How will Draco take the news that his only child is closser to his arch enemies-daughter than any one else he has ever known?

2,865 2
31 31: Capulet And Montague

Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet were the star-crossed lovers whose death united their feuding families in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. And while I do not plan to kill Rose and Scorpius I am hoping that their love can unite the Weasleys and the Malfoys.

4,517 1
32 32: The End of a Thirty Year War

Draco tells Scorpius what he did in the name of Blood Purity and under the direction of the Dark Lord.

2,756 2
33 33: The Lysander Papers

While Scorpius was talking to his father about him and Rose's relationship Rose went to the library. She decided to finally read the scroll that Lysander gave her before Scorpius and Rose shared their first kiss.

A/N - This is a very 'dry' chapter that I almost left out BUT it does explain Scorpius's motivations and actions. Thankfully it is a short chapter

2,054 2
34 34: Surprise Party

With everything that has happened Rose had forgotten all about Scorpius birthday. But during the very first planning session Rose realises that her demons had been vanquished and she was ready to move on.

3,186 3
35 35: Happy Birthday Scorpius

It is Scorpius's birthday soon and Rose does not have a present for him. In fact she has no idea of what to get her boyfriend.

It needed to be something unique, it needed to be personal and it needed to remind Scorpius of Rose BUT what would it be?

3,652 2
36 36: Engagement Ring

Scorpius is worried that Rose felt guilty about being with him after his birthday party and forms a plan to ease the guilt.

He will ask her to marry him.

3,564 3
37 37: Happy Birthday Rose

Rose has been watching Scorpius and knows he is up to something. A something that involves her and she thinks she knows what it is.

But Would Scorpius be so stupid as to propose when they were both only 17?

Rose knows the answer would be yes if he thought that would be best for them. Now she has to protect Scorpius from himself.

4,513 3
38 38: Angel of the Morning

Rose and Scorpius have spent most of the year purging the demons from their lives. There are only two days left at school before the holidays start.

Rose has decided that now it the right time for her and Scorpius to be together

3,084 3
39 39: Kingscross Station

The final Chapter.
Rose and Scorpius have lived through so much in the last year and have finally found their way to be together.
What could they possible have to worry about now.
Nothing - except maybe a tall red haired over protective father who fought against the darkest wizard of all time.

4,781 7


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