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Harry, Ginny, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-08-26 7:35am
Last Chapter
2013-08-31 11:11am
Last Updated
2013-08-31 11:11am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Murder in the Brecon Beacons

In which Harry finds an abandoned child.

4,020 15
2 Magnolia

Adopting a child is a family affair.

2,970 8
3 A Broken Wand

A letter, a trip to Diagon Alley, and Noli needs a little help when it comes to finding the right wand...

3,129 10
4 Not ... Enough

Noli heads to Hogwarts to be sorted and in the process one of her brothers is proven right. 

3,840 12
5 On Courage and Fear

Noli takes Defence against the Dark Arts, faces ostracism, silence and expelliarmus.

3,433 10
6 Big Brothers Know Best

Harassed by Slytherins, cut off from her family and tormented by her fear of the dark, Noli feels lonely.

3,071 10
7 Birthdays and Bagman

It's Noli's worst birthday ever and her first real flying lesson.

3,141 12
8 Haunted Halloween

Noli learns why everyone visits Hagrid, and joins in her first Halloween Feast.

3,660 11
9 It's How You Play the Game

Oh, to be part of a laughing, joyful crowd...  Quidditch and Chess. 

3,598 7
10 The Secrets to Silent Spelling

An offer of help from an unlikely source...

3,346 8
11 A James-side Adventure

James Potter wants to visit Muggle London, but needs a little help from the other Potter kids...

5,884 9
12 A Very Weasley Christmas

Even the best days can go wrong.

4,659 9
13 Boxing Days

Sometimes you can't avoid a few hard knocks.

4,683 6
14 Of Lonley Bears and other Improbables

The last of the holidays...

5,226 6
15 A Midnight Assignation… or Two.

Back to Hogwarts...

3,898 3
16 Answers in the Air

More help, a fight, and a trip to the Headmistress's office...

4,275 4
17 'Expelliarmus!' and What Came of It

Now that Noli has mastered non-verbal spells, what will she do with them?

3,043 3
18 Sneaking into Slytherin

And it's Lily's turn to hijack the story...

6,491 7
19 The Shame of Slytherin

Sometimes our past catches up to us...

4,639 7
20 The Duel

In which Noli tries to defend Slytherin House.

7,018 4
21 Dreaming the Dark Arts

Sometimes our hopes and dreams aren't quite what they appear...

4,399 1
22 The Raven's Claws

Some days can just be... wearing.

2,205 1


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