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Hagrid, Lupin, Tonks, Charlie
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Romance, AU
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-08-18 10:15am
Last Chapter
2009-07-27 10:15am
Last Updated
2009-07-27 10:15am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Photograph

Kerri is back home with her mother, trying to come to grips with Quirrel's death and decide what to do about her relationship with Remus. While doing some cleaning she comes across an old wizarding photo that rouses her curiosity about her mother's past and her own heritage.

2,582 6
2 Mothers Always Know

Kerri and her mother spend some quality time together in which Kerri is surprised to find that her mother has deduced the nature of her relationship with Remus.

2,362 4
3 Mother-Daughter Bonding

Kerri's discussion with her mother about the photo results in loss of temper and the casual dispatching of a few unfortunate hinkypunks to relieve her feelings.

3,025 3
4 Return to Spinner's End

Kerri arrives for a month long visit with Snape.

2,721 2
5 Friends and Lovers

Kerri spends an afternoon with her friends and ends up having a heart to heart with Tonks about their love lives.

3,659 2
6 Plagiarism for Beginners

When Snape returns from the staff lunch in London with the news that Lockhart has been hired to teach, Kerri calls a meeting with her friends to discuss telling Dumbledore about Lockhart's unusual research methods.

4,163 5
7 The Visit

Kerri goes to Hogwarts to discuss the Lockhart situation with Dumbledore.

3,681 2
8 Lessons : Cruciatus

Snape begins teaching Kerri unforgivable curses, starting with cruciatus.

4,389 5
9 Heritage

Kerri and Snape pay a nocturnal visit to Little Hangleton.

4,644 5
10 Problems of Varying Degrees

While Snape rants about Lockhart and Harry Potter, Kerri is horrified to hear that werewolves are being unjustly arrested by the Ministry to make examples of them. Meanwhile, Remus leaves town to be with his mother when his father falls ill.

4,276 4
11 A Contest of Wills

Kerri and Snape begin work on the imperius curse, but continued harassment on full moon nights by Fenrir Grayback may be the greater of the two challenges.

4,528 3
12 Hooligans and Scofflaws or The Flying Car Incident

News of Harry and Ron's adventure comes to Kerri in a letter from Snape making her regret her part in adding certain special features to Mr. Weasley's car.

4,649 6
13 Hardworking Werewolves

Basil and Augustus decide they want a change in career and want driving lessons to help them do it.

2,884 5
14 Knockturn Alley

Kerri, Tonks and Basil take a trip to Knockturn Alley.

4,983 6
15 Werewolf Lover

Kerri and Snape begin work on the killing curse. Meanwhile, Kerri has words with Franklin McNair and Aline Gardener.

4,604 9
16 The Monster

After Kerri loses her temper with the boys and Remus reminiscently compares her to his old friend Sirius Black the famous mass murderer, Kerri begins once more to worry about the darker side of her nature. Also, Remus and Kerri go broom riding with Gideon and Tonks at his parent's estate.

3,665 7
17 Werewolf Antics

The werewolves in Kerri's life are driving her crazy, from Basil and Augustus's acquirement of a car to Fenrir's threatening behavior on full moons. Ryann helps her deal with Fenrir but she decides to deal with the boys herself, resolving not to lose her temper this time.

5,889 8
18 With a Moo Moo Here and a Moo Moo There ...

Vashti sabotages Hybrid with colorful results.

2,939 8
19 Love, In Person

Kerri has a run-in with Franklin McNair which is all but forgotten when Remus comes home.

4,729 7
20 Fyre, Frost and Crossbow Bolts

Snape begins teaching Kerri fiendfyre and Franklin McNair leaves a message on her door.

3,694 6
21 Mary Ann

Kerri learns the identity of the mysterious girl she saw in the woods.

3,268 9
22 Werewolf Antics : Round Two

Basil and Augustus acquire another car by equally shady means.

3,114 8
23 The Howl Off

The long awaited Howl Off concert arrives but does not go quite as planned.

2,907 8
24 Mary Ann Meets Leo

After spending time with Mary Ann, Kerri begins to harbor thoughts of helping her escape Fenrir and is disappointed by the lack of support.

4,960 10
25 Kerri's Rash Decision

Kerri invites Mary Ann Grayback to move in with she and Tonks.

5,316 9
26 Remus's Rash Decision

Kerri tells Remus of her decision to allow Fenrir's daughter to live with her.

4,310 12
27 The Vampire, The Hairdresser and the Werewolf

Ryann and Jillian meet Mary Ann.

2,476 6
28 The Breakdown

Kerri finally breaks down and voices her true feelings about her recent break up with Remus. Still, she is not too proccupied to notice that Snape seems to be keeping something from her....

3,571 7
29 Badgered

During a dementor attack, Mel becomes the first of Remus and Kerri's students to master the patronus charm. Meanwhile, Kerri observes that Remus seems to be softening up but tries not to get up her hopes that a resolution is imminent.

4,408 8
30 The Partnership

Mary Ann spends her first full moon with Kerri and Tonks. As Kerri prepares to leave for the holidays, she and Snape have lunch together and agree to partner on a research project.

5,414 8
31 Going Home

Kerri returns Mary Ann to her family and visits Hogwarts before going home for Christmas.

3,425 7
32 Neighbors

Kerri finds a creative way to deal with a burglar.

3,037 6
33 The Closing of a Year

Kerri and her mother continue to respond to the burglary. As the year draws to a close, Kerri wonders if the recent event is a bad omen of some kind.

3,513 5
34 Slytherin's Heirs

Dumbledore summons Kerri to Hogwarts to give her some distubing news and make a personal request.

5,532 8
35 The Planning Stages

Kerri discusses finding a home for Mary Ann with Jillian and finding the basilisk with Snape.

4,475 9
36 Errand Day, Part One

Kerri has a full day of running errands, including a trip to Diagon Alley to buy Mary Ann a wand and a visit to Remus to warn him that the girl is now armed...

3,058 11
37 Errand Day, Part Two

Kerri's errands take her to Hogwarts to speak to the centaurs and check on Hagrid.

4,150 8
38 Kerri's Family

Snape tells Kerri about the Howard family and the events that led up to Voldemort’s attack on them.

4,250 9
39 Mary Ann's Family

Kerri finds out the hard way that Mary Ann Grayback's mother is just as deranged as her father.

5,377 9
40 The Sewers

Kerri and Snape begin their search for the basilisk.

5,018 7
41 Odds and Ends

Fenrir stops by to visit his daughter, Snape and Kerri have no luck finding the basilisk, Basil and Augustus get Muggle jobs, and Remus and Kerri talk to Vashti about finding a home for Mary Ann.

5,595 6
42 Easy Come Easy Go

Basil and Augustus start their new job and are fired from it all in the same week.

3,337 10
43 Jillian

Kerri and Jillian have a heart to heart.

3,579 4
44 Winter

Remus's father dies and Kerri finally meets his mother.

4,465 5
45 Easy Come Easy Go

While Kerri tries to get Mary Ann to make friends with Megan, the boys have another misadventure as they are hired and fired all within the space of a week.

3,379 4
46 Fenrir's Revenge

Fenrir's revenge on Royal comes from an unexpected direction when Royal is sent to Azkaban.

3,594 7
47 The Accident

After a suspicious accident, Kerri takes a trip to St. Mungo's.

6,602 8
48 Afterward

Kerri recovers from her 'accident' and plots revenge.

3,556 6
49 The Breakup

Royal returns home from Azkaban, Tonks and Gideon have a final blow up.

4,448 5
50 High Hopes

Kerri has tea with Remus's mother.

3,528 6
51 The Living Death Spell

Kerri learns two valuable lessons -- take Fenrir Grayback seriously and don't experiment with Voldemort's old spells.

6,696 6
52 Ideas

Kerri sets several ideas in motion, including finding a job for Royal and suggesting Remus for the Defense Against the Dark Arts post at Hogwarts. Now if she can just think of something useful to do with the Weasley's car which is still roaming the forest alone.

4,345 6
53 A Change, A Threat, And a Letter

Kerri and Remus discuss changes at High Hopes, Fenrir Grayback pays a visit, and bad news arrives from Hogwarts after another attack by Slytherin's Monster.

2,336 6
54 Kerri's Revelation

Kerri tells Remus her secret in the wake of Hagrid's arrest.

5,682 9
55 Mary Ann's Goodbye

Mary Ann is kidnapped.

4,140 4
56 Two Visits

Visits with Snape and Dumbledore.

3,324 5
57 The Chamber of Secrets

Snape and Kerri visit the Chamber of Secrets on the evening after Harry discovered it.

2,800 7
58 The End

The end of the school year, the end of Leo's time in captivity and the end of Kerri's friendship with Snape.

4,982 16


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