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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Action/Adventure, Angst, AU
Mild Violence
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-08-11 1:55pm
Last Chapter
2014-01-10 4:53am
Last Updated
2014-01-10 4:53am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

"But being back inside of Hogwarts had done something to Ron Weasley. Something horrible, like a great and dreadful storm billowing up and swallowing everything in utter agony without a sense of purpose or direction. Better to have everything destroyed than to have any happiness linger in a world without his best friend."

2,216 39
2 The Ties that We Forget

Shadows filled up the caverns the Potter family had created inside of his heart. There were moments when he almost dared to be angry at them, but Harry’s face would pop into his mind, along with the expression he had worn when he had entered the maze, and it all faded away.

Determined, forcibly brave, the nerves carefully lining the youthful shadows of his face. The fourth champion of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, heading off to his unforeseeable doom.

“He’d have been a great wizard,” Sirius said.

3,484 26
3 The Ties that We Ignore

The boy’s head tilted upwards. The air deflated, and Arthur felt the hot dry rush of shock like a lightning bolt to his heart. The name came off his lips in a cracked, whispered manner.


3,656 11
4 The Ties that Fray

"It had been hard at first, being around the truly living. But now, even though Sirius wanted to deny it, some sort of transformation was taking place. The pain wasn't gone, or lessened, but there was something creaking to life inside of him. Sirius wondered if this is what moving on felt like. He wondered if Harry would hate him for it."

2,450 9
5 The Ties that Scream

As they made it to the doorway, Will muttered.

“You're such a prat!”

James rolled his eyes and gave up a bit of his weight so Will shuddered a bit more. His voice came out quiet as his consciousness ebbed and flowed.

“Shut up Ron.” 

2,951 5
6 Interlude

“Sometimes, I still feel like this,” Hermione said, still looking at him.

“What?” he replied, his hand dropping limply to his side. She shifted a bit and motioned to the display.

“Like I'm still on display. Something people stare at, whisper at, point at.”

The blood in his veins turned bitterly cold, like ice water.

2,838 3
7 The Ties that Tell

Had he been there, would he have done anything? Would he have tried to save Potter’s life, or would he have just stood there, and watched Lily’s son die?

Severus didn’t know.

And that was what spurred him to leave, because someone who could comfortably stand in Dumbledore’s office would have known the answer.

3,813 5
8 The Ties that Reveal

Smudged with ashes and smelling of charred metal, the snatchers were unexpected.

Dumbledore, naturally, had made it into the room, and had taken care of the dementors with a power that made him envious. Sirius had gotten one foot past the threshold, one glimpse of Harry on the ground, and then the three snatchers had made their appearance.

They held none of the finesse of the Death Eaters, but a hasty ruthlessness made them just as deadly.

4,558 2
9 The Ties that Enchant

If she remembered correctly, she’d held her little pink cardigan in a similar fashion as she’d watched the Hogwarts Express pull away. When she’d left that morning her poor heart had burned with desire to be on that train with her brothers, to see magic, to belong, to make her place in the world.

But as they disappeared, Ginny only cared about being in the compartment with Harry Potter.

She’d been enchanted from that moment on.

2,498 5
10 The Ties of Belonging

 James felt the air humming with a strange electricity that made him feel more alive and simultaneously crippled than he thought possible. 

He was standing on the precipice of everything he’d ever feared and wanted. The questions bubbling boiled over and seeped into every crevice of his consciousness. Did James dare to believe?
“Are you my family?” James asked, tongue dry in his mouth. 

2,816 2


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