Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Fred, George, OC
Drama, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
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2008-07-24 18:12:23
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Hello Again

There was a small, short rap at the door that startled Harry Potter. It was a rarity that anyone eve knocked on the door of 12 Grimmwald place. Without thinking, he quickly unlocked all 7 locks and opened the door. It was pouring rain, he gave a small yell, as he was face to face with a thin figure whose face was hidden beneath a rain soaked hood.

1053 1
2 Horror Story

“I hugged you for what I thought would be the last time. I watched you say goodbye to Remus. Listened when you asked him to take care of me and our child. Remus and I watched as you were thrown into that boat and were toted away to Azkaban,” she whispered as if reliving a nightmare.

1179 1
3 And You Are?

“Well good morning to you, Harry. Please sit down and join us.”

“Who is us..” Harry asked

953 1
4 A Week In Hell

Sirius gets a stern talking to from Remus.

611 1
5 Let the Meeting Begin

The Order gathers at Grimmwauld Place to attend a meeting.

1848 1
6 The Meeting

“What will be solved if we argue within our ranks?” he rhetorically asked. “Old disagreements from our youth must be set aside to better the lives of future youth. Sirius, if nothing else, quiet yourself for Harry's sake. Severus is entitled to his suggestions, Harry's livelihood at Hogwarts and the decisions that make it so belong solely to the headmaster, and that's myself, in case you have forgotten. So please pass judgments and work to accomplish what we had pledged to do."

1600 2
7 Mistake

Sirius reveals his surprise.

1029 3
8 Breakdown

Mary finds a shoulder or two to cry on.

1161 2
9 Favor

SIrius asks Remus to do him a special favor, which only complicates Mary's situation even further.

739 2
10 An Explanation

 "Remus? Remus what happened? Did you use a silencing spell?” Mary said confused.
“No, I did.” Mary whipped her body around to face the door.

1577 1
11 A Surprise Meeting


“Professor. I'm here to talk. I've thought a lot about all of this and I feel the best thing for everyone is to hear your story. I want to know it all.” Harry said sternly. “I need to.” he finished with a shrug.

1007 1
12 A Pool of Memories

“I'm not ready for this,” Mary whispered to her mother, who grabbed her daughter's hand. “Why do you have to do this now?” Mary continued. “Sirius has just gone to Azkaban. I've lost my baby. I'm trying to recover. And now you're giving in too?” Mary was malicious, she was obviously confused and scared. “You..you can't leave me now.”

3768 0
13 If Only

“Well this is the easiest to get out of the way,” Mary started. “Yes Harry, we were chosen by our mothers to marry each other. Well not to marry, I suppose.” Mary paused, “guilted into start seeing one another, rather to stomach one another's presence.” She smiled at the thought, her red lips extenuating the whiteness of her teeth.

823 1
14 Memories

A large crowd erupted from the memory, all of whom were dressed in black. The attendants looked somber as they stood around, apparently consoling one another. Mary stood somewhat away from the group, her long blonde hair blowing in the light breeze.

2061 0
15 An Agreement

So this is what its like to have a mother Harry thought to himself.

1677 1


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