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Percy, Neville, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
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Drama, Romance
Next Generation
Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
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First Published
2008-07-11 1:44pm
Last Chapter
2008-07-31 7:34pm
Last Updated
2008-07-31 7:34pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Time Is Short...I'm in Control of My Life Now...

My life is an hourglass. It's one where the sand is slowly seeping life is slowly fading like the sun setting over the horizon. I am in control of my life...These things may not seem important to you but they are everything to me.

1,075 1
2 How Can I tell Him?

I don't know how to tell Derrick...why is this so hard? Is it because of some deep feelings I have for him? What is it? Why can't Jenna understand?

2,354 1
3 Please...Don't Be Sad

Telling him is hard. I don't know how I can. He's my best friend. I don't need anyone's pity. I just need him to be here for me.

1,541 1
4 Exploding Potions and Emotions..

I just wish I could explain to Jenna...She doesn't understand...I hope my dad doesn't freak over my detention...

1,948 0
5 Howlers...Health..and What Else?

Great. A howler from my dad. That's just what I wanted. But wait a does Derrick know about the number one thing on my list?

1,058 0
6 Life's Unfair...No One Said It Would Be Easy.

I am not in the mood to talk right now....lots of stuff just happened..stuff that isn't good...just read the chapter. thanks.

2,128 0
7 I Miss Him...His Touch...His Smile...Everything

I can't believe I pushed away my best friend....I feel so stupid for doing that...I'm just upset with myself...I guess the completing of the list can still go on...Can't it?

2,209 0
8 One Surprise After Another Surprise....

A tattoo is forever...I'm positive I know what I want...these past few days have made me realize something. I love Derrick.

2,628 0
9 A Night of Feeling Normal

I've always wanted to go to a Wicked Warlock concert....It's a shame my dad doesn't understand. I just want one night of night of feeling normal. What's so wrong about that?

2,482 0
10 A Feeling of Emptiness

My dad and I have finally come to an understanding....he just can't let me go that easily. I understand how he feels and now I think he understands just how much I need Derrick and my freedom.

2,399 0
11 Midnight Magic...There's Lots of It

Derrick can be sooo sweet sometimes... I love that about him...I know it'll be hard for him in the end. But right now, I'm focusing more on what's happening now...that's what matters.

2,178 0
12 The Long Awaited Kiss....

I never want to let go of this's's amazing. I feel like I'm practically floating on air. Oh I won't go into detail, you'll have to read this one.

2,044 0
13 Epilogue.

So this is the end. Sad as it seems, this story has now come to a close. I won't tell you what happens in this epilogue and neither will Lucy. So you need to read to find out. -Sarah
*I hereby dedicate this last and lovely chapter to DefenestratedPi.*

1,850 11


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