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Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Molly, George, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-07-11 10:05am
Last Chapter
2011-09-02 9:19am
Last Updated
2011-09-02 9:19am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A New Day

This story starts immediately after Chapter thirty-six of Deathly Hallows. The celebration lasted all morning and afternoon. Harry didn't go to the Headmasters office, until early evening. He left there to go to sleep in his old bed, where he slept all night until the next morning. (rev.14.08.11)

8,352 17
2 The Wizengamot and Diagon Alley

Harry faces the magical community, and gets a taste of his fame and influence over the British magical community. Jo created these characters and world, and I am just playing with them. (rev 8/28/2011)

7,105 11
3 Off to Australia

Harry and company get ready to go to Australia to find the Grangers and have some adventures.

6,479 9
4 Finding the Grangers

Its is time for our heroes to search for Hermione's parents. They are also going to get a mild surprise about the Australian Magical Community.
Also, in case anybody out there doesn't realize this, but Harry Potter and this magical world is owned by J K Rowling.

4,790 9
5 Goblin City

They find out what lies in the sub-tropical jungles of Australia.

4,456 7
6 I Can't Believe You Two

Find out what happened in Goblin City.

4,282 5
7 The Man-Who-Loves-Me

This chapter is entirely from Ginny's POV.

5,555 6
8 July 1998 Part 1

Harry and Co. arrive in England to restart their lives.

7,150 6
9 July 1998 Part II

Harry and company are starting to restart there lives in post war England. They all start going in different directions. Leaving Harry alone for the first time in almosr eight years.

6,762 11
10 I Didn't Mean That

Harry wakes up with a hangover, and a feeling that he has made a huge mistake.

5,548 7
11 Exams and Regret's

Harry goes to the Ministry to take his Auror's entrance exam. Harry's fame causes troubles for him and Ginny.

8,048 5
12 Ginny's Birthday

Birthdays are to be fun and enjoyed. Why does Ginny seem miserable?

8,282 7
13 Promises

Harry discovers more about the magical world from a neutal friend. Ginny decides to talk to him about their relationship.

Happy new year to everyone!

5,668 10
14 Ron and Hermione's big announcement

A little bit of fluff, and a move away from canon.

2,986 10
15 The Way of Family

This chapter and the last one is about family relationships in a loving, but annoying family, like the Weasley's.

6,919 7
16 Memories, Memorials, and Mistakes

Harry and Ginny return to Hogwarts for school. Someone has a hard time with the memories of the battle, and some things are said that shouldn't have been.

7,656 6
17 Classes and Homework

It is time to be a student again for Harry and Ginny.

A note about my formatting: if something appears in 'single quotes' it is a characters thoughts. "Double quotes" are spoken aloud.

6,514 8
18 Tryouts and Tribulations

Harry is confronted by the new Potions Professor Madam Zabini. We finally get to meet the Head Boy, but the meeting doesn't go well. The most important thing though is Gwenog Jones is coming to Hogwarts at the end of September to chose the school Quidditch team for the new Tri-School compitition.

7,000 7
19 The Taming of Zabini

Harry starts sorting out his troubles with the new Potions Professor.

4,457 10
20 Shopping in London

Harry and Carmen go into London without Ginny. Not everyone is happy about the situation.

6,831 12
21 Hogsmeade and Halloween

Harry does something to placate Ginny after going to the Hard Rock Cafe with Hermione, Ron and Carmen. Then they go on an adventure Halloween night.

I tried to post this yesterday, but I had a busy weekend with the family. I have enjoyed all the reviews that I have recieved for this story. They have made writing this fic a truly enjoyable experience

8,868 8
22 Thirty Days - November Rains

I have been away for a few weeks. I have a new computer now and need to test drive it for awhile. I also needed a break from this story, because I needed to rethink this next segment. I was going to write a single chapter, but decided instead to write four (maybe five) subchapters under the title Thirty Days.

Harry meets Ginny on November the first for some quiet time, but the Headmistress wants a little chat. Dum dum dum

2,291 13
23 Changing Partners

Harry needs to change his study habits while serving his 'detention'. Ginny surprises him when he meets her at the gate.

2,172 11
24 Tying Up Loose Ends

Harry uses his time away from Ginny to take care of some things. Some come with good results and some he realizes, to late, are a mistake.

6,044 14
25 Love: Passionate and Tender

If you read the title you probably have a good idea what this might be about. I found this chapter difficult to write and get a good balance and flow to it. I hope it doesn't come out like a cheap romance novel. (even though I would classify this story as a romance.)

I will also inform all my readers that I may not be posting another chapter for a month. I want to write the next four chapters before posting the first one,because of possible cross referencing. So I ask for your patience. Thank you to all who have reviewed.

7,279 12
26 Numb!

WARNING: sensitive subject in this chapter. I have tried to write this chapter so that it does not offend or glorify the subject, but it still has an emotional impact. I am sorry if reading this chapter offends anyone. However, the event is vital to the plot.

So after a month of deliberation and rewriting, I present to you the next chapter.

8,254 16
27 a.k.a. Carmen Del La Rosa

When I first roughed out the draft on this story, I had this chapter before the last one, Numb. I switched them for dramatic effect. This chapter covers the same time frame and events of the previous chapter, but it is from Harry's point of view. 

A final note: I know I disturbed many of my readers with the last chapter, but I would appreciate if you gave this story three more chapters to see how things unfold.

9,730 18
28 Moving On

Even though all your dreams have come crashing down, a true Gryffidor picks themselves up and moves on with life.

7,980 17
29 Trapped

Troubles mount with Harry's mission, but what is happening with Ginny at the Burrow.

8,009 17
30 Bludgers and Lies

Harry and company try to find a way home. 

This chapter was more difficult to write than I thought it would be. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable read. I am sorry for being a day late. I had originally thought this chappie would only be about four thousand words. How wrong I was!

8,174 23
31 Rumors and Scrutiny

Ginny returns to school. She must deal with a newspaper article about Harry and Carmen at the same time.

5,129 20
32 Rumors and Scrutiny Part II - Darks secrets revealed

A continuation of last chapter, Ginny discovers something that shocks her, and causes her to become a leader at Hogwarts again.

5,326 16
33 The End of the Mission

Harry comes to the end of his mission, but does it end well.

I must apologize for posting this chapter so late. I was having writers block with the first half of this story. Hopefully it will be acceptable.

7,027 25
34 Unplanned

Harry is free to see Ginny again. Nothing goes as planned by either one, but they survive reguardless.

I apologize for taking so ling with this chapter. I have been thinking about this chapter for so long that I had so many ideas that i couldn't put them all in. I also did the unthinkable; I took time out to read a book that wasn't Harry Potter.


9,311 15
35 Reconnecting

Harry starts rebuilding his relationship with Ginny, Hermione, and Ron. Most of this chapter are things I had originally planned to put into the last chapter, but it just didn't work out.

I had already submitted this chapter earlier this week, but when the site went 'underconstruction' the chapter disappeared. At first, I was in a panic, because I was afraid the entire story was gone. Whew! 

4,659 12
36 Two weeks until Easter

A little transition chapter before our favourite couple spends Easter holiday together. 

I want to send a huge apology to all my loyal readers. When I went to write this chapter, I experienced something I never dealt with before; writers block, the chapter didn't unfold to me. Hopefully this will satisfy until the next chapter is posted.

4,318 14
37 Easter Traditions

Traditions are really nothing more than a standardized action to a reoccurring event or condition. (i.e. Every Christmas we decorate a tree, when Ron andHermione disagree they teraditionslly get into a fight.) 

Some times Traditions change, and some of those times, it is for the best, particularly when it comes to our personal relationships. If we don't change then we don't grow and mature.( We will traditionally act like a fifteen year old all our life.)

10,421 20
38 Meeting Brenda

A chapter about Harry missing Ginny

5,191 25
39 Twelve Hours

Harry is in Bulraria for twelve hours to see the Harpies play the Bulgarian National team. Ginny has only twelve hours to play a game and spend time alone with Harry. Can it be done? 

10,420 34
40 Torn Asunder

Major problems arise with Harry and Ginny. - Warning this chapter and the next contain some graphic desciptions.

8,746 41
41 Healing Harry

Hello Everyone, I would like to apologize for not having this ready before the queue closed, but I had a two week time period where life interrupted my writing. Sham on it!

As the title indicates, Ginny takes on the responsibility of making Harry better.

8,398 19
42 Nightmares

Harry and Ginny are dealing with nightmares. Not all nightmares happen at night when you ae asleep.

9,220 28
43 A Christmas together

Presents, promises, and possibilities await our fav couple in this chapter.

I would like to apaologize for the long unplanned delay. I have been so busy that I couldn't work on this chapter for two weeks.

9,547 19
44 The Night Visitors

We find out who is interupting Harry and Ginny's moment. This was actually supposed to be part of the last chapter, but that one had become to large so then there were two.

4,907 15
45 Finally!

For anyone who has read this far, you will understand what this chapter is about.

10,329 16
46 The Wedding - Plans and friends

Harry and Ginny are getting ready to get married in this chapter, as always strange this happen.

I had a difficult time trying to put all the pieces into this chapter that I wanted. Hopefully it won't be too confusing.

11,872 24
47 The Wedding -for everyone else

The second half of Harry and Ginny's wedding, and a small epilogue.

This is the final chapter. It is hard to believe that this story was so well recieved, in spite of my grammatical deficencies. I have always thought literature was like music. Some people enjoy the precision of well ordered words, much like classical music. I have always been a rock n roll and blues lover.

A special thanks to everyone who reviewed. Thank you for the encouragment.

Manwe Valarian

12,239 74


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