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Albus, Hugo, Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Other Pairing
Romance, Young Adult
Next Generation
Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-07-05 2:51pm
Last Chapter
2015-02-19 8:39pm
Last Updated
2015-02-19 8:39pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Part One

I, Rose Weasley, had an enormous, eternal crush on a Malfoy.  The world would end if anyone knew.

958 12
2 Part Two

“At least one of the Gryffindors has some sense.  No wonder they made her Head Girl.”

1,330 11
3 Part Three

His cool, smooth voice penetrated the anger inside of me and I watched as Ada turned around to face her boyfriend. 

1,309 12
4 Part Four

 I sat with my hands folded and my eyes forward.  I could see Scorpius slither into the seat beside me with my peripheral vision, but I didn’t look at him. 

2,111 13
5 Part Five

He seemed so much more real, more human, than I’d expected.

1,247 16
6 Part Six

“Apparently, the Slytherin Common Room had a bit of a show this morning."

1,886 24
7 Part Seven

“Are you okay?” a cool, charming voice asked.

1,895 18
8 Part Eight

“What if I gave you something to tell them?”

1,483 15
9 Part Nine

“I suppose you could tell them that you have a boyfriend now, if you’d like.”

1,281 12
10 Part Ten

With hot, angry tears sticking to my scarlet cheeks, I turned to him.  His arms were already outstretched, waiting for me to collapse into him. 

2,290 9
11 Part Eleven

Jeanette turned on her bedside lamp and glanced around anxiously.  “Okay, so Rox has been keeping something from you.”

1,785 20
12 Part Twelve

“Sometimes I come here when I don’t want to be around people, when I want to be by myself..."

1,710 17
13 Part Thirteen

I tried to answer, but no sound came from my mouth; I could only manage a sharp intake of breath.

1,212 21
14 Part Fourteen

"You should also note that it is a merchandise sale, not merely a T-shirt sale; we’ll be making buttons and stickers as well."

1,249 10
15 Part Fifteen

“Oh this is too good!  Scorpy, did you know that your precious Weasley doesn’t like Quidditch?”

1,366 17
16 Part Sixteen

“You think they’re here to meet you or to watch Scorpius play?” Lily asked, leaning toward me, her voice barely above a whisper.  I shrugged.

2,101 11
17 Part Seventeen

I think my heart stopped.  I couldn’t remember how to speak; it felt like my vocal cords were frozen.

1,456 10
18 Part Eighteen

“Sorry about her, Weasley.  It won’t happen again—and you can let Scorpius know that she’ll be leaving him alone from now on, too.”

1,162 20
19 Part Nineteen

“Um, hello?”  Jeanette sat on the edge of my bed, flailing her hairbrush about.  We turned our attention to her.  “I’m a little hung up on the much bigger issue—Rosie and Scorpius are saying the ‘L’ word, and we weren’t informed of it!”

1,333 13
20 Part Twenty

“Malfoys,” he said, drawing himself up with a pseudo mask of arrogance, “do not stalk.”

1,554 5
21 Part Twenty One

He stood in front of me, tall and beautiful, his eyes understanding and concerned.  He reached his arms out to me, and I stepped forward into them.

1,398 5
22 Part Twenty Two

It was a good thing Al wasn’t up here because Jeanette was not an attractive crier. 

1,332 3
23 Part Twenty Three

I turned to Scorpius and my eyes met his.  I smiled.  Today would be wonderful.

1,518 5
24 Part Twenty Four

“Trust me, Rose.”

1,026 7
25 Part Twenty Five

“Mum wants to meet your parents at the St. Mungo’s party.”

1,160 10
26 Part Twenty Six

But Scorpius was different—he wasn’t taking advantage, and we’d been dating for a while, and he wasn’t at all pushy. He was just… Scorpius: a good kisser and an even better boyfriend. I trusted him.

1,322 4
27 Part Twenty Seven

I looked at his pale skin, stretched tight over the muscles in his torso. I traced our names with my fingertips on his abdomen. Then I traced I love you.

1,302 8
28 Part Twenty Eight

“Rose Weasley, you’re good at Quidditch, aren’t you?”


1,191 4
29 Part Twenty Nine

 Curiosity may’ve killed the cat, but I’m taking my own turn at it.

888 10
30 Part Thirty

Dad’s face was getting red, but he hadn’t drawn his wand, so I figured that was a good sign.

1,625 8
31 Part Thirty One

"We're home," I said, grabbing my brother's arm and squeezing it.

1,162 6


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