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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Andromeda, Arthur, Molly, Ginny, Teddy
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Sirius/OC
Humor, Romance, AU
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-07-05 10:08am
Last Chapter
2008-09-20 10:24pm
Last Updated
2008-11-07 10:21am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1 - A Monday Morning Meeting

It's early on a Monday, and Harry receives a message to come to Hogwarts to discuss his being selected to be the godfather to Teddy Lupin. Of course, nothing is ever as simple as it first sounds.

1,570 8
2 Chapter 2 - Surprises All Around

Everyone has a surprise when the meeting finally starts. Harry and Hermione find they need to overcome resistance from an unexpected source. Minerva's on their side, until Hermione drops a bombshell of her own.

2,595 6
3 Chapter 3 - Passing the Torch

Harry and Hermione explain their reasons for not returning while Minerva tries her best to bring them back. Hermione has a conversation with Albus, while Severus gets the last word

3,039 7
4 Chapter 4 - And Baby Makes Three

Harry, Hermione, and Teddy arrive back at the Burrow where they find that all is not quiet on the Weasley front. Ginny is unhappy, and when Ginny's unhappy, everyone is unhappy. The school bombshell is dropped, once again, and Molly tells Harry that he and Arthur need to have a talk.

3,080 6
5 Chapter 5 - Understandings

The Weasley kitchen becomes center stage as Harry and Arthur discuss things and come to an understanding. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny try to get Harry to open up, until Hermione finally decides to take matters into her own hands.

2,843 4
6 Chapter 6 - Revelations

Hermione presses Harry into talking to Ron and Ginny about part of what's troubling him. Later Harry and Ginny discuss Harry's conversation with Arthur.

2,470 5
7 Chapter 7 - Owl Post, The Happy Couple, and Having Kittens

Aunt Muriel stirs things up a bit with letters all around. Ron manages to revert back to his old habits, and Harry needs a clue, and the answer is kittens.

3,691 9
8 Chapter 8 - Kitchen Duty and Dinnertime for Teddy

Harry and Ginny work on dinner while they work on things between them. Later, Harry and Hermione discuss changes and how she knew what she knew.

4,388 5
9 Chapter 9 - Dinner, Hexes, and Reconcilliation (almost)

Dinnertime at the Burrow becomes very uncomfortable for Ron as everyone seems to be privy to his fight with Hermione. Harry and Ron talk out his problem and Hermione forgives Ron, for about a minute until she finds she's as annoyed with Harry as she is with Ron.

2,448 3
10 Chapter 10 - Bedtime and Beyond

The day is done, and everyone is finally talking to everyone else. Bedtime comes,complete with dreams, and Harry's guardian angel protects him, once again.

2,571 4
11 Chapter 11 - Clues, Irregular and Otherwise

The four become acquainted with some of the secrets they are all keeping. A trip to Diagon Alley provides new questions and insights, while a conversation between two witches bodes well for the future.

3,860 3
12 Chapter 12 - Moving Day

Grimmauld Place is ready for them, but are they ready for the new Grimmauld Place. Who knew interior decorating could be so stressful?

3,632 2
13 Chapter 13 - Voices in the Mists and the Godparents Meet

Night falls on Grimmauld Place, but not all is as it seems. Old friends and rivals gather to discuss the fate of Harry & Hermione as yet another prophecy raises it's ugly head.

4,107 3
14 Chapter 14 - Common Ground

Harry & Hermione find themselves on familiar ground, but in very unfamiliar territory. Breakfast finds them with a reality check, and an old friend

3,066 4
15 Chapter 15 - Plans and Preparations

Hermione reveals to Harry her conversation with Dumbledore and the two learn of the existence of the prophecy, and make a painful decision

3,703 2
16 Chapter 16 - The Cinderella Gambit

Harry meets with Maeve and finds out more of the story, but is left with more questions. His fears for Hermione through, and he receives an invitation to make the most of the opportunity that's been afforded to the two of them.

3,701 2
17 Chapter 17 - Questions, Answers, and a Sign

Harry rejoins Hermione and Sirius and finds out that there are questions about Sirius' friend, as well as amusing tales about Sirius' storied past. A minor prank and leads to a decision to explore outside the portrait hole.

2,643 2
18 Chapte 18 - A Sunny Day in Twilight

Harry and Hermione explore the forest surrounding them and discover some things about themselves and their friends. A mystery is revealed, one of the questions that have plagued Potterholics for years.

4,605 3
19 Chapter 19 - The Path Not Taken

Hermione makes a very interesting wager, Harry recieves a very intersting letter, and a couple of elves decide that the duo are fair game for a bit of human baiting. 

3,315 1
20 Chapter20 - Questions of the Heart

Hermione postpones collecting her wager to find out what's going on. Harry's plotting falls through, which leads to all of the plans being overturned with one word. 'Yes'

Note - This is the chapter where the story goes AU.

3,428 2
21 Chapter 21 - Reworking the Flawed Plan

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When faced with a situation of unbelievable danger and mortal peril, the four try to find a plan to tell Ron and Ginny that things have changed. Also, there's that little matter of Salazar Slytherin lurking in the wings.

3,765 1
22 Chapter 22 - First Stop On the Dreamland Express

Back to Grimmauld Place, and the sorting begins. This time, there's no talking hat, but they hope to sort out Ron's feelings for Hermione with a little unexpected help from a friend.

5,530 1
23 Chapter 23 - Something Wicked on the Dreamland Express

Harry & Hermione find that not everything is simple with their friend Ginny. An old hurt resurfaces, and they find that Ron wasn't totally wrong in the kitchen.

4,051 1
24 Chapter 24 - Rolling Home towards Morning

Adventures in Ginnyland continue, with some interesting secrets and spring cleaning to boot. Meanwhile, Harry & Hermione decide the time has come to return to the real world, and a few surprises await

4,837 1
25 Chapter 25 - Return to Paradise

Sirius departs to return to James & Lily to inform them of what's happened, and to explain to Dumbledore why his plan went up in a puff of smoke. Plus a visit with old friends and a promise to keep.

6,383 2
26 Chapter 26 - Wachet Auf

Morning has broken at Grimmauld Place. and a new day brings new challenges and puzzles. Back in the waking world, do the changes created in dreams take hold, or will there be dire consequences? And exactly what did Dumbledore do this time to make her angry?

4,260 1
27 Chapter 27 - Of Patronuses and Elves

More light shed by the letter, and the founder of S.P.E.W finds out she might have a bit more of a house elf problem than she thought. And sending a message just got a bit more interesting.

A/N - Sorry, Chapter 28 got posted out of order, that's the last time I try to update on my way out of town. Mea Culpa.

4,955 1
28 Chapter 28 - Back to the Burrow

Ginny and Ron return home to break the news of the breakups and about the happy couple.  Arthur proves he's not as unobservant as people, especially his children, would like to think.

2,669 1
29 Chapter 29 - A Saturday Morning Meeting, Almost

Harry, Hermione, and Teddy return to Hogwarts for another morning of meetings. While Hermione and Teddy confer with Minerva, Harry's plans to talk with Dumbledore are postponed when someone else decides they need Harry's attention.

1,880 1
30 Chapter 30 - Homecoming, A Map, and Poppy to the Rescue

Back in his second home, the hospital wing, Harry recovers from his battle with the Bloody Baron. A bit of Marauder-tech appears and Poppy rescues Harry from a serious problem.

2,564 1
31 Chapter 31 - First Date

Harry faces his greatest challenge to date. Dragons, Death-Eaters, even Tom Riddle himself were nothing compared to his first date with Hermione Granger. And a surprise for Hermione manages to surprise them both.

5,306 1
32 Chapter 32 - Paying the Babysitters

Harry & Hermione return from their date and talk to Poppy, Kreacher and Winky before they retire for the night to begin a research project of Harry's

2,594 1
33 Chapter 33 - Plans, Old and New

A quiet Sunday morning at Hogwarts. Hermione plans, while Harry and Dumbledore talk.

5,606 2
34 Chapter 34 - Letters for the Heart

A picnic by Black Lake, a pair of letters from beyond, and Harry and Hermione both decide that meeting the parents is easier said than done.

4,551 1
35 Chapter 35 - Tea Time

It's Sunday afternoon and the charming village of Upper Flagley is the home of the dreaded Aunt Muriel, and a few other old acquaintances. Everyone one has to have a hobby, but Muriel seems to have more than her fair share.

5,833 1
36 Chapter 36 - A Monday Morning Meeting, Reprised

It's Monday morning, so Harry & Hermione are back at Hogwarts in the Headmistress' Office. The usual cast of characters is assembled for one last meeting to discuss why they don't want to be Teddy's godparents any longer. A surprise visitor makes an appearance.  A happy ending is had by all.

2,724 34


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