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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Shacklebolt, Ginny, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-07-03 3:14pm
Last Chapter
2009-02-14 2:51pm
Last Updated
2009-10-22 3:08pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Ginny

24 hrs after the Battle ends Harry wakes into this brave new world.
I own nothing but the storyline all else belongs to JKR.

4,044 15
2 The Minister and the wand

All is not what it seems as the new minister arrives and adds to the duties Harry has to perform. Whilst some begin the mopping up process others are plotting and planning revenge. 

6,300 9
3 The Burrow

The Family return to the Burrow.  (Ok I know that doesn't tell you much but I don't want to give to much away).

9,304 12
4 Out of the Closet and into The Fire

Hermione has a sudden realisation, work on Grimauld place begins and an unusual discovery leads Harry and Ginny to some revalations about thier ancestors.

Many thanks to those who have reviewed so far. I value the feedback greatly.

5,144 6
5 Trust

The Grangers return and the Ministry assist them resettling. Harry recieves a surprise when he visits Gringotts. Molly and Arthur demonstrate great faith in Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione But who is watching Harry and Ginny cuddling in the Park?

8,051 7
6 A day with Teddy

As the chapter title suggests Harry's Godson comes for a visit with his grandma who shows the youngsters howto decorate the wizarding way. Ginny and Andromeda prepare a surprise for Harry. Ron delivers some family news.

4,804 8
7 Neville,Luna and a late caller.

Ron stumbles in where he wishes he hadn't. Neviille and Luna visit. Fleur gives her verdict. Arthur lets something slip, much to Molly's dismay. and the last night before the return to Hogwarts still holds a surprise.

4,295 7
8 Swiftshot

Harry and Ginny go on a last minute trip to Diagon Alley on a personal mission. They return to Hogwarts for the last few weeks of the year but not all is well at the school where new responsibilities await.

4,904 5
9 Dennis

Harry takes his first class and has to deal with not only his own but anothers grief, is this the hardest test he has had to face yet?

3,795 4
10 Ginny's Favourite Bit

The first cabinet meeting is held at the school. Buckbeak is behaving oddly., But what is Ginny's favourite bit?

4,228 9
11 Potterwatch.

Harry gives Lee an interview, live on the WWN.

5,059 6
12 Molly's plan

A much disturbed school year ends and Harry and Ginny return home to much Press interest after their interview. The couple finally get round to reading the Parchments Molly gave them and call in backup to help counter what she plans. The couple also meet the Creevey's at home. 

5,739 7
13 Birthday Surprises.

Teddy's naming day, Harry's Birthday, a double celebration. A fabulous chance for everyone to have fun. Then Aunt Muriel decides it's the perfect day to have a "quiet" word with Harry and Ginny.

6,750 9
14 Whitby

Ginny's birthday celebrations surprise the family. Sirius old bike is restored and needs testing. Harry goes on his first ever summer Holiday to the famous seaside town where a meeting on a cliff top may spark a sequence of future events for one of the four who witness it and determine the fate of thousands of souls.

7,061 7
15 Potter's Perambulation.

The new year at Hogwarts begins. Harry and Ginny return to a surprise, will the students welcome Harry's appointment. Ginny has a new role at the school and house Quiditch try outs are held.

8,719 5
16 Vengeance

Harry and Ginny may have settled in to their lives back at Hogwarts, however there are those who don't want that. They want Vengeance.

6,928 7
17 Rescuing Kingsley

Vengeance reel from the disaster of their latest operation, is it time to change tactic's? 
What will Harry and Ginny achieve at the Ministry?

6,720 9
18 Guido

Hermione introduces a new celebration to the Hogwarts calendar. Peeves decides to make the school feast a little more exciting as the build up to christmas begins. Ron invents some House rules for an unexpected guest at Grimauld place.

6,848 9
19 Old Nemesis

Harry and Ginny take a very special trip on Christmas Eve. It's a day of Emotion and surprises, some good, some bad and one down right scary for Harry, though others with him find it amusing to say the least.

7,521 11
20 Yuletide Falicitations.

Christmas day dawns at Grimmauld place, the house is full as the family celebrate. Kreacher reveals some secrets about the house including a place they plan not to tell Hermione about. The couple throw a new year party at which some surprise honours are given. Is S.P.E.W. finally having an effect?

8,144 6
21 Erebus

A new Year begins. An attack at a quidditch match results in serious repercussions for Harry and Ginny. 
Warning: This story is rated Mature for a reason. Please take note of the warnings.Some events described In this chapter could upset some readers. It is dark though not graphic..

6,422 11
22 Those left behind

The consequences of the attack are felt as news spreads.

7,138 9
23 Pensieve

Dudley comes to visit them in St Mungo's. Ron is trying to cope with returning to the class room, teaching. Will life at Hogwarts ever be the same again?

8,159 10
24 Voices

Days become weeks which in turn become months, Concern for Harry continues as little improvement is noted. With the help of his memories, though, Ginny has a surprising revalation she had previously forgotten. The school protraits plan action of their own, and Rita writes a new story.

8,657 12
25 The Anchor

Ginny's introspection leads to her taking a desparate action.

6,550 7
26 The Bath

Has Ginny's desparate action worked?

6,550 10
27 The Visitor

Dudley visits Grimauld Place. Concern for Harry's progress grows.

6,164 12
28 Revelations and Deception.

What really happened on the path to Hogsmeade? 
Will Kingsley ever remember where he has seen the twins before?
What is Harry up to in the Drawing room?

6,299 10
29 The Thirty Soldiers.

The cabinet agree a plan, will it succeed?

6,762 13
30 Pawns in the Game.

An early start, a plan to get proof and an offer of help. Simple yes? or are Ginny's worries well placed?

6,834 17
31 A Year to the day.

Harry's on going condition gives concern, but he must carry out duties both to his family and the wider community or he would never forgive himself for letting them down on the first aniversary of the battle.  

8,135 12
32 Incedolixire

Can Archie help get Harry back to Hogwarts? A guilty secret of Slughorn's may hold the answer. Will it speed Harry's recovery? What does Firenze message mean?

6,719 14
33 Jet Power

Florean invents a new Dessert for lovers, though it's name is not all Harry and Ginny could have wished for. The dursleys recieve thier invitation. Theres an incident at St Mungo's in the Twins room, our couple are, of course, in the thick of it.

Thanks to AriesGirl40 for Beta ing this chapter.

6,727 13
34 Taking Umbridge

The Trial of the leaders of Vengeance.

7,752 17
35 Beside the seaside.

Harry and Ginny train with Minerva, a day that deepens a mystery. 
A day of fun by the sea, unviels an new power for the couple but ends with sad news.
Vengeance may be gone, but a new adventure is about to begin.

8,095 14
36 Daimler

With endings come new beginnings, in more ways than one.

14,311 24


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