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Snape, Sirius, Lily, James
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-06-20 8:42am
Last Chapter
2008-11-16 9:15am
Last Updated
2008-11-16 9:15am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The thin line between love and hate.

She was a liar. A lovely little liar.

1,428 3
2 Already failing.

She didn’t know why she had kept on yelling at him while her feelings towards him had made a drastic turn around in her sixth year.

1,418 2
3 Surprises in the Owlery.

“Lumos,” she said and as soon as she did the tip of her wand lit and she could make out the face of Sirius Black. She slowly removed her wand out of his face and sent him a death glare, though she realised he probably couldn’t see her doing so. “What are you doing here, Black?”

1,467 2
4 Not bothering.

She felt a pair of eyes on her and when she looked up she saw James Potter staring back at her. He wore a strange look in his eyes, a look that she couldn’t quite place, but she didn’t think too much out of it and grabbed her bag and walked out of the classroom.

1,238 1
5 Abnormally large feet.

Lily looked at the floor in embarrassment and felt her cheeks go hot. “Sorry, Sirius,” she said and she sighed, sounding a bit defeated. “I should have known it was you. Potter has abnormally large feet and yours aren’t abnormally large.” Sirius cocked his eyebrow and grinned. Lily grinned back at him and was about to say more when she heard the guy who was soon to turn into her victim.

1,498 1
6 Attacks on the Heads

Lily ran down the stairs, her heart was racing and she had trouble breathing, but she did not stop. After having fought for at least a month they had finally managed to call it a truce, at least that’s how she saw it. She just couldn’t let him get away that easily.

1,207 1
7 Cat in the Hospital Wing

Paprika started making noises and Lily bit her lip and closed her eyes for a second. She should have known Paprika would not like the dark. Ever since Lily had had Paprika she had known that the stubborn little thing did not like the dark. She would start whining whenever the light was turned off and Lily was forced to turn it on again.

1,469 1
8 Pushing the wheelchair

“You don’t know why, Miss Evans?” she yelled furiously. “You don’t know why you attacked a fellow student while she turned her back towards you? That is a very low blow, Miss Evans. One I didn’t expect coming from you!”

1,422 1
9 Love isn't about hair

Sirius chuckled. “But a lot of people do care about hygiene!”

1,400 1
10 Persuasion

James grinned and never stopped playing with Lily’s hair and she sighed heavily, realising that the boy did not listen when other people told him to stop. She felt sorry for his mother who must have had to put up with a very naughty little boy when he was younger. He had never stopped being a little boy, now she thought about it.

1,676 1
11 Kisses in the Hallway

James shrugged. “I know,” he said and looked away from her before going on. “I don’t mind, really. If the two off you want to hit it of you should just do it.”

2,380 1
12 Not believing

“Can you stop being so childish for once?” she cried out in frustration when James Potter yet again put his feet on the table after telling him off for it at least five times.

1,389 2
13 Yet to receive an official invitation.

“Lily, you are not really angry with me.” He said, but he sounded a bit unsure. “I’m not?” she asked and she laughed somewhat wickedly. “Trust me: I am!”

1,324 2
14 I knew...

Boys just didn’t like to be called graceful and to be honest it sounded it a bit weird to say: “Oh, James. You’re so graceful!”

1,591 4


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