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Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Narcissa, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2003-07-26 12:00am
Last Chapter
2004-08-13 10:04pm
Last Updated
2004-08-13 10:04pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The American Invasion

It's the Marauder's sixth year and Voldemort's power is growing. When Voldemort unleashes his new plan, how will they be able to stop it before one of the four is gone forever? And who are these two young girls that come in the night? Will their troubled pasts finally be put to rest with the aid of James Potter, or is there more to their tale than meets the eye?

3,459 19
2 Quidditch and Trials

What is in the mysterious letter that the Potters are trying to hide? What does the message entail and could its contents spell future doom for James' family?

3,836 0
3 Shop 'Til You Drop

What are the Slytherins up to in Diagon Alley? Could they know something dangerous that the Potters don't?

3,158 0
4 Sweet, Sweet Revenge With Old Friends

What is the girls' secret plan that they won't tell anyone else about? But could there plan backfire on them in the future? And there are more Marauders in this chapter!

3,546 1
5 A Sorted Affair

James' cousins get sorted! But they bring with them to Hogwarts a little surprise that no one could have expected...

2,789 0
6 Home Away From Home

Te girls make some new friends that are sure to last a lifetime... but will thet meet trouble on the way?

3,062 0
7 When Bad Things Happen to Good People

A new teacher gives everyone some unpleasant surprises. And will Lupin survive the rest of the day?

3,561 2
8 A Brush With Death Eaters

It's a full moon... need we say more?

3,982 0
9 Quoddities

For all you Quodpot fans, here you go! An entire chapter of it! But could there be hidden danger among the festivities? Read and find out!

4,392 0
10 The Bearer of Bad News

Werewolf attacks after the full moon? What is this world coming to?! And why has Dumbledore suddenly become so interested in the Marauders?

5,202 0
11 Vive La Resistance

Dumbledore has a plan to fight the forces of evil, but when those forces threaten Hogwarts itself, will his plan have come too late?

4,288 0
12 Close Encounters of the Werewolf Kind

The Ministry of Magic, Death Eaters, and werewolves, oh my!

4,632 3
13 Secrets, Promises, and Lies

What will happen now that Claire and Ande know Remus' secret? And is Jackie Sparrow as honorable as she makes herself out to be?

4,147 4
14 The Calling

Will Claire's and Ande's names be cleared? And what does Dumbledore want with them?

4,455 4
15 The Hunters Become the Hunted

Will Dumbledore's class be too much for the students to handle, or will their extra training prove useful sooner than they thought?

5,297 19
16 Long Time No See

Will the twins and our favorite marauders recover from the violent attack? And there is one missing from the American's numbers...

5,771 10
17 The Not So Secret Service

Henry Moon left his bodyguards in England to protect his daughters. Will Manfred and Stuart do their jobs, or will they just cause more trouble for everyone?

4,684 0
18 When Hell Freezes Over: Part One

James has waited six years for this moment. But will Lily say yes, or shut him down yet again?

3,230 0
19 When Hell Freezes Over: Part Two

The Marauders have never been caught on their nights out... yet. However, if their not careful, tonight might be their unlucky night.

4,312 0
20 When Hell Freezes Over: Part Three

Oh so exciting... it's the first Quidditch game of the year! Thrills, chills, and spills await you in the final part of the mini trilogy!

2,266 8
21 Murphy Was an Optimist

James has just found out that he's human, a far fall from how he viewed himself before... But there's much worse to come for everyone.

4,973 6
22 It Takes Two to Tango

Years of hatred between Snape and Sirius have had their toll on both young wizards. When forced to duel, will one of them finally be pushed too far? And who is this unexpected visiter?

6,336 6
23 Boiling Point

Tensions between Sirius and Snape have reached a breaking point. What will Sirius do when Snape starts to pry into where Remus goes every month?

2,827 2


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