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    Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Draco/Pansy, Hermione/OC
    Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2008-06-15 1:32pm
    Last Chapter
    2009-11-12 11:52pm
    Last Updated
    2009-11-12 11:52pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Coming Back

    Yet Hermione couldn’t quite shake this encounter as quickly as she would have liked. Was Malfoy actually flirting with her? Hermione reassured herself that before Malfoy would even think of making a move on her, Pansy would attempt to hex her into madness.

    3,588 14
    2 The Restricted Section

    “I didn’t know you had it in you to break the rules. Especially being Head Girl.” Draco teased.

    Hermione instantly fell to her feet as she saw Draco standing before her.

    “How did you get in here?” Hermione asked.

    “Well you left the door quite open you see…” Draco replied.

    2,945 6
    3 Finding A Way Out

    “Me too.” Was all she could say. She looked at his face, and she wasn’t quite sure if her eyes deceived her or not, because it was gone in the blink of a second. Yet, she could have sworn she saw a glimmer of disappointment in Draco’s face.

    2,592 6
    4 The Astronomy Tower

    The dragon was pleading to break free from the bones that caged him within Draco’s fleshy cage. The rage that boiled in his veins was enough to want to break Blaise’s face right there. It killed Draco to even look at them. He couldn’t stand it, or else he would release his fury from within his raging stomach. Seeing them together made Draco want to hex everything around him, burn the school to the ground, and tear every limb off of Blaise’s body.

    2,440 7
    5 The Secret Halloween

    Draco couldn’t believe what he was hearing. She was in his company, but she asked for Blaise? Why couldn’t she be satisfied being with him? Why couldn’t he satisfy her? Draco felt a sick twisted knot in his throat. His dragon awoke, digging its claws into his flesh once more. The jealousy within Draco raged, but he had to keep his composure in front of her.

    3,469 9
    6 Hard Times

    “I don’t think so Cecilia. I know Draco. He likes Granger, I can see it in his eyes.” Pansy said.

    3,430 8
    7 The White Tomb

    “What does it matter?” His voice was so low and thin, that if Hermione had not seen his lips move, she would have sworn he hadn’t said anything at all.

    “It matters to me.” Hermione replied breathlessly as the billowing air from her mouth kissed Draco’s nose.

    3,020 38
    8 A Trip to Hogsmeade

    “Tell me, what are you thinking about?” Blaise asked.

    “You.” Hermione lied.

    2,660 26
    9 An Early Present

    And yet just when she thought the moment couldn’t be any more heavenly he said it:

    “I love you.”

    2,340 18
    10 What I Never Knew

    “Because, you have changed. I don’t… I don’t think you really are as selfish and cruel as you make yourself out to be. I just don’t believe that anymore.” Hermione finished.

    “Then you’re more naïve than I would have assumed.” Draco finished walking away from her.

    2,836 23
    11 Christmas Eve

    “What are you doing?” Hermione asked as she breathed out cool air.

    “Keeping you warm.” Draco replied huskily as he crashed his lips onto hers.

    2,493 20
    12 The Coldest Christmas

    “What are you asking me to do?” Hermione whispered. The color was long gone from her once beautifully flushed skin. Her eyes were hollow as they burned from looking into Draco’s.

    “Choose.” Draco put simply.


    “Is it me or is it Blaise.” Draco replied firmly.

    3,328 49
    13 The Return

    She looked out of her window to see the sparkling stars, which then quickly converted to crystal eyes, his crystal eyes. She could see his silver gray icicle like irises glowing from the outside, boring into her and watching her sleep next to Blaise.

    It was the strangest feeling, but she knew that Draco too was awake at this very moment, thinking of her as well.

    2,310 19
    14 Quidditch Countdown

    “DON’T call me Draco.” He replied in the most vehemently whispered voice Hermione ever heard. She tried to look in his eyes to see if there was any emotion other than pure hatred, and to her greatest misery, there was not. Nothing but coldness and anger outlined his chiseled face. His crystal eyes etched with venom, wanting nothing more than Hermione to let go of him. He shook off her hand and walked away.

    2,607 22
    15 The Bet

    “You support me, I support you right?” Hermione could hear Lavender and Parvati ‘aw’ behind her. She gulped.

    “Right.” Hermione let out as she tied the silk around his wrist. He was about to fly off when she called him. “Wait! You forgot something.”

    And without caring who was watching, Hermione kissed him right on the lips.

    2,929 28
    16 Hermione's Savior

    “Come with me. Let’s leave Hogwarts Hermione. What is here for us anyway? What lessons could we possibly learn after all we’ve been through? There is nothing for us here.” Draco implored. The longing returned to his eyes. It broke Hermione’s heart.

    “Draco I can’t. This is my home.” Hermione said.

    But he didn’t care. He moved closer to Hermione and kissed her. Her bruised lips felt rough on Draco’s. She wanted nothing more than to melt into his arms. His cool minty taste lingered on her breath.

    3,645 22
    17 Draco's Disappearnce

    “Oh just say it!” Hermione pleaded.

    “Is there something going on between you and Draco?” Blaise concluded.

    Hermione’s face went pale. He knew. But how could that have happened? Unless someone saw her and Draco before and then told him.

    “How… how do you…” Hermione started.

    3,331 21
    18 Happy Valentine's Day

    “Oh and lastly, I was asked that I propose this. There has been word of a Valentine’s Day dinner party at Rosemerta’s Pub on Valentine’s Day. I would like to know if you would approve of this. All the prefects have consented, in addition to many other students. It would be 6th and 7th years only.” Hermione finished.

    5,434 26
    19 Pansy Victorious

    The following hour was torturous for her. She watched as Blaise and Draco were carefree, enjoying life like nothing was wrong, while she sat there calculating what she was to do and what was going on.

    3,351 22
    20 Green and Silver Envy

    Hermione tried very hard to sit still and seem consumed in her reading. She didn’t want to let them know she could hear perfectly what they were saying.

    “Cecilia they’re good together. Just let it go. I have.” Draco commented. He too looked at Hermione.

    Hermione felt a rippling sensation emanate throughout her body. He had indirectly told her it was over. Anything possible between them two was finished. Distinguished like a candle flame.

    3,904 18
    21 The Witch's Hunt

    Hermione knew that if she asked him no to go, he wouldn’t. But they both knew that Hermione would not plead for him to stay. It would be from her own love and wanting of his success in life that she would tell him to grasp the opportunity at hand. She would encourage him to take the deal even though it would destroy any possible future they had together.

    2,798 20
    22 Sabotage

    “Shut up!” Hermione bellowed back. She didn’t want to hear anymore of this.

    “Why? Scared someone might over hear us? Is that what it is? Scared Blaise might hear that I know about you and Draco?” Pansy replied.

    “You don’t know anything.” Hermione said pathetically. How could Pansy have found out about her and Draco? She must have been lying.

    “Oh but I do. I caught you two red handed.” Pansy replied with venom in her voice. Hermione didn’t say anything.

    3,840 13
    23 Spiraling Downward

    But now, the cool liquid was searing down her throat as she drank. She looked around. Tears began to sting her eyes as she remembered Blaise. Everyone’s blurry faces reminded her of him. And of Draco. She took another large gulp.

    4,902 21
    24 Finally Parting Ways

    “Hello darling.” Mrs. Granger replied sweetly.

    “And this is my dad, Luke.” Hermione stated.

    “Nice to meet you son.”  Mr. Granger said as she shook hands with Blaise.

    “Nice to meet you as well sir.” Blaise replied formerly.

    3,291 47


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