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Harry, Snape, Neville, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, AU
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-06-13 10:23pm
Last Chapter
2009-03-24 2:02pm
Last Updated
2009-03-24 2:02pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Package

something is delivered...

1,820 1
2 Meeting Everyone

Neci is taken to Grimmauld Place where everyone is interested in meeting her...

1,385 0
3 Shopping With the Girls

Ron goes with the girls and might live to regret it...

1,747 0
4 Order Meeting and the Twins' Futures

Telling people what could happen isn't fun, especially when some of them don't quite believe you...

1,764 0
5 Happy 21st Birthday

it's my birthday and i can do what i want...

1,821 0
6 Not The Only One

The trip to Hogwarts and putting an interesting rule into effect...

2,942 0
7 The First Day of Class

title says it all...

2,318 1
8 Friday with Lucius Malfoy

one naughty school girl uniform + one Lucius Malfoy = one interesting meeting...

1,290 0
9 First Date with Snape

after Lucius Malfoy, how bad can a date with Severus Snape be? (there is some descriptive words in this chapter so be warned)

1,476 0
10 The Dark Blue Potion

Neville's first Potions lesson...

1,778 0
11 Making Out and Learning the Truth

Snape and Draco find out who made that special dark blue potion...

1,871 0
12 The Ministry

Harry and Neci go on a little trip...

1,570 0
13 Your Room Now

The title says it's toned down but you get the drift...

532 0
14 Halloween

Halloween....Rita Skeeter...Detention for Draco...

1,893 0
15 The Fight

The world has ended with Snape reverting back to his old git ways...

1,025 0
16 The DA and Blood Wards

Things are put into motion and Neci protects those who need it...

1,576 1
17 A Muggle Game called 7Up

A Muggle game, a duel with Severus, and a declaration...

1,793 0
18 Umbridge and Blood Wards

The holidays are near and that means Neci will be seeing Voldemort...

795 1
19 Voldemort

The title says it all...

2,241 0
20 Waking Up

Telling the truth and setting more plans...

1,475 0
21 Death Eaters

Some have escaped but what would you do to capture them...Neci offers something that no one expected...

1,404 1
22 Telling Everyone the Truth

I haven't been quite truthful to it's time to spill the beans...

1,878 3
23 The Ball and Bellatrix

A lovely dress, the man she loves, and a psycho witch decides to crash the Ball...VIOLENCE and some SWEARING in the chapter so beware...

2,036 1
24 You Cruel Heartless Witch

Neci and Bellatrix take each other on...STRONG VIOLENCE in the chapter so beware...(if this offends you, don't read)....

735 2
25 Order of Merlin

An awards award surprised the receipient...

977 0
26 End of the Year

McDonalds at Hogwarts, possessing more power than normal, and fighting with Severus...

1,318 1
27 The Birth & Godfathers

Severus becomes a father and learns the truth...

1,906 1
28 Going Back Home

Neci takes Severus to meet her parents...

1,902 2
29 Make it Official?

They're back and Severus had smuggled back the Harry Potter books...

720 0
30 How Life Should Be

Someone escapes from Azkaban, news, and marriage...This is the last chapter...

3,086 4


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