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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Romance, AU
Mild Language
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-05-27 4:21pm
Last Chapter
2009-03-04 2:03pm
Last Updated
2009-03-04 2:18pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

List of Much Needed and Overly Helpful Survival Rules:
#1) Eyes open
#2) no sharp objects in hands
#3) mouth remains closed until otherwise noted
#324) never EVER go near Sirius Black
#568) avoid Peeves
#569) invest in life insurance

1,072 17
2 Why sleeping on a train is never a good idea

The Best Places To Sleep
#1) my bed at home in london.
#2) the old couch that my mother insisted on throwing out even though i threw i tantrum to try and keep it
#3) Hogwarts bed with hangings closed
#4) Hogwarts train...wait, void. horrible idea.

3,594 10
3 The Art of Getting Noticed

Foolproof Ways to Get Noticed
#1) Jump onto a table and yell your name before promptly returning to your seat and pretending that nothing had just occurred.
#2) Date the school's playboy and dump him.
#3) Become a Quidditch star...or at least the groupie
#4) Falling off the bench on the Hogwarts Express

2,689 12
4 The Morning Of Unfortunate and Quite Devastating Events

First Day Back Morning Rituals:
#1) Sleep in until otherwise noted
#2) glare as Evans walks by my bed looking all perfect
#3) plan Evans' death
#4) escape Maddy's attempt at doing my hiar
#5) try not to fall down stairs
#6) have an excellent quiet breakfast....

3,770 2
5 The Unexplainable Bubbling Guck

Reasons To Hate Potions Class
#1) Slughorn
#2) Evans; explainable
#3) having to be partnered with the ever so gorgeous James Potter
#4) being showered with unexplainable guck

2,979 0
6 The Effects Of A Very Long Day

Reasons Why I Don't Need A Significant Other:
#1) Boys are icky
#2) They wouldn't understand my list hobby
#3) Boys have Cuties
#45) ALL boys are players
#63) Need more time to focus on beating out Evans as top of the class

2,450 0
7 The Wonderful World of Weekends

The Pefect Weekend:
#1) Sleep in
#2) a large delicious breakfast of just Eggs
#3) escaping Black through the Library
#64) sharing a chocolate bar with Maddy by the lake
#65) Girl talk Saturday night
#84) Planning Lil Evans' death
#85) Planning SIrius Black's death

2,107 0
8 Growing A Little Backbone

Getting James Potter To Notice Me:
#1)  Murder Lily Evans
#2) Be more like Evans....wait no...thats just EW
#3) do something with my impossible hair
#125) Murder Sirius Black
#126) Kidnap James

2,277 0
9 One Spot, Two Spots, Covered In Spots!

How To Avoid Sirius Black:
#1) Just murder Sirius all together...solves the problem
#2) hide in the library...he doesnt know what that is right?
#3) distract him with food
#4) better yet, distract him with leggy Blondes
#5) #1 sounds about right

3,008 0
10 Late Night Rescue Mission

Why Remus Lupin is the greatest of all time:
#1) he's brilliant
#2) he agrees with my views on Sirius...well somewhat
#3) he's not bad looking
#4) He's a Marauder...a nice marauder
#5) He knows all the excellent places to escape to

4,233 0
11 The Waiting Game

Why I Hate October:
#1) the word October reminds me of Octopus, which i'm deadly afraid of
#2) its colder
#3) Halloween is a useless holiday made to scare little kids out of their wits
#4) i had never forgiven my brother for his little Halloween prank he pulled on me involving a pear, scissors, and a tree.

2,680 0
12 A Very Surprising Weekend Out

Why Chocolate is the greatest invention of all time:
#1) the chocolate goodness melts in your mouth...its almost like eating gold...cept without the bad taste.
#2) so many different options (dark, milk, white)
#3) it makes those monthly times so much more bearable.
#4) universal sign of amazing

3,153 2
13 Mr. Potter Stuck In The Middle

My Favorite Facial Features Of James Potter:
#1) His eyes are mesmerizing. full of hazel sweetness.
#2) his quirky smile makes my head spin. oh, and his teeth are unnaturally white!
#3) the look he gets when he's planning a prank. its so adorable. lethal for those on the other end of it, but so cute. i could just pinch his cheeks, it's that adorable......on second thought, that would look weird.

2,761 0
14 oh look, pretty water…OH BLOODY HELL

Weekend Plans with Maddy:
#1) sleep in
#2) late breakfast
#3) saturday ritual of walking around the grounds
#4) planning the demise of Sirius Black
#5) drool over crushes (James of course for me, and whoever is currently making Maddy blush)

3,351 0
15 Potions, Boys, and Fights Oh My!

Uses of Telepathic powers (if only i had them)
#1) play with James' subconscious until he goes out with me
#2) chat it up with Maddy without that bloody Sirius Black hearing
#3) try and see if Sluggy could not give me Potions homework
#27) try and match Dumbledore with all of his magic mojo

2,695 3
16 All You Need Is Love

Why Waking Up Is Sometimes A Bad Idea:
1) Sleep is much more pleasent
2) have to wake up to Lily *shudder* Evans
3) Sirius Black
4) endearing Evans being all 'saintish' during the day

1,404 8


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