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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, McGonagall, Shacklebolt, Arthur, Molly, Ginny, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Lucius/Narcissa, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-05-04 1:38am
Last Chapter
2012-04-06 9:22am
Last Updated
2012-04-06 9:22am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The End of the Beginning!!

This story takes up from the end of book seven.  Will Harry learn to control his new powers and feelings?  With the help of the Weasleys and a certain young witch, will Harry regain contol over his power before the next wave of trouble reaches them?
This is a first story for me reviews would be appreciated!

3,733 26
2 Discussions And Decisions

Plans are made for the immediate future.  Harry and Ginny reconnect.  Ron and Hermione finally are together.

2,665 19
3 Deep, Deep Down

Harry bids Tom farewell.  Makes friends with Mari, and learns of Luna's incredible abilities.  He also visits with a leggy friend. 

4,002 16
4 Hogwarts Reborn

Repairs are effected on thier beloved school and Harry gains a new mantel from Dumbledore.  Ginny shows her fun side and the two are drawn together.

3,934 12
5 Hero's Interred

Harry and company go to the funerals as promised to Shacklebolt.  Some problems are solved and happiness is given to some.

7,845 12
6 Arrangements to Leave

Attacks defended, Broken nose repaired, Shopping completed, Gifits given, Secrets revealed.  You'll have to read to see what it all means.  Reviews appreciated. 

6,499 17
7 Lost Regained

The trip down under.  Planes, Mom and Dad, Opera, and Westerns.  Please read and review.  Enjoy!!!

8,431 17
8 The Red Rock

Harry, Ron, and Mr. Granger set out to regain what was taken from them.  Enemies, freinds, and a sister school are found.

8,205 16
9 Agony and Ecstasy

The pain and fear that Harry's been carrying around finally comes out with terrible consequences. 

7,916 11
10 Birds and Awards

Owls drive Harry Birdy.  Medals and awards are given in thanks for their work.

6,314 16
11 Harry's Rage

All of Harry's pain and guilt come to a head.  Mr. Weasley saves the day and our hero.

8,030 19
12 Hogwarts Calling

Back to school with several surprises.  Bonnie, Daniel, and Malfoy.  Plus McGonagall drops a bomb on Harry.  Read and enjoy.  Reviews appreciated.

6,296 11
13 Professor Harry!

Harry settles in as a teacher at Hogwarts.  Troubles with Slytherins and two overly romantic first year students give him plenty to do.  Read, enjoy, review.

7,525 12
14 A Scratch!

Harry starts as the new Associate Professor of Defence Aganist the Dark Arts.  An attack against one of the students, bodes badly for all concern and Neville becomes the Hero of the hour.

6,130 16
15 Needles

The illness is spreading.  Will our hero's find what's doing it and find a cure for it.  Another field trip is in order.  I've received over 7300 reads but less then 100 reviews.  To those that read and review my work, my sincerest thanks.

8,117 14
16 Intimacy, Agony, and Zaire

Harry and Ginny reach a new much more intimate point in their relationship.  The children become far sicker. Harry and company are off to Zaire to find a cure for the illness.

6,386 22
17 Shaba Plateau

The five Hogwarts students reach darkest Africa.  They will experience new foods, feelings, music and dance.  Harry will go caveman at the end for his love.  Read!  Enjoy!  Review!!! 

8,518 21
18 Avenging Angel

Harry and Draco go back to protect the village and correct the problems that were left behind.

6,149 16
19 Rebirth and Quidditch

Bonnie's back.  Help comes from an unlikely ally.  Ginny gets a surprise at the Quidditch match.  100 reviews and 14700 reads.  Is everyone enjoying my story? 

8,236 16
20 Hogsmeade and the Ball

An attack on the students is foiled by an unlikely person.  A great Ball is thrown at Hogwarts.  An interesting question is asked.

17000 reads 133 reviews.  Am I doing all right?  Let me know.  

8,414 20
21 Christmas!

Everyone comes home for the holidays.  (Parents!! The last part of this chapter has an adult story line to it.  You may want to read it yourself before letting your young children read it.) 

7,220 15
22 Malfoy Manor and Fingers

Harry and team, travel to Malfoy's Manor to develope plans for the care of the victims of the war.  Our hero's get to be children for a short while and Bonnie shows Harry what she can really do.

6,628 19
23 Egg Shells and Outbreak

New, far more intense practice with defence against attacks will keep the students of Hogwarts on their toes.  Sickness comes to Hogwarts, Harry and company are off on another adventure.  Read!  Enjoy!!  Review!!!!

6,559 13
24 Camelot!!

Harry and company are off to Camelot to find the information to stop the plague.  They have no clue what they're in for. 

7,816 21
25 A Shopping List and Dart

The members of Hogwarts struggle to aquire the materials needed for the potion that will help stop the plague.  Harry gets the point!!

8,393 12
26 Bonnie and Daniel

Bonnie shows her bravery.  The potion for the plague is completed.  Daniel and Bonnie find out who's causing the problems in the school.  You'll have to read the chapter for the rest.

There have been over 26,000 reads thank you.  There has only been two hundred reviews.  Are the rest of you enjoying my story?  Please let me know.  Thanks, Marc

7,352 16
27 The Ministry and Choo Choo Train

Harry and the DA bring the children home.  A ring is shown.  Prisoners are questioned.  A heart is melted.

Is everyone enjoying the story.  If you are, please write a review.  Thanks. Marc

7,384 15
28 Nexus of Good and Evil

The children are safe at their new home.  A wedding happens.  Disaster!!

How am I doing?  Let me know.  My appologies for being so late.  I had end of quarter grades to do and other home duties to attend to.  Marc

9,247 34
29 Harry's Power

Joy! Sorrow! Harry goes on the offensive.  You'll have to read to know how it all turns out.  

As always, please let me know what you think of the story.  I have almost 33000 reads but only about 250 reviews.  I hope everyone is still enjoying it. 

6,753 23
30 Where's Ginny?

Sorry it took so long to submit the latest chapter.  I've had a lot of other work to do.  Read and enjoy.

7,286 20
31 Harry's Dream Comes True

Many lose ends are tied up.  The one chapter that everyone wants to read is here.  Enjoy and let me know what you think of it.


10,018 22
32 The First Night!

Harry and Ginny alone at last.  This is fluff and only fluff, enjoy.  Parents should read this chapter before allowing their younger readers to read.  

38,000 reads only 295 reviews is everyone happy with my writing?  Let me know.

4,695 15
33 The Honeymoon!

Harry and Ginny start their life together.  Read about and enjoy the fun that they will have together on board ship.

8,038 24
34 Tell Tail Fears

This chapter covers our favorite two second year students and what they are going through during their summer break.  What's in the house and what's it doing to Bonnie?  Will Daniel be able to help her?  Is she in any danger?  Read on and enjoy!

5,187 23
35 Captain Harry?

Harry gets a sinking feeling.  He and Ginny get to spend time with their friends on the high seas.  Where are they off to next?

4,663 18
36 The Attack!

Bonnie is in real danger now.  Can Daniel and their parents, save her?  Will they find a way to stop this demon?  Will Harry get back soon enough to help?  Read on and find out.

5,003 17
37 Squeaky Springs and a Call for Help

Harry and Ginny finally have the honeymoon that they derserve.  Harry makes a deal with his older friends.  They have fun on a squeaky bed and are finally called home by Ginny's child.  Read and enjoy!!

6,038 16
38 Wizard's Words and Muggle Science

The battle to protect Bonnie from the incubus comes to a climax.  Hermione and Ron start making plans.  Read and enjoy.

6,886 25
39 Work! Weddings! Potter's Pride

Harry gets back to work.  There's an attack at the Ministry.  Rachael and Greg go home.  Ginny and Harry start on thier own home.  The formation of a new Potter?  Read enjoy!!

7,406 18
40 Home at last-Ministry Work

Harry and Ginny's in their new home.  Ginny joins her team for a first work out.  There's another attack, this time in Muggle London.  Read! Enjoy!  Review!!

5,780 13
41 Shock And Awe!

First Quidditch Game for Ginny.  Another attack for Harry to investigate.  Back to Hogwarts. Two loved ones get married.  Read enjoy!

5,906 16
42 Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions all over the place.  Harry spends time with Ginny.  Read! Enjoy! Review!

5,056 17
43 Heart Break and Vow

Disaster befalls the Potters.  Harry finds a clue.  Harry goes on the war path.  Read, enjoy, and review. 

4,416 13
44 Ginny

Ginny gets help from all of those who lover her. There's a big bang in Italy. Read! Enjoy! Review!

4,483 18
45 Two at Hogwarts

Strange things are happening at Hogwarts.  New friends made.  New powers used.  Read! Enjoy! Review!

4,913 20
46 The India Statue

Something is Green, Mean, and killing people.  Harry, Ron, and Kitchi are off on another adventure.  Read!  Enjoy!!  

7,660 11
47 Going Ape!!

Walter gets help from Professor McGonagall.  Harry has trouble with the minister.  Ginny and Harry are at it again!!  Someone is watching Ginny's practice.  Read, enjoy, review!!

5,321 27
48 The Ministry

Problems at the Ministry.  Ron and Hermione get very close. Unlikely heros go against the Minister.  Read! Enjoy! Review!

4,302 14
49 White Warriors

Harry's cold friends are back.  The Minister goes off of the deep end.  The rescue at Azakaban.  Read! Enjoy!! Review!!!

6,753 16
50 Southern Threat

The statue arrives in France.  All hell breaks loose.  Read, Enjoy!

5,345 12
51 Disaster at the Ministry

Kali goes on the rampage.  Harry, Hermione, and Ron take her one.  Read and see the out come.  Enjoy!!

3,272 12
52 A Call for Help

The statue runs amok Harry gets help from everyone.  The statue is relentless.  Read! Enjoy!  Review!!                            


2,074 35


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