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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OC
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Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, General, Action/Adventure
Mild Violence
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-04-19 1:53am
Last Chapter
2010-05-07 11:44am
Last Updated
2010-05-07 11:44am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Meeting Lucy

In this chapter, you get to meet Lucy Whitaker for the first time, as well as learn a little about her. You get to meet her family (to which her aunt is the only one of importance here). A major turning point occurs here, which will be brought up again later.

3,371 8
2 The Sorting

Lucy gets her letter from Hogwarts and gets ready to go. She meets Lily Evans and they become instant friends. She meets a very arrogant Lucius Malfoy and teaches him a lesson. She notices a group of boys during the Sorting and makes careful notes of who they are. She and Lily are in the same House and room.
Things are looking up.

3,256 8
3 Ten Names, Tea Dregs, and Dancing Toast Men

James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter enter the story. Lucy refuses to tell them her name to mess with them. She, Lily, and the guys have the same schedule. Peter freaks out over Sirius' tea dregs.

3,204 7
4 A Chat with the Cat

I kinda went a little crazy with this chapter..............real over-dramatic, if you get what i'm sayin. real sorry if this chap. confuses/disappoints anyone. just kinda happened. oh, by the way, my internet had been shut off all that time (phone issues) but i didn't stop writing. just came back on. sorry bout the wait.
lucy does the marauders a much-needed favor and ends up 'venting' to mcgonagall about the first time they met.

7,321 6
5 The Day After

This is the day after Lucy's 'nice little chat' with McGonagall. The italics in this chapter are Lucy and Lily's notes during Transfiguration (and right under McGonagall's nose! Mua ha ha!). School is almost over! Next chapter; the train ride home! Another argument here! ENJOY!

3,509 1
6 An Eventful Train Ride Home

As promised, another fight full of yelling from the normally-quieter Lucy Whitaker has occured here, in this chapter. It's finally summer! James and Sirius dare Peter to do something stupid, and Lucy's not afraid of rats...........................Time for goodbyes, a ring, and one very eventful train ride home!
Sorry if this is a little crazy, you guys.............................Oh, by the way, the passage that Lucy reads after the Animagus passage? It's about werewolves.

4,357 0
7 The Potter Parents Meet Lucy

Lucy and friends arrive at King's Cross.  She takes her first look at Lily's family, as well as Remus' and meets the Pettigrews and Blacks, as well as the Potters (hence the title). The Evans and Lupins are there and gone, but the Pettigrews and Blacks actually get to talk with Lucy(ish) for a moment. The Potters, though, get to have a nice long chat with our main character................James. Just kidding, it's Lucy.

3,131 0
8 Summers--Part One

This is the first in a two-part chapter thingy about Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter's summers. Lucy will not appear in these, save for thoughts or comments of her by the characters. This Chapter will follow first Lily, then James, then Sirius around for a while, before backing off and giving them air. You know, before they start throwing things at me and yelling that I'm stalking them?

7,843 2
9 Summers--Part 2

Sorry for the long wait, but here it is! This follows Remus and Peter round for a bit: Only them, so it'll probably be one of my shorter chapters. On the bright side, my next one's gonna be long!

6,216 2
10 Welcome "Home" Lucy....................... And Hello Lily!

Hey guys, remember Lucy? Well, it's her turn for a summer stalking! We finally get to see what our little Whit's summer has been like since we deserted her at the Platform three chapters ago! Whoo! Enjoy!!! :D
Oh, and we also go with her BACK TO HOGWARTS! Yeah!
......................And other stuff!

11,204 1
11 Secrets Discovered

Okay, okay! So I caved and added another Lucy chapter! Sue me if I couldn't help myself! I WILL WORK ON UPDATING LEXI AFTER THIS!!!!!!!
..........Anyways, now that my meltdown is finished............
We all knew Remus was hiding something.

11,796 2
12 Wild Magic and the Disappearance of Lily's Bed

"James! Sirius! Remus! Peter!" Lucy hissed. "Wake up!" Nothing. "Look out it's Filch coming with Mrs. Norris!" James, Remus, and Peter shot up in bed, looking properly terrified. When they saw it was just Lucy their expressions went from looks of horror to glares of annoyance.

"We were sleeping, you know." James hissed at Lucy, who was laughing.

5,830 3
13 Knot's Explosion

Professor Knot Looses Her Cool
(Note: Moon--aka me--thinks I may have mentioned this somewhere before..........)

7,050 0
14 Introducing...... Professor Whit!

"I, um...... What exactly do you have here, Whi—" Lucy raised her eyebrows smilingly at Lily, who stumbled over her friend's name momentarily before continuing. "Uh, I mean, Professor? Professor Whit?" Lucy grinned, eyes sparkling.

10,151 0
15 Memories of a Past Forgotten

Memories that have been otherwise forgotten begin surfacing once more; The past, it seems, is not something that can hide forever....... But what will these memories--and the others that will follow--lead to in the long run?

13,775 6
16 Chocolate Pudding Monster

Professor Whit decides to aide one of her students in an after-curfew dare, remembers the people she lives with for the first time in almost since she came back to Hogwarts, and, of course, does more unpredicatable things with her new(ish) official position.

7,824 4
17 Nimbus 2000s and a New Name

Lucy's up to her normal professorly mischief..... What with buying a ton of brooms that aren't supposed to be released in years and renaming a certain group of trouble-makers, Lucy's all too busy and enjoying near every minute of it.

7,427 5
18 Hogsmeade

Ah, Death Eaters. They really need to find a better club to join, no?

11,280 0
19 Crescendo

Lucy's time as a professor at Hogwarts must end sooner or later.

6,200 2


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