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Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance
Mild Language, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-04-05 2:33pm
Last Chapter
2009-12-23 8:11pm
Last Updated
2009-12-23 8:11pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Mornings

A typical morning for the Seventh Year Gryffindor boys.

Just a little preview into the Marauders' heads.

1,089 14
2 Breakfast and Cariage Rides

"What don't you say?"
"That he's in love with A-"
"That he's in love with apples."

1,281 4
3 Awake

"So I've been in an 11 year old coma and have a really bad migraine and you think I was able to take in much more than that?"

874 3
4 The Station to Home to St. Mungos

What's going to happen???
I can't tell you, but I will tell you this:

James comes home and get's some news that has him rushing to St. Mungos without even sparing his best friend an explaination.
Is it good or bad???

*Dramatic Music*

1,233 2
5 Sister

He completely changed after it happened. He became afraid to talk about it. It became his weakness. Whenever it was mentioned, you could tell by the look on his face. It upset him. When he was younger, he cried, a lot. After starting school, he just hid it. If it was mentioned, he would leave. He didn’t want people to see him like that, and he didn’t want to have to talk about it.

you have to read to find out :P)

3,220 2
6 Secrets

What secrets are revealed???
What questions are raised???

5,345 3
7 More Secrets

More secrets revealed.
More questions for the characters.

9,644 4
8 Lies, Suspicion, and Incomplete Truths

"Siblings fight. They say, ‘I hate you,’ and ‘I never want to see you again.’ The other one gets mad, but in the end, they know that their brother or sister really does love them."

7,972 0
9 Attacked

“Isn’t it funny how well a person can hide someone great underneath someone so completely opposite?”

6,042 1
10 Off To Hogwarts

“What’s she doing?”

“Looking for chocolate chips."

“There was a whole bag of them on the counter when we left."

“Yeah, but we ate them.”

5,923 0
11 Plan Set in Motion

“Well, they weren’t lying about the new girl being hot.”

James choked on his chicken while Sirius stared at Kyle.

“What, you don’t agree?” Kyle asked.

“No, she’s hot, but –“

James spat out the pumpkin juice he had been using to wash down the chicken and glared incredulously at Sirius.

7,799 0
12 Truth

Lame, but i'm rushing.
Just read.

8,397 2
13 New Friends and Almost Acquaintances

Things are going back to normal, except they can't be normal with all the change. At least we don't have to deal with some more crazy plots and schemes...for now ; )

5,428 0
14 The Nightmare

When she was close enough to see it, she stopped dead. It turned to her and Lily let out an earsplitting scream.

3,191 1
15 Attemted Murder

AKA: Chapter of Random Stuff.
Emily and Remus, a Transfigurations class, and a trip to Hogsmeade where a murder attempt is plotted and found out.

5,603 0
16 Lily's Secret


“Because you’re begging…”

“…and have the most irresistible puppy dog face…”

“…you can stay.”

“Yay!” Sirius exclaimed.

3,206 1
17 Snow in the Middle of the Night

Alice does one of those long explainations things with a lot of talking that end in headaches and noncomprehension.
Jessica hears voices and definately does not like Sirius.
A normal person would get bored trying to figure out if someone can look innocent for three ours, but Sirius is not normal. Besides, we know that that's not exactly why he decided to wait three hours.

2,530 0
18 Denial

Not that anyone is in denial or has anything to deny.

“I’m not in denial!”
“Neither am I! I have nothing to deny!”
“Neither do I!”


3,530 3
19 Three Down...

Kyle is put under mind control, Lily misses her old dorms again, James gets scared, and Sirius is daydreaming. Three guesses who about.

3,046 8
20 The Dance

Lily looked up at Sirius’s face and suddenly saw something in his expression and gasped. “You’re going to set me up!”

Sirius smirked. “Yep.”

3,411 9
21 The Last Minute Prank Idea

“Since I’m single, I got plenty of time to hunt down people. It’s not too hard to murder a person in his sleep…”

5,435 5
22 Potterism

1) Immuture
2) Clueless
3) Hyper
4) Uncontrollable
5) Men cannot cook
6) Too much fun
7) In the kitchen too much

3,595 4
23 Picture Perfect

“But you should see this picture,” Lily flipped to the one of the guys.

Katie stared.

Rebecca and Rachel leaned in to see as well and had the same reaction and Lily couldn’t help but laugh.

4,638 12
24 Diagon Alley Adventure

Sirius’s mouth practically fell open.
This could not be happening.
Not here. Not now.

3,576 8
25 Perfectly Fine

Jessica's diagnostic, stupidly slow Potter males learn The Secret, Lily has some chocolate and calms down a little, James is a bit mean, Lauren's being laughed at from above, or below, and Sirius is just sweet. God, I love him!

5,626 10
26 Christmas Revelation

It was in the middle of Christmas lunch that Lily had a shocking revelation and was sent off rushing to St. Mungos' and lying to receptionists.
Wait a minute! Lily? Lying?
What would be important enough for Lily to start telling lies?

2,438 6
27 Alice's First Wedding

“I’m leaving if they don’t,” Frank sent a glare to Alice who could no longer be considered sitting next to him.
“No!” Alice cried. “I don’t want you to leave!”
“I’m sure you can find some other ‘super cute boy’” Frank sneered, “to snog you senseless.”

2,402 6
28 Just Trust

Jake sighed resignedly. “I don’t know Sirius,” he rubbed his face tiredly. “You’re really getting to me.”

4,506 3
29 Diversion

Carly frowned, taking that drawing instead. “It is a bit odd,” she agreed. “Did you have any theories?”

Emily shook her head. “Just that James is weird, but he draws normal things too.”

4,081 3
30 Angry Red-Heads

“Remus is a lot smarter, a lot nicer, and a lot hotter than you.”

7,477 3
31 Another Secret

“What did you get Lily for tomorrow?”

Remus sighed. “You’re gonna laugh.”

7,473 2
32 Moment of Truth

Sirius shot up in bed, Peter fell right out, and James hit his head on the headboard while Frank and Kyle jumped and spun around while in the process of getting dressed. With one look at Lily’s fuming expression and wand in hand, the latter two bolted from the room, pulling shirts on over their heads.

4,309 5


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