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    Fred, George, Oliver, OC, OtherCanon
    Primary Relationship
    Other Pairing
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Fluff, Humor, Romance
    Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2008-03-06 3:04pm
    Last Chapter
    2010-12-03 12:43pm
    Last Updated
    2010-12-03 12:43pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Spreading the Word

    He smirked. I hated his smirk. “I’m following you.”

    “Why?” I said loudly. “Don’t you have some blond fifth year to snog or something? Fan pictures to sign? Captain-ing to do?”

    3,182 52
    2 Perry Practice

    It was time for me to get into gear. I only had a little bit of time left until the try-out and I still couldn't properly ride a broom...and dirt wasn't tasting any better. Eugh, Oliver Wood makes me SICK.

    3,802 36
    3 In the Air and the Wing

    It was finally time for the try out. I had to do it. I couldn't let anyone EVER find out what Wood knew. They wouldn't. Besides, after finding out some distrubing news, there was no reason a certain attractive face couldn't make me try and forget.

    3,772 31
    4 Arrogant Ellis

    Apparently by thinking outside of the team, I can condemning them to death. Yeah, right. Thanks Wood.

    3,166 24
    5 The Last Costume

    Caught off guard, I nearly choked. I grabbed for my wand and straightened up, irritated. He just wouldn’t let it go, would he? “No, I’m not going to tell you, Wood.” His name was spat out of my mouth as I tried to make myself as tall as him. Fail.

    5,235 25
    6 Ammo

    “Who’s Libby?” he asked. “Is that the girl that follows around Wood like his servant? I really thought she was a maid here for a while. I was wondering why he got a maid and I didn’t.” Roger smiled.

    3,929 24
    7 A Great Problem

    “Pomfrey can fix the tooth—don’t look so happy,” he said. “I’ll be back to my beautiful self in no time.”


    I rolled my eyes for the millionth time that day. “No hurry, Wood.”

    3,852 17
    8 Click Click Boom

    "I feel like every time we go on a date I’m the girl!”

    “You’re the what?”

    “The girl! All I end up doing is talking about myself constantly because you won’t tell me a bleeding thing about you.”

    3,334 20
    9 Over Drinks

    “I have nothing to wear!”
    I rolled my eyes. “You’re a bloody stereotype, Alicia.”
    “I am not! Stereotypes have things to wear!”

    4,670 24
    10 Red Wine

    Ready. Aim.
    I chuckled. Oliver Wood was now completely soaked. Bloody take that.

    4,197 21
    11 Mistletoe

    “Who finds us?"
    “The house elves. Then they’ll be ruddy ticked we drank it all.”
    “Who says we’re drinking it all?”
    “All what?”
    I rolled my eyes. “I think at times you just talk to hear yourself talk.”

    4,267 27
    12 Really Quite Happy

    I sighed. “Tell him I’m…near fatal or something.”
    Katie peeked her head out the door. “Oliver, Jane says she’s near fatal!”
    “I suppose we could just bloody amputate!”

    4,608 21
    13 Oliver's Desperation

    “Me? Me?! You’re the one strutting around with your bloody head up your bum!”
    “No, you!” yelled Fred and I raised a brow.

    5,391 19
    14 Retreat

    “We play the same position!” Ellis shouted, elbowing me again.
    “Yes, yes. And you’re nice and good and I hate you.”
    “Because of it?”
    “No,” I said soberly, “because you’re a twat.”

    4,310 18
    15 Motives

    “Well, I was worried about you with that storm and all that, but I’m glad to see you’re—Oliver Wood, why is Jane Perry wearing your clothes?”

    I hoped Wood could handle it too. I blushed quickly, unable to think of a witty remark that didn’t involve a horribly inappropriate sexual innuendo.

    4,202 27
    16 Reserved

    “And second,” said George, “when you come out and try to practice again, try and wear something a bit less…leggy.” He grinned.
    I stared down at my shorts and groaned.
    “We had to stop at least twenty blokes from coming in here and trying to practice with you,” added Fred. “It wasn’t easy—there was a pretty big Slytherin in there that didn’t look happy.”

    3,876 31
    17 Hogwarts is a Masked Ball

    “She’d go off on you—put glue on your pillow or sommat. And I’d be fine with that because I’d have burn marks instead of freckles—Oh, Katie! It’s all my fault! I burned your boyfriend—Janey, how could you?—oh, Katie! I’m so sorry—You’ll have to hike up your skirt and show the twins some more leg from now on—”

    5,358 43
    18 Birds of a Feather

    “Good, good.” He paused for a moment and I wondered what the point of that conversation was. “Could I—do you think I could have a word? Outside?”

    4,333 55
    19 Brazilian Bon-Bon

    "I don’t blame her—her last memory of me was probably you screaming about how you wanted to decapitate me," Roger said fondly, patting me on the head.

    "It was castrate actually."

    6,719 52
    20 New Wallpaper

    “Then they’ll know about our balance issues,” said George lazily. “Fred still has to work on his. He’s horrible at right turns.”

    “That’s rich of you,” replied Fred. “Because you can’t dive to save your knickers.”

    George punched Fred. Fred punched back.

    4,668 49
    21 The Pressure

    “Fred’s over here giving the table a fresh coat of saliva!” I snapped.
    “I’m sure he knows this already.”
    I gaped at him. “He knows that Collins flies slightly to the left on sunny days?”

    6,812 49
    22 Oh Captain! My Captain!

    “But that’s not the point,” said Fred. “Otherwise, when we’re not beating away Bludgers and making ridiculously inappropriate comments about the length of your leggies, we’re here for you.”

    5,810 56
    23 Here Snitchie, Snitchie

    Oliver raised a brow at her. “Are you sure? Are you one hundred percent sure?”

    “You are not kicking me out of this game.”

    4,027 82
    24 After the Game

    I paused. “No, because Oliver snogged me after he saved me from falling on my face.”
    “NO!” cried Angelina. “Are you serious?”
    “How could we not SEE?” shouted Katie.

    5,524 73
    25 False Charm of Cutlery

    “It’s in my trunk. This summer I’m wearing it.”

    “Oliver!” I groaned. “Don’t you dare!

    “Why? Afraid what you’ll do? Won’t be able to keep your hands off me, will you?”

    5,082 58
    26 Breaking the Snog Record

    He leaned closer. “What were you thinking about? About how good I look with no shirt, because I can’t blame you there. I think everyone out there was thinking it.” Oliver laughed.

    “I know I was,” said Fred and Angelina elbowed him.

    5,685 51
    27 Once Oliver Wood, Always a Captain

    “That’s great,” she said. “I suppose I’ll keep everyone—with a few tweaks of course. Jane, you’re the reserve Seeker for next year.”

    I gaped at her and then threw my toast at her as the group roared with laughter. “Ha ha!” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

    “I’m not kidding.”

    4,222 146


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