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Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC
Humor, Romance, AU
Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-02-28 10:55pm
Last Chapter
2016-09-11 11:59pm
Last Updated
2016-09-11 11:59pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Everyone Is Trying, Everyone is Shining (Who Are You? . . .The Dalai Lama)

After moving to Great Britain from Greece, Anastasia (sometimes known as the Dalai Lama . . . not really) has finally turned eleven and will be going to Hogwarts. And whats a first day of school without conflict?

1,659 48
2 They'll Never Take The Summer From Me

Bob and his girlfriend join the Marauders and Anastasia in a fun found of uhhh . . . fun.

2,567 63
3 Kids Will Have Fun

What starts as a nice day at the beach ends in... something not as great.

3,054 38
4 This Is How We Do (Return of the Cupcakes)

Jason leaves to find out what was up with the episode at the beach. Meanwhile, the Marauders are introduced to Muggle culture and there is an attempt to ressurect Bob.

1,106 34
5 It Gets Worse Every Day

The cupcakes turn out incredible, and Jason comes back with news.

1,137 29
6 Secrets Are Tailored Trouble

It's time to go back to school. And, as an added surprise, you'll find out why it is that James likes Lily so much.

3,058 23
7 No Rules Tonight

Start of term prank, duh!

3,023 22
8 You Can't Wait To Fall In Love

Anna gets a boyfriend and Anna gets serious (for about a minute, but, still.)

2,450 24
9 Our Little Group Has Always Been and Always Will Until the End

Anastasia talks to someone besides the Marauders (shock, gasp!) and Sirius has a bad experience with some potatoes. And, guess what color underwear Lily Evans wears?

2,621 33
10 We're Writing a Song That We Can Dance To

The following program presents these events:
A detention
A new friend
Pajama shorts that are apparently too short
Hot chocolate
Quidditch (woot!)

2,673 20
11 The Party Scene (The Times We Felt Alive)

In this chapter, Anna and Sirius and a majority of Gryfinndor are doing bad/stupid things. Do not try these at home.

1,139 18
12 Everybody Seems So Happy

It's Christmas tiiiiiiime!

2,743 24
13 Start Over Tonight

A bit of Lily's POV here. And she gets a mouthful from Anna - yay!

1,338 21
14 Take Back Everything

Well, we're back to Anna's POV. Quite a bit of drama in this chapter, but Stephen shows up quite a bit to balance out Anna's temper.

2,089 23
15 Come Back to Me?

James' POV. Time to mess with someone elses mind! (yay!)
- A not-so-great quidditch game and a much-anticipated thing.

1,284 21
16 State the Obvious

A little too much drama for the Marauders and Anna; it's not there style. . . . let's just blame it all on Alex.

1,710 20
17 Kick It Here

Another boy comes into Anna's life . . . pity.

2,541 16
18 She's the Ghost That Keeps You Up at Night

The Marauders find Anna and Stephen snogging. Haha.

3,023 15
19 I Make The Music Stop

Anna's doing flips, and there may or may not be a trip to Austrailia in the Marauders' future.

2,307 14
20 You're the Death of Me

Anna's got some Stephen troubles.

1,672 16
21 It's An Endless Summer (We Wish)

Star Wars. 'Nuff said.

3,634 19
22 You Were The Ones Who Sat Through Nights

Remus transforms into a werewolf. Not so yay!

1,588 16
23 You Know You're Everything to Me

sirius is a little confused...

2,171 14
24 I Can't Breathe When I'm Around Her

A bit of closure on Sirius' thoughts. (And quite an entertaining dinner conversation.)

2,409 18
25 Let That Ego Go

Anna and the Marauders finally return to school.

4,224 16
26 You Decided To Let Love In

James' pov. (Yay, we get to see the pretty picture.)

And, quite the surprise. Also, something that many of you have been waiting for. (Don't get too excited though, it's probably not what you think it is.)

2,671 13
27 I'm Talking About Change

The prank. 'Nuff said.

2,029 11
28 Between the Lines of Love

A bundle of a events going on here . . . Two chapters in one actually - quite a lot of stuff . . .

6,020 17
29 Trying Not to Moan

Party. Dance-off. Taboo . . . Hells yeah!

1,784 14
30 So Far From Innocence/Seen Your Path on Home

Christmas tiiiiiime!!!

2,249 13
31 It's a Revolution, Throw Your Hands Up

You gotta fight, for you right - to paaartaaay! [Fight for Your Right by the Beastie Boys]

6,977 22
32 I Love All the Things You Do

Yaaay! Sirius' Pov!
Yaaay! Mindgames!

2,508 28
33 Take It Easy, Baby

much to do about letters and self-relfection.

4,098 31
34 I'll Have You Know I'm Scared to Death

Anastasia is more mental than usual. Good job, Anna.

2,466 27
35 The Candles Are Lit

Anna has a little talk with Lily.

1,915 31
36 What I Like About You (Everything)


1,469 33
37 I'll Confess, Tonight You're All That's On My Mind

I believe this chapter is self explanitory.

1,766 39
38 The Best Of Us Can Find Happiness

Someone's gonna get it!

2,254 33
39 You Could Break Me Apart

A staple in every Marauder story!!!
(And James is whipped.)

1,922 30
40 She Steals the Spotlight

When doesn't everthing center around Anna?

1,102 28
41 Just When You Think That You're In Control - Here It Goes Again

This one is . . . Intersting.

2,207 43
42 How Much I Care, How Bad You Are

With Anna and Sirius together . . . What will happen?

1,968 31
43 If I Ever Start To Think Straight ( . . . Yeah Right)

Poor Anna is pushed over the edge. (And, let us all remember who's fault it is in the first place, yeah?)

1,476 29
44 You Think You're On Top Of The World (Anna, Can't You Ever Not Screw Something Up?)

It wouldn't be an average day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry without Anna screwing something up. Totally. And completely.

3,784 28
45 This Has Been Said So Many Times

Darren turns to the only logical solution for a problem - Remus.

2,919 34
46 We Know It's Never Simple, Never Easy

Sometimes, Sirius can be a dumbarse, and make problems worse.

1,504 30
47 I Could Have Died With You

Anna's take on Sirius' decision to be a dumbarse.

2,514 32
48 I Never Thought That You Could Break Me Apart - You Caught Me Off Guard (Darren Has Tact)

Poor, invalid Anna has some shocking thrust on her, and makes some good news of her own, as well.

3,958 28
49 So What Did You Think I Would Say?

Letters from Jason and Damon. Yaaay! And they're finally all better now.

1,817 27
50 All That Glitters Is Gold

The Quidditch final. Duh-duh-dun!

1,533 39
51 I Never Want to Let You Down or Have You Go

The last of the exams and Sirius' internal conflict.

2,538 37
52 Tomorrow Will Shine Again Golden

Flashback to the past!
The year: 1971

4,436 33
53 This is Your Night (Smile, 'Cause You'll Go Out in Style)

Pomp and Cirumstance! Caps and robes! Lots of tassels! Graduation! (And a prank, of course.)

2,413 33
54 I Know I'll Never Die Alone Because of All of You

To James' house, away! To the Muggle carnival, away!

7,507 36
55 Two Hints Lust (Three Hints Guilt)

The gang heads to Anna's house after an eventful last night at James' house. Chaos and cupcakes ensue as Anna and the Marauders introduce Damon to Star Wars.

5,377 33
56 I Left My Conscience (Stupid Conscience)

The Marauders have temporarily left Anna's house to 'learn how to fly'.'
So, Anna and Darren take a trip to the beach. Interesting events and a ride in the CJ ensue.

5,037 39
57 All My Walls Come Down

Remus goes to Diagon Alley with Dora - the Marauders and Anna interupt (of course.) And Remus and Dora spill some secrets.

And a special guest appears in this chapter. (In letter form.)

3,721 30
58 Summer Gone/Month of Tears

Stephen and everyone are briefly reunited, before Anna's best friends are painfully wripped away from her.

2,052 40
59 Your Teacher Preaches Class Like You're Some Kind of Jerk (Professor Twitchy)

Anna's first day and two back is nothing short of eventful. (Of course . . . Who expected anything otherwise?)

6,958 31
60 It's Tough to Keep a Level Head

Darren compares two gorgeous girls, and Anna finds a place to sleep.

2,855 33
61 We'll Never Been Worlds Apart

A summary that spans from September to December - watch as Anna tortures Twitchy, is creeped out by Darren and Stephen, and gets the surprise of the year. (And a life-changing letter from Sirius, as well.)

4,111 38
62 Have You Seen My Mates? (Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting)

Of conflicts, settled conflicts, new relationships, and big disappointments.

7,519 31
63 I'm Not One For Love Songs, And I Want Everything For You

The Marauders come back, some bad stuff, and some not so bad stuff. (PS - The most understated summary of the year.)

4,892 47
64 You're The Only Place That Feels Like Home

The Morning After . . .

3,743 40
65 There's No Escaping Your Love

Sirius and James go on an Order mission and find something really good.

2,071 36
66 Time Makes You Bolder, Children Get Older

Duh duh duh! Graduation!

6,506 35
67 Acting Stupid With My Best Friends

It's time to paaaaaartay!

5,371 33
68 Life's Changing Around Me (I'm Going to Make it Mine)

. . . Murphy's Law.

4,316 39
69 You Were In His Future As Far as He Could See

Lily and James get married! Hoorray!

3,328 30
70 You Might Think She's Bulletproof, But She's Not

Anna's got food quirks. And a baby.

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Harry Potter is born.

6,559 36
71 You Don't Remember Who You're Talking To

Surprise number two.

And something not as happy.

2,030 30
72 Goodbye, Old You, When Love Is True

Angry at Sirius, Anna goes to visit Darren. It seems that more than one person has grown up.

2,748 34
73 You've Got a Friend In Me

Anna is a matchmaker of former Bromance (with a little help from Lily.)

3,536 39
74 On This Perfect Day, Nothing Can Go Wrong

One last day . . .

2,951 53
75 I'll Be There For You Through It All, Even If Saving You Sends Me To Heaven

Halloween night and it's aftermath from Sirius' POV.

3,609 37
76 This Is Quick But Not Quite Painless

What happens to Sirius? . . .

. . . Find out.

7,205 36
77 If I Ever Have To Go Through This War, Then I'll Survive

The End.

6,202 113


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