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Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC
Humor, Romance, AU
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-02-24 4:53pm
Last Chapter
2010-01-09 1:38pm
Last Updated
2010-01-09 1:38pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The One with the Roommate Search

Lily searches for a roommate and Rachel just happens to be an applicant; Rachel, Lily, James, Sirius, Remus catch up and Maddie is introduced to Rachel; Rachel and Sirius start to work through their tension
gorgeous chapter image by toonmili

1,658 26
2 The One with the Jealousy

James and Lily work out together and it leads to some...interesting things; Remus and Maddie run into Maddie's twin sister; Sirius and Rachel both realize something about the other...something that may changer their lives
Beautiful chapter image by toonmili

1,995 15
3 The One with the Halloween Party

Rachel and Lily decide to throw a Halloween party; Remus might be getting a job; Sirius tries to deal with his feelings for Rachel; James accidentally lets something secret slip at the party
gorgeous chapter image by toonmili

2,464 10
4 The One with the Sexy Doctor

Rachel decides what to do about Sirius; Remus goes to do a call-back; Lily and Maddie go out to eat and Lily meets someone that she knows; James flips out when Lily tells him about her new boyfriend
positively gorgeous chapter image by Aletia @ TDA

2,151 12
5 The One with the Photo Shoot

Rachel and James's companies work together for an advertising project
amazing chapter image by Snowstarr @ TDA

2,576 10
6 The One with the Bet

James, Sirius, and Remus make an interesting bet...
Excerpt: "Wow, it's like survival of the sluttiest." Rachel retorted.
perfect chapter image by toonmili @ TDA

2,635 9
7 The One with the Secret Santa

The six friends do Secret Santa...
Will Rachel and Sirius get any closer?
amazing chapter image by toonmili

2,711 8
8 The One with the Break-Up

Lily and Jonathon have a talk; James and Maddie visit Remus on the set of the show; Sirius and Rachel hang out, but will anything more happen?
beautiful chapter image by toonmili

1,709 7
9 The One with the Letter

Lily tries to cope with breaking up with Jonathon; Rachel goes on a date; Will Sirius finally learn of Rachel's feelings for him?
beautiful image by toonmili

1,577 7
10 The One with the Kiss

Rachel and Sirius get into a heated discussion that leads to something more...
another unbelievably perfect image by toonmili

1,795 9
11 The One with Maddie's Sister

Maddie gets a surprise visit at the hair salon that leads to some interesting things. Remus finally gets up the nerve to ask Olivia out and Rachel and Sirius have their first date, but what about James and Lily?
awesome image by toonmili

2,455 9
12 The One with the Monopoly

Will James and Lily decide to continue their relationship?
awesome chapter image by toonmili

1,357 5
13 The One where Rachel and Sirius Find Out

What kind of mayhem will occur when a secret is revealed...?
wonderful image by toonmili

2,164 6
14 The One with the Inappropriate Kiss

Maddie and Remus discuss the others; James, Lily, Rachel, and Sirius have a couple's night; Remus gets a shocking surprise...
beautiful image by toonmili

1,680 5
15 The One with the Roommate Discussion

Certain roommate situations are called into question...
great chapter image by JamesandLilly4ever

1,542 5
16 The One with the Trust Issues

If I write a chapter summary for this one, it'll give away too much.  Just read and find out who is having trust issues.
chapter image by me

2,313 5
17 The One with the Break

Warning: cliffie
chapter image by me

2,376 4
18 The One with the Morning After

Will Sirius and Rachel's relationship survive this fight?  Or will a new development push them to the breaking point?

1,925 3
19 The One with the Ring

Ooh, there's a ring involved...find out why.  And how will Rachel and Sirius adjust to their renewed tension?
chapter image by me

1,957 4
20 The One with the Stressful Proposal

I think the chapter title pretty much says it.

3,506 3
21 The One with the Decision

James and Lily choose their Best Man and Maid of Honor; who will they be?  Is there still some chemistry between Sirius and Rachel?  And what bad thing happened to Remus?

2,086 2
22 The One Where Sirius Kisses Rachel

I think the title pretty much says it all...
Read & Review, please :)

1,655 5
23 The One with the Questions

Rachel has a secret, and she spills it to James and Lily.  What is this secret? Is Rachel's life changed forever?  And how does Sirius fit into this?

1,667 0
24 The One with James and Lily's Wedding Part 1

Oh no!  It's the day of the wedding and the groom is missing!

2,441 0
25 The One with James and Lily's Wedding Part 2

Did they finally find James?  Is he going to chicken out of the wedding?  Will Rachel have to tell Lily the truth?

2,518 0
26 The One with the Strange Feelings

We find out how our newlywed couple is doing, and some unexpected feelings arise in one our friends.  Who is getting these feelings?  And who is this person falling for?

2,050 0
27 The One with the Premiere

Lily and James make a decision; Remus has his movie premiere; Maddie gets a boyfriend; Sirius and Rachel demonstrate their explosive relationship

2,171 1
28 The One with the Tests

Remus finally gets the courage to talk to Sirius about Rachel; how will Sirius react?  Will Rachel finally find out her roommate's secret?  And what's with the test James and Lily took at St. Mungo's?

1,879 0
29 The One with the Option

James and Lily visit their Healer; Rachel gets asked a huge question; will Remus and Rachel ever be normal again?

2,143 2
30 The One with the Embryos

James, Lily, and Rachel go through with the procedure, Maddie has a date with Carl, and Sirius tests an experimental potion on Remus...

2,518 1
31 The One with the Sickness

James and Remus spend some time in James's pensieve; Sirius helps Rachel out with her morning sickness; Lily helps Maddie get ready for an important date

2,159 1
32 The One with the Double Date

Is Sirius finally moving on from Rachel?  And will the parenting team finally comprehend the consequences of their decision?

2,053 3
33 The One with the Sulking

Rachel sulks; Sirius introduces Beth to his group of friends; are Rachel and Remus getting closer?

1,952 1
34 The One with the Labor

Rachel goes into labor, Maddie experiences a shock, and will Rachel and Remus get together?

2,744 2
35 The One with New Beginnings

Are Rachel and Remus a couple now?  Will Sirius be okay with these developments?  Will James and Lily ever decide on a color for Harry's room?

1,747 3


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