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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dobby, Kreacher, Arthur, Voldemort, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing
Action/Adventure, AU, Young Adult
Mild Violence
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-02-22 7:03am
Last Chapter
2009-07-12 12:21am
Last Updated
2009-07-12 12:21am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

Setting: Seriously Alternate Universe – at the time of Deathly Hallows. Of course this is based on J K Rowling’s work and I am not profiting in any way, other than in developing as a writer for self interest. Don’t you just love Ms Rowling’s creativity and intellect? This is basically just a writing exercise – practice.


986 2
2 A Conversation

Harry takes further steps as he realises what needs to be done.

2,728 1
3 The Beginning

The start of the great adventure finds some fluffy developements between Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione.

2,593 1
4 Preparations

The start of the adventure in love and war. The canon of Rowlings universe  is not completely departed from, but there are  some  twists  coming up in later chapters. It's nice to see  the numbers  of  readers, but how about some more reviews?  I need to know if there  is any value in what I am doing.

1,889 1
5 Planning and Shopping

Plans change as new information is shared. What will be the outcome if Harry┬┤ś role changes? J K Rowlings Universe is left behind for good. The direction of action changes from J K R's.

1,567 0
6 Wedding Plans

It seems the calm before the storm as the four concentrate more on their weddings. But behind the scenes the dark is coiling to strike.

1,519 0
7 Campaign Plans

Harry takes control and Voldemort prepares to move.

2,709 0
8 A New Household Begins

Thank you to all my readers. I would like some reviews please. Even a score out of ten. Finally, another disclaimer: We´re on a dedicated website for goodness sakes. It´s all a tribute to J K Rowling. Summary: Everyone has to do the Housework.

1,879 0
9 First Results - and the Chief Dork is not amused.

I know this is an extra long one, but there are significant things that happen and

developments in relationship and plot. This is what it took for what I wanted to do. As

always review, review, review. I think it is a good story and well written, but what do I

know, I am an ego-maniac. And, as ever, this is my personal tribute to that wonderful

wordsmith, J K Rowling.

4,804 0
10 Dobby, the Hero.

Except for a few reviews when I first posted, no one has seen fit to leave another. Please review. Tell me what's wrong, if there is anything. I was kidding about being a megalomaniac, but I am a sensitive guy. I need the love - review for me! Summary: Dobby does better than anyone expects. The little guy is a new hero in the Wizarding World. Moldyshorts is feeling very insecure.

1,862 0
11 More Plans

A good victory, but Lord Voldemort is not idle. Please read and review.

4,714 0
12 Werewolves

Please review. I'm getting all these readers, but no further reviews. Is it that bad? Is it that good that no one has a comment? One cannot judge ones own work. As this is writing practice it would be a huge help if I had comments and suggestions.

Summary: Another step towards victory, and one of the most significant ones. The recruitment of other magical people.

2,910 0
13 Diagon Alley.

More developments. You may notice references to film and literature classics in the following chapters. I have seen the opportunity to pay further tribute to the greats of literature and film by working in references to them.

As always, we are playing in Ms Rowlings back yard, and with her toys.

Review, review, review! Come on guys and gals, review!

2,302 0
14 Horcruxes

The side of the light is winning its fight. Not because of any one man, but because of the efforts of a lot of people. The most significant change in the direction of the fight is coming soon. Review, review, review!

2,443 0
15 A Change of Plans

About a quarter of the way to the planned end of the story, unless something happens to change my mind. 60 chapters ought to be about right, there will need to be some character development amongst the Death Eaters. I take great delight in informing you that Ginny gets pregnant in about five chapters and the timeline and development  of the story means it willl be all over before the birth.

2,966 0
16 A New Direction

What is real evil? Most people never find out. Lord Voldemort does. Even so there is enough evil around to still threaten everyone. How this story is going to deal with this question of evil is the motivator for the action that follows.

2,315 0
17 Three weddings and a funeral. Part One.

Weddings and a funeral. Andie McDowell is one of my favourite actors. This is a nod in

her direction. Not far from a decisive moment in the plot. Not the only one, though.

There are more things I want to have going on than have been covered so far. We

aren't even half way yet.

2,421 0
18 The Unbreakable Vows

Lord Voldemort gives Harry and Ginny a surprise. Is it real or is it part of a greater evil?

3,028 1
19 A Trip in Time

Plot bunnies are raising their ugly heads! I've already written this story one way, now other outcomes are starting to bug me and other stories are to be written. So I might be slower at posting. BUT I WILL NOT ABANDON THIS STORY!! Thank you for all reviews.

1,806 0
20 Three Weddings and a Funeral. Part Two.

Tom's change of heart means huge changes in the end result, right? Meh! Not necessarily. The Death Eaters still have to be dealt with.

1,546 0
21 A Vital Conversation

Harry and Tom plan. Tom the master plotter lays it all out for Harry.

1,841 0
22 The War Mages

Harry and Ginny become War Mages on the eve of their wedding. Tom opens his heart and mind.

2,111 0
23 Three Weddings And A Funeral, Part Three.

So much has been done, but finally the big day arrives and Harry marries his love. But they had better plan on another honeymoon after it's all over, because their first is going to be really busy.

2,641 0
24 Meetings at Hogwarts

Meetings and plans. Training. What a honeymoon! Oh well, Harry and Ginny already plan a second "Society" wedding for Molly's sake. The next honeymoon could be done better as well.

2,986 0
25 Partners

Matching Dragons and Unicorns with human partners has some interesting outcomes and changes Hogwarts completely. Lord Voldemort has a problem he doesn't know about yet.

5,138 0
26 First Blood

The War begins. Tom is the mastermind behind the scenes, manipulating and screening his Death Eaters. Harry and Ginny are leading from the front, inspiring all by a personal example. Even if their supposed enemy is their secret ally, the danger is still very real for the newly-weds.

2,898 1


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