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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC
General, Romance, AU
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-02-16 4:51pm
Last Chapter
2015-08-11 3:04pm
Last Updated
2015-08-11 3:04pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Wake up Calls and Renewed Feelings.

Dear Lord, I haven’t heard that voice in awhile. The very voice that sends chills down my back and butterflies in my stomach. I turned towards him, and it hit me all over again. Seeing his face, his beautiful face, noticing every muscle and contour to his body, all the emotion I bottled up for the past two months came rushing back

1,949 8
2 Bruised Bums and Bicycle accidents

"DAMN IT” I grabbed my injured hand and pulled out the branch, wincing at the pain. EW blood, I hate blood. I heard hurried footsteps behind me and turned to see Sirius running up behind me.

2,707 4
3 Nightmares and Old Elizabethan

I slowly opened my eyes, I knew what happened, I couldn’t face it. I couldn’t breath my heart wanted to explode, I was gasping for breath. I slowly pulled my face up to look at my dad. He was lying next to me, his position crumpled; his jade eyes open wide in terror. I gulped a large amount of air and placed my hand over his face, lightly closing his eyes.

3,649 4
4 Thunderstorms.

I tripped a couple of times but every time Sirius tightened his grip and let me get my footing again. By the time we were back in the castle, we were soaked. My hair was sticking to my face in separate bunches of light curls and waves. I was shivering still. Sirius’ hair was sticking up in different areas and his eyes were the prettiest color of blue, I have ever seen. He was shaking his head like a wet dog. I was laughing. It seemed like that was the only thing I had been doing while I was with him; laughing.

2,613 5
5 Anger managment

“Loren, will you go to Hogsmead with me, as more then friends, as my girlfriend?” The words flew out of his mouth in a rush of hope.

3,150 7
6 All Alone

I turned to where he was standing. Was Lily blind? He was right behind me. I turned my head about to point to where he was, but he wasn’t there. There wasn’t anything to point to except complete air. He was gone He left. He left me all alone.

4,408 1
7 You will?

I bolted towards the Ravenclaw dorms. My legs taking over, my hair was whipping around my face and I could feel sweat on my brow. But I couldn’t stop. I clutched the stitch in my side but kept running.

3,393 4
8 Miserable Boys and I told you so

“No I won’t admit to liking her Remus, it would be a lie. It’s so much more then like, so much more.”

3,498 1
9 the boy who cried wolf

I sputtered at his words, letting my wand fall out of my hands. My body was numb and I was probably going into shock. After what felt like a decade my wand hit the floor with a loud clattering sound. The door flew open and mind you I was still pressed against it.

3,848 0
10 Explanations

I think my last question might have caught him off guard, because he opened his mouth and then shut it tight. I heard James snort behind me and Sirius started laughing like mad. Remus looked over at me and just shook his head.

2,773 1
11 Leaves

“Huh?” I asked as I looked over at him.
“I think I love you.”

3,008 3
12 Here comes the rain

I was relieved to find the hall outside vacant. No one was supposed to see my “power” I scoffed, some power it was. If you’re wondering, I can manipulate water and if I try hard enough the rain. Cool right? Not really, I’m not supposed to swim with people who don’t know, incase I get to hyper or mad. Or even let my mood get out of control, I can’t even go to swim parks. I do have it under control though but my mother is just too cautious.

2,777 4
13 Love, Lily and the Lost and Found

“Did you just say you love me?” I let the words mull around in my mouth. They were foreign and slightly hard to adjust to. Sebastian loves me. I coughed again and bit my lip. “Did you?”

3,703 2
14 And the truth comes out. Part 1

“Oh my god, Sirius where are you clothes?” I half screamed and me and the girls spun around, slapping our hands over our eyes. Sirius gave a low chuckle, “Once in a while you got to just hang lose. Besides I just got out of the shower.”

2,851 3
15 And the truth comes out Part 2.

His eyes became watery and it broke my heart when it turned into tears. One single drop brimmed over and rolled down his cheek. I groaned and rubbed it away with my thumb, my breathe catching in my throat. Please don’t cry, please. My brain screamed and I wanted to hug him and tell him that his family was disgusting and awful, I wanted to tell him  I was here for him and I wouldn’t leave. But some how I think he knew that, I didn’t have to say anything, he just knew.
“Sirius” I whispered, I let my hand linger on his cheek.

3,794 5
16 Shooting Stars

“NO!” I screamed and hurled the vase of flowers from the side of my bed, it missed him by an inch and it shattered against the floor, water spilled, splashing and bits of flowers littering the floor around us.

2,925 7
17 Liar

As he backed away I pulled my wand out of my bag and stood behind him. Losing any of my common sense, I pushed the tip of the wand into his neck. His arms dropped to his side and I felt Remus inch by me to stand next to the others. “Why would you ever hurt someone like that, ever?” He started talking and I pressed the tip into his skin harder.

3,358 6
18 Oops

He leaned down and his warm lips touched mine and his hands reached my waist, my hands went to his face and I felt so at home. He deepened the kiss, lifting me up and pressing my back against the wall. I smiled into his lips. His lips moved from mine finding my neck leaving small bites across my neck. I could feel the blood rush to my face and everything around me was warm and hazy.

5,592 6
19 Cosmic plus signs

Whatever her evident problem was, I had convinced myself it was my cosmic doing. I had found my revenge somewhere in the stars or in tea leaves and whatever the heavens had cast upon her was her own fault. Eye for an eye and all that good stuff. For once life was working for me and Saturn must have been in line with Mars or something along those lines because in the air was the pungent, sweetness of what was meant to be revenge and I hadn't even had a hand in it

4,156 2
20 Mazes

"Avery," I started a sigh escaping me, he turned to me, his features poised towards me, he was always so attuned to everything, giving himself completely to is surroundings. "I'm not so much as mad at you guys, just more hurt by it all. We are supposed to be a family Av, we are supposed to tell each other everything, I'm not supposed to be left out." As soon as the words left my mouth, I wanted to take them right back, gobble them up and hold them in my throat, just remnants of words that would have been said by only a selfish person.

2,666 3
21 My Constant

"Well, that may be so. But no Ravenclaw could ever out smart Sir Nicholas like I have you!" I smirked at her outraged face before turning towards the Ravenclaw towers.READ & REVIEW

2,929 2
22 Beautiful

The pain radiated through my body and it washed over me. I missed her so much, my need for her flowed under my skin, mingled with my blood. It was warm and deep within me. Every single breath I breathed in was another reminder that I had done the worst imaginable thing in walking away from that girl.

3,184 2
23 The Letter

“I don’t matter.” He thought. “I did this and I have two choices, I either finish what I started or I fight like hell to clean the mess I made…” And in that little corridor, deep in the dungeons of Hogwarts’s, Sebastian made up his mind. He knew what he had to do.

3,463 0
24 Charmed

Loren nodded, opening her mouth to reassure the woman that she was just fine but when she opened her mouth, no words came out. Instead Loren vomited all over the floor of the bar.

4,149 0
25 Wander

Sirius could feel his eyes wandering but yet, he couldn’t stop them. He started at her face, conveying her shock. Her green eyes wide and startled, her red lips forming a small circle, her cheeks turning a beautiful shade of pink. Eyes traveling down, he stopped for a second at the graceful slope of her clavicle, the curve of her breast, the perfect shape of her short frame and then to her slender and toned legs. Sirius was sure he was blushing, too.

3,607 1
26 Let's Make a Deal

Loren nodded, pulling the rose from between Remus’s index finger and thumb. She plucked one petal off “He loves me…” and another “He loves me not…” again “He loves me…” another petal fell to the table “He loves me not…”

3,562 1
27 It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Sebastian watched as his father’s eyes betrayed him once more, this time it was pity. His father pitied him and that was the last thing Sebastian knew before his conscious slipped away

4,125 0
28 Pearls

Loren?” Loren made a small noise for him to continue on. “Please, be happy” Loren nodded, starting to speak but he cut her off. “No, Loren, be happy. Be happy with Sirius.”

10,105 1
29 Breaking Point

And before anybody could figure out what was happening, Loren blacked out, the anxiety too much.

3,330 1
30 Truth or Dare

All at once a flurry of motion happened, Remus smacked his forehead, James started guffawing quite loudly and a Sirius hit Remus in the jaw.

4,427 1
31 Pepper Up

Sirius leaned around the headrest and let his chin sit in the crook of Loren’s neck. His even breathing tickled her ear and his voice dropped low so only she could hear it. “And I will protect you until the day I die, Loren Adelaide Evans.” He said, kissing her check.

4,636 0
32 Making a Splash

Standing in her place, Loren stood stock still, her eyes unable to leave Sirius. The color quickly came back into his skin and his chest rose and fell with each breath. Once he regained his senses, he glanced up searching, his eyes wide and wild.

3,253 0
33 Hiding Places

Shaking away the thoughts of sending her a letter that simply said he was okay, Sebastian opened the door of the wardrobe and reached into the far back, pulling out a stack of letters that were bound together with a piece of leather. Slipping the newest letter on top of the stack, Sebastian placed it back in the wardrobe and shut the door tight. His heart would never stop aching.

4,240 1
34 Five Senses

Loren could feel the broken pieces, falling back into place, his words mending the holes and the cracks, restarting her heart that felt like it stopped beating months ago. The tears on her face dried and she caught her breath.

4,763 0


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