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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Draco, Fred, George, Oliver, OC
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Humor, Mystery, Romance
Strong Language, Mild Violence
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First Published
2008-02-12 10:31pm
Last Chapter
2011-07-26 8:30pm
Last Updated
2011-07-26 8:30pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Calm Before The Storm

However he had still yet to tell her why that 'dream' haunted her, but he knew he could not postpone telling her any longer. She had to know the truth what with his new job starting at the end of the summer. She had to know everything, who and more importantly what she was.

1,197 2
2 Revelations


"You're a witch, Lyla." Remus didn’t know what her reaction would be but thought it highly probable that she would laugh in his face. He wouldn’t blame her for that; living in the muggle world all her life and not being exposed to magic at all except by cheesy TV shows and false stereotypes must make her a nonbeliever.


2,881 0
3 Squabbles Are Not For Tea Parties

'Oh, get on with it already,' she thought to herself. As if reading her thoughts, a cold voice rose up against the rest, "Is there a particular reason you've brought us all here or were you just planning on wasting our time with your mindless prattle."

3,833 1
4 Scare Tactics

Somewhere during his ranting Lyla had started silently crying. The realization that she could have died had just hit her and made it all the more real how dangerous her life and this new world actually were.

3,701 1
5 Of Greetings and Goodbyes

Lyla was listening intently up till the part where he told her to run into a wall. Now she may have done some pretty stupid things in her short life but she had enough sense about her to know not to run into painfully solid objects, purposely that is. "Sorry Remus, but a concussion is not high on my to-do list today."

2,799 1
6 Chocolate and Confiscations

A tall, cloaked figure towered over her, it was too dark to see its face but Lyla guessed that she most likely didn’t want to. "A Dementor," Lyla gasped out, realizing immediately what it was, even though she had never encountered a real live one before then. She stumbled back against the window opposite the compartment door and stared in horror as it reached a sickly grey skeleton-like hand after her. It realized she was out of reach and approached her, gliding gracefully, reducing the space that separated them.

4,936 1
7 What's His Problem?

Lyla was rewarded with the sound of the Great Hall being filled with the laughter of students, some Slytherins included, and a fierce glare from Malfoy. Lyla simply responded with a sly grin of her own then turned and left the Great Hall, Harry and the others following—glancing at each other in silent shock.

Lyla's grin did not fade as they walked in silence. 'Lyla: 1, Malfoy: zilch.'

3,950 1
8 Death Omens and Near Death Experiences

"There's no need to hold her back Potter. We all know she wants me not you." The class was silent, incredulously looking on at the new information. Lyla stared back at Malfoy not believing what she heard.

Lyla's body shook with suppressed laughter before she let it out shattering the silence around her. She was laughing so hard that she couldn’t even respond, not that there was any need to. Her response came out loud and clear in a most jovial way for Lyla and others. She leaned on Harry to keep from falling to the ground as he did the same laughing just as hard.

5,045 1
9 Boggart, What Are You Afraid Of?

Lyla was satisfied when nearly everyone in the room burst out laughing. Even Crabbe and Goyle found it funny, which only served to infuriate Malfoy even more. Remus was looking relieved and was having trouble restraining himself while Harry, Ron, Rylie and Hermione weren’t even trying.

6,597 0
10 Caution: Overprotective Brother!

"Git hasn’t been the same since that day she stood up for that Gryffindor in DADA."
"Hasn’t poked fun at anyone."
"Hasn’t tortured poor innocent 'ickle firsties."
"He's even left Harry alone!" exclaimed Fred.
"What'd you do to make him act all non-Slytherin like?" they asked simultaneously.

5,686 1
11 Hogsmeade with...Draco?

Malfoy seemed to handle fighting with her brother far better than fighting with her. She figured it was a male thing and shrugged it off. He put on that infamous smirk of his and said, "Jealousy doesn’t look good on you Potter. What do you want me to stay away from your girlfriend is that it?" he asked mockingly while pulling Lyla closer to him despite her protest.

6,535 0
12 Little Thunder, Little Lightening

She couldn’t quite ascertain the exact reason why people were so enamored by the sport in the first place. If you asked her it was rather pointless just watching players zoom back and forth on broomsticks while carrying a red soccer sized ball. Basically playing a mixture of hot potato and monkey in the middle in the air from the opposing team while trying to get the darn thing into one of three hoops while being pelted by other balls whose sole purpose was to knock them out of the air or give them a concussion, which ever came first.

8,397 0
13 Introducing: Frederika and Georgina Weasley!

"Lyla! I was hoping you'd stop by today. It's so close to Christmas and—" Mr. Zonko stopped his approach. He'd just gotten his first glimpse of the twins and was frozen to the spot. Lyla pulled Oliver out of the way so Mr. Zonko would have a better view. He stood still for a few more seconds, Lyla thought he was in shock but knew he was just deciding whether or not to laugh.

4,571 0
14 Innocent

Her mind was racing. Innocent, that was the first time she'd actually admitted to herself that she thought him innocent. Convicted of a crime he did not commit; losing nearly 12 years of his life being subjected to reliving his worst memories over and over again in that horrible place.

3,501 0
15 So Much Drama So Little Time

When Harry made no move to reply, she rose from the couch. Taking a few steps till she was hovering over him, she went on, "Fine, I get it. You're not going to talk to me—" Quickly kneeling down on the ground in front of him, she leaned forward till her face was mere inches from his. She reached a hand out and forcefully turned his face towards hers and hissed, "But you are going to listen."

8,019 0
16 Bah-Humbug to Snape

Lyla was not above blackmailing Hermione into helping her. She in fact, found herself quite giddy at the thought of such an opportunity. The bushy haired girl had time and time again expressed her contempt for Lyla, to which Lyla was somewhat deserving of but not entirely. So she might as well do something to deserve such abhorrence from the girl.

5,206 1
17 Triskaidekaphobia Much?

"Romulus," Lyla said with her hand on the wall behind his desk causing it to sink into the floor as she passed through the threshold into the sitting room of Remus' private chambers. She mused out loud to the figure of her godfather sprawled out face down on the couch by the roaring fire. "You know considering your name and all it's really odd that you would make your password that when in history and ancient mythology, Romulus killed his twin brother Remus to become the first King of Rome."

5,095 0
18 Not A Mad Axe-Man, But Close Enough

    "Gifted?" Lyla asked raising a suspicious eyebrow in question. What could he possibly know?

            He stopped as well, smiling slightly at how persistent she was. She wasn’t going to let him ask all the questions and get everything he wanted without him answering some of her inquires as well. "I'm not one for idle gossip, but rumor has it you're one talented witch what with that boggart of yours and all. Simply amazing, I must say. Lupin must be so very proud..."

5,769 0
19 Unveiled Secrets

The girl cried out again and again as each hit made contact. He would have continued his barrage of verbal and physical assaults if it weren’t for the slim womanly figure that had suddenly appeared in the open door way.
"Devyn, we're going to be late if we don’t leave soon. Leave that filth there and go clean yourself up," the pale dark haired woman said, sneering at the scene before her in disgust. "I would hate to have her ruin our evening more than she already has," the woman drawled out slowly, stepping further into the room.

5,330 0
20 All Wrapped Up With No Place to Go

"'I've heard every possible joke about Oliver Wood's name,' is not a challenge and under no condition should I take it as such."

7,996 0
21 The Howler

Remus sighed as he rubbed at his temples. His goddaughter was just not getting the point. "Lyla, I know that you'll conquer this situation just fine now that you know what's coming. But the point is you won't always know how everything will play out. There are no second chances in real duels and situations like this. You make one mistake and that's it; you're done for. You can't just expect to shout 'Do over' and have everything restart from the beginning again."

4,980 0
22 Lyla vs. Lucy: Round 2

"Miss Potter," he called forcing all eyes back on him, including Lucius'. "Is this true? Did you affix this appendage to Mr. Malfoy's hind end?" 

5,137 1
23 It's My Party and I'll Curse Who I Want To

"Why don't you just ask her who her informant was yourself?" he finished with a sigh.
            Severus just about snorted at the suggestion but managed to control himself enough to merely scoff, "You know as well as I do how useless that would undoubtedly prove to be. I've never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question and where Miss Potter's concerned I'm even more bewildered," Severus scowled angrily just thinking about the girl's unique ability.

5,362 0
24 Innocent: Part II

Lyla had lost interest in skulking after not even a minute into her excursion.  Having reached the staircase leading to the seventh floor she presumed herself immune to getting caught.
However her attention came rushing back to her as she reached the top step. A noise sounding suspiciously like a door slamming open followed by some muttered cursing about a party that was supposed to be over by now resounded from the opposite direction from where she would have been heading in. Lyla panicked glancing down at the map and realized the muttering was coming from Professor McGonagall.

11,421 0
25 Hogsmeade with...Oliver

A dark figurative cloud seemed to be forming over Hogwarts, despite the sun being copiously distributed. The windows appeared to quiver against an unseen wind, while the unusually dank walls perspired nervously. Various inhabitants of nearby paintings shrank back deeper into the world within their frames for fear of their preservation; a sense of foreboding like no other building within them all.

10,673 1
26 Hogsmeade with...Oliver: Part II

Dirty. Despondent. Disastrously depressed. These were only a few of the things Oliver felt as he limped his way back up to Gryffindor tower, his shoulders hunched and his head hanging low for he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he had blown it big time with Lyla. The only thing he was a bit hazy on was how everything had gone so horribly wrong.

7,064 2
27 V-Day: Morning of Interruptions

He was outnumbered as was usually the case. What's more though, he was potentially about to be dragged into some outrageous scheme he knew he wanted absolutely nothing to do with. Fully prepared and resolute in making this quite clear to the troublesome twosome, Oliver made to speak. Before he could make more than a gurgle of sound however, Fred and George cut in, both looking equally as aghast as the other.

"You fancy Minnie?!" they asked together in nothing short of appalled disbelief.

13,815 0
28 V-Day: Afternoon of Misinterpretations

“Lyla! I’m completely serious. Everyone else can see it I’m sure of it, why cant you?”

“See it? See what exactly?!” Lyla inquired.

Heaving an overdramatic sigh of exasperation Rylie assumed a mocking tone while gesturing over her shoulder. “That Malfoy, despite not wanting to admit it to himself even, is quite smitten with you! Why do you think he gets all flustered when you stand up to him?”

“Public humiliation tends to do that to a bloke,” Lyla answered dryly, rolling her eyes.

13,267 0
29 V-Day: Afternoon of Misinterpretations: Part II

It was a widely known fact in Hogwarts that Oliver Wood had claims on Lyla Potter. And as such all other males should respectfully harbor no affectionate motives towards her. Unfortunately after the debacle in Hogsmeade that could have detonated, taking down the entire village and much of Hogwarts outer boarders as well, all other males who knew better than to still believe girls had cooties were now taking an interest in Lyla.

4,504 0


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