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Neville, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M), OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-02-11 11:13am
Last Chapter
2010-02-27 12:26am
Last Updated
2010-02-27 12:26am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 So it starts...

Welcome to a Slytherin girl's world....

1,982 1
2 Tainted love...

'What is wrong with you?' I asked him letting the words slip from my lips before I could even think about what I was saying.
Draco stood before us his mouth ajar, there was never anyone in our own house that fought against him,

1,821 2
3 Finding our flaws

'Auria you didn't just come all the way over here to discuss Lavender's choice in foot wear did you?' I asked simply not impressed.

1,586 1
4 Today's gifts

It was at times like these that I would almost forget that there was a war raging on.
How could people fall into conflict when the world like today would sparkle with its impeccable colours of beauty?

1,834 1
5 Unexpected friendship

'What did you think I was doing? Sneaking off to do the dirty work for Lord Voldemort? Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm just walking' I blurted out, tears stung my eyes as my voice broke under the stress.

1,468 2
6 Another one bites the dust...

Draco opened up a small package which had dropped into his lap. Picking up the note he removed a small silver neck chain with a tiny serpent pendent from the little box.

'That's Caleb's necklace' I whispered as my heart sunk.

1,670 1
7 A challenging offer

My heart pounded hard making my chest seer with pain. Regardless of the suffering that had become so apparent in my chest I just had to keep moving. I soon found myself at the steps of the astronomy tower. Walking up slowly my frustration took over, I felt like I had been slapped in the face. How could she say such things to me?

1,943 2
8 To young to know

My heart almost broke at that moment as I realised that I was never to have him as my own. He was going to be someone else's, someone that didn't deserve him.

1,486 2
9 final exit....

It was safe to say that I had no more friends in the Slytherin house, my little secure circle the 'untouchables' were broken apart, the last day of our friendship. I now gained some new enemies. This was the first day that we were to be on different sides.

1,446 1
10 The war begins..

Weeks past with no news at all, I heard nothing from either side. It was starting to become a rather lonely existence. At least the other member of DA had each other and their house mates. I had no one.

1,387 2
11 This time I'll fight

I ducked as bright flashes of light soared over my head. Suddenly a pair of arms had caught me.
I found myself in a tight embrace, that was when time seem to freeze momentarily.
Breaking away I met his eyes. This was it, either one of us could die tonight.

1,383 0
12 Friends or enemies? - mild violence warning

My eyes opened instantly and I was back on earth.

I was alive after all, but did I really want to be?


contains mild violence! you have been warned

662 1
13 Everyone's little distraction

My heart crumbled under her words as I felt bitterness and sadness weave within me.

'Is that all I am? A distraction?' I spoke as tears started to flow down my face.

2,423 1


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