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Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
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Teddy/Victoire, Lily/OC, OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2008-02-10 7:36pm
Last Chapter
2012-05-19 3:15am
Last Updated
2012-05-19 3:15am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Unfortunate Beginnings

Once there was a girl. She was a Swan who appeared to be a pigeon. But then... her whole life changed... and all it took was a few tears. 

This is the story of Alexa Diabolique Swan.....

3,846 28
2 New Beginnings

I felt extremely self-concious all of the sudden. 

Even if you're mildly pretty you'd feel self-concious standing next to these three. In comparison I was absolutly hideous. These girls were the kind of girls that made every other girl around take a hit on her self esteem automatically. No matter how pretty they were.

3,730 21
3 Les Anges de Beauxbatons

Three Years Later.....

6,210 15
4 Temptations with a Splash of Anger

Home? I think not.

1,322 28
5 Nightmare in the Flesh

           ....If I hadn't been so shell-shocked, I probably would've laughed. Someone up there definitely had a pretty good sense of irony...

9,614 21
6 Plans

...."Be afraid, be very afraid" .....

1,899 10
7 Haunted

It seemed that, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't escape that wretched name. Ever since I'd blown him off at King's Cross it was like the bloody prat had decided to haunt me. 

3,001 6
8 Don't Trip

..."Think tall"...

1,497 8
9 Confidence and Epiphanies

"...Could this get any worse
Stupid, stupid question. Because the answer was yes. Yes it could..."

2,847 9
10 Keeping Count and Crowbars

"...I'd become a very big fan of the epiphany experience in the past few minutes..."

2,531 7
11 Angels and Eavesdropping

...."You know, it's rude to enter a bedroom without it's occupants' presence or permission even." ...

3,104 9
12 Exams

....."Why must you embrace your inner geek? Why can't you smother it and conform like all the rest of us?" ....

2,724 5
13 Dread

Dread. It's never fun.

3,921 8
14 The Observation Wing

Her eyes were dull- the normal sparkle and shine was gone. Completely vanished, leaving her green eyes looking brackish and hollow. Dead.

And that scared me more than anything else.

6,162 55
15 Faking It

Fakes. Breaks. Raging emotions, raging hormones and just plain old rage.

9,127 92
16 Surprises; Part One

Allie has no gaydar. Saundra has no feeling. And their mother has no clue.

6,775 60
17 Surprises; Part Two

"....I groaned. This could not be happening. Wasn’t I supposed to enjoy my party? Why then, did my friends and family keep surprising me? I was worried about Leah, Annoyed about the Hogwarts people and I couldn’t handle anymore tonight.

3,249 38
18 Surprises; Part Three

Boys. Plots. Pizza. And one very suspicious letter.

5,259 55
19 The Falling Angel

For the second time this morning, I read in disbelief. I read it several times, staring at the page in even more shock than I’d stared at my dad’s letter. My dad’s letter fit into a schema, my brain could eventually handle it because it fit his personality, his pattern. But this did not fit a schema, this was completely foreign to me. I didn’t know how to process it.  

3,781 54


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