Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James
Fluff, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers
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2008-01-29 16:25:49
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1 Meet the Cast

It’s not that she liked talking about his butt; it was just funny to see how animated she got with it. His butt is like a perky girls butt. He must flex it all the time, I mean how else could it get so round and gorgeous.

Lily had a huge smile on her face as she entered the carriage remembering her friend’s description, only to have it replaced with a snarl. James bloody Potter was in this carriage too, alone.

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2 Wait What?!

“Potter, you will be able to eat again, you know. Probably tomorrow if your lucky.” She smirked.

“Hello Lily, what’s this I hear about you talking about my bum?” Sirius asked. James kicked him under the table as Lily paled then blushed.

“I wasn’t talking about it, it was Madison.” She told him after glaring at Potter for telling. “Now Jaa-Potter could we please go. “ She coughed to cover up for her mistake.

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3 Blushing Mornings

“Some nice legs on Evans, eh Prongs?” Sirius asked grinning at his best friends face. His eyes were almost out of his had and it was a surprise to him that he could even manage to reply to Lily.

“What? Oh yeah,” James couldn’t believe he’d seen Lily Evans in just a towel only a minute ago, it had always been his dream since like fourth year. Not that he was a perve, but what boy didn’t like to imaging a girl in just a towel.

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4 Boys Like Girls

“I was trying to keep Lily from biting your head off James, you are still Head Boy you know,” Remus told him.

James’s face changed dramatically like when anyone mentioned Lily. It went from his normal bored expression, to a goofy puppy look, to a far off stare, and then a huge smile. “Oh yeah; Good thing, I don’t want Lily to be mad at me,” he said still smiling.

“Hey boys!” someone yelled happily from down the corridor. All the boys turned to look at who just spoke. They all saw someone different.

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5 A Pact and A Game

“Well, it may sound weird, but I thought since we were both Heads and all, that maybe we should um….” Wow this is hard to say. She had a feeling James knew exactly what she was trying to say but was going to make her say it.

She was wrong. James saved her, “You want us to be friends this year.” He finished. He couldn’t help but feel a little happier that she at least wanted this much. He hadn’t even tried that hard yet.

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6 Just a Simple Game

“Thank you. Okay, Prongs, Truth or Dare?” Remus asked looking across Lily at his best friend letting him know that it was okay that they told the girls his secret.

“Dare, of course,” he said smiling.

“I dare you…to kiss Lily…on the lips,” Remus said seriously as Lily’s face redden and Sirius and Madison laughed hysterically.

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7 Thinking One Lonely Night

“You should ask him to the Halloween dance,” she whispered a little too loudly. Unfortunately, she saw that the Marauders all straightened up when she said this. They were definitely trying to eavesdrop.

Lizzy, could you talk any louder? The last thing we want is for all of them (Lily made an exaggerated eye roll towards the corner where the boys where twiddling their thumbs) to know what we’re talking about. As if it’s not obvious enough.

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8 Library Confrontations and the Pact

“Let’s make a deal, boys. If I tell James that I like him, both of you have to tell Lizzy and Madison that you like them, respectively.” Lily wagered. Both boys seemed wary of the idea at first but eventually they all agreed to the pact.

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9 The Pact in Action

(WARNING: scenes of mild sexual nature...aka a few kiss scenes)

“James, there’s something I need to tell you. I know this year has been a little weird but I feel like we’ve become really good friends. Gawd. I didn’t want this to sound cheesy,” she laughed awkwardly and he smiled to tell her to go on. “You see, when we kissed during that game. I was disappointed when it ended. What I’m trying to say is…” she was cut off by his lips entangling with hers.

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