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Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred/George
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Angst, Fluff
No Warnings
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-01-30 6:03pm
Last Chapter
2004-04-27 10:02am
Last Updated
2004-04-27 10:02am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Worry and Fret

Something happens to Harry and he breaks. Two red haired angels try to put him back together, one will keep his heart. Some have read this, new chapter though.

1,752 7
2 The Hardest Things to Do

Ron's struggle with his dreams, and the hard decision before him.

2,049 2
3 A Mother's Touch

Another not so normal summer for Harry, what's going to happen when he falls, who will catch him?

8,621 4
4 Red Haired Angel

Harry wakes at the Burrow, and sees an angel. H/G!

4,369 9
5 Letters and Resposibilities

Ron has to send letters to his brothers and Hermione. It brings some light on his struggle, and causes him some doubt as to wether he can betray his heart. Remus meets with Dumbledore, and finds meaning in being the last True Marauder.

4,490 4
6 Dinner at the Burrow

Ginny's response, a few concerns, and Dinner. The original title of this chapter was, "The Day That Doesn't Seem to Want to End for the Writer." Wasn't fic'ish enough, so...

3,075 11
7 A Trip to Little Whinging

We resume the adventure with Hermoine, nothing but angst and a few clues.

4,312 3
8 The Meaning of Family

Harry learns the meaning of Family. He learns the meaning of pure love.

5,630 9
9 Some Answers and Some Questions

Molly, Dumbledore, Arthur, the Grangers, and Remus! The plot continues, though the pace will quicken soon.

4,678 8
10 Parents Wisdom

Hermione wakes up, and Remus has a few things to discuss with Dumbledore.

3,059 9
11 Can My Day Get Any Worse

Harry wakes up, nothing but humor and fluff.

5,246 14
12 A Love for Making People Squirm

Sorry about the chapter title, you'll see why it fits. Any way...Dumbledore shows up, got a letter for Arthur and Molly, Harry's leaving with Dumbledore for a bit, Ron and his dad and fluff along the way.

4,041 8
13 The Way He Likes Me

Ginny has an interesting conversation which can only happen in the world of magic.

1,645 10
14 93 Diagon Alley

Ginny calls on Fred and George for a friendly joke. Mostly Fred and George.

1,598 9
15 A Short Trip Goes a Long Way

Ron and his father leave for the weekend away from the house. Arthur helps Ron to see he has other options he just needs help to see. Learn a little about Arthur when he was at school. A few laughs, and some interesting insight into how Ron feels about Hermione.

4,946 14
16 Facing the Truth.

Part Two of Ron's weekend with his dad.

1,598 13
17 Letters in Spain


6,583 5
18 The Day Before the Party

The day before Harry's going away type of get together thingy. Lots instore for the raven hair kid. Vietgurl0607 and JAF both worked on this chapter. R&R

5,252 22


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