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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna, Draco, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-01-26 12:17am
Last Chapter
2010-08-10 12:09am
Last Updated
2011-02-09 1:06pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Amnesia

Hermione wakes up from fainting in the snow in the forest. She's tired, frostbitten and weak. She can't remember the last two weeks of her life, and her friends are just as confused. Or are they? One of them seems to be acting as if he's hiding something. Hermione faints again and is taken to the hospital, where in one of her dreams a piece of memory surfaces. What does it mean? Hermione doesn't know either.

1,759 24
2 The Mystery of 3312 Fifth Avenue

Hermione wakes up in the hospital, where she finds her parents waiting. They're acting strange and it seems they're upset with her. As she struggles to find out why, another mystery is uncovered: a slip of paper reading "3312 Fifth Avenue." Soon Hermione finds out the reason for her parents' behavior and flees, inadvertently Apparating to the mysterious address written on the paper. Someone finds her there, who knows the secret of  the building. Who will it be? Read on to see.
Disclaimer: Lyrics are from "You and Me" by Lifehouse. Characters belong to J.K.R.

2,221 6
3 More Tangles in the Web

After Hermione's disastrous night at the pub, she goes back to her apartment where another memory fragment appears. Harry shows up soon after, and the two have a heart-to-heart. Well... sort of. It seems the secrets Harry is keeping won't be spilled anytime soon.

1,754 10
4 Short, Sweet and Not to the Point

Ginny is next on Hermione’s interrogation list. Just as Gin is about to spill the secret, a wild Harry bursts inside the apartment and unwittingly brings with him the last piece of the puzzle Hermione needs to put together the memory fragment that everyone is upset over. But the lies aren’t over yet. It seems our beloved Harry is more experienced at avoiding the truth than we thought.

941 6
5 The Demons Caught Up

Everyone sins in life. Everyone makes ordinary mistakes. But Hermione Granger isn’t like everyone. The secret everyone has kept their lips sealed about is finally uncovered, and it’s even more terrible than Hermione had feared. She finds out what she did to Ron, and the memory returns in a whole piece, vivid and clear. One of Hermione’s demons has caught up to her. The others are soon to follow.

1,407 11
6 It's Just Emotion That's Taking Me Over

More twists and turns. Hermione decides to confront her demons, as does Ron. But can talking it over really prevent the inevitable bittersweet farewell? And when Ginny misunderstands a note Ron leaves, more things happen, including a run-in with someone no one thought they’d see again. It seems a new character has joined the thickening plot.

Ron and Hermione seem to be quite OOC in this chapter, but I guess people change when faced with the kind of drama that's in this story. Any suggestions would help.

1,655 7
7 Stuck in a Never-Ending Nightmare

Hermione finds a gift from Luna and goes to see her, hoping to make amends and confess all of her regrets. Instead she finds Harry there, whom she suspects has been having meetings with Luna about Hermione and the secrets everyone is keeping from her. She gets angry and leaves in a huff. Harry follows and he finally confesses something to her. But he’s still got just as many secrets as he did before.

1,518 8
8 A New Beginning... Sort Of

Hermione decides to take a breather and attempts to get her life back together. She gets all cleaned up and decides to go out, but when she runs into Harry her new beginning starts to seem less and less likely to happen. Why can’t everyone let Hermione be?

2,269 5
9 In the Back of the Bookshelf

Things are getting crazy again. Ginny starts falling apart as the past catches up with her, and Harry meets with Draco and strikes a deal. Meanwhile, when Luna goes to Harry’s apartment to retrieve a book he borrowed, she finds something hidden in the back of the bookshelf that could explain all of the secrets being hidden from Hermione. It seems Harry isn’t above thievery.

1,370 3
10 Little Does Hermione Know...

Ah, the mystery once again intensifies. Another memory segment surfaces of Harry stopping by Hermione’s place after the restaurant disaster. A part of their conversation seems awfully familiar... Also, it seems Draco Malfoy may be in town for a while, and Ginny and Luna may be up to no good. After Luna’s discovery of the contents of the back of Harry’s bookshelf, his “brownie points” are disappearing one by one. Will he have any left by the end of the story?

1,309 2
11 Too Late to Fix the Mistakes

Ginny and Luna break into Harry’s apartment and take back the item Harry stole. They make a copy of it, hoping he won’t notice. Luna demands an explanation from Ginny, and Ginny reluctantly starts to give it. Harry’s in bad shape. It seems his demons are catching up with him as well. And that song... doesn’t it seem a bit familiar?

1,420 4
12 Sucking Out the Poison

Hermione’s memory about the phone conversation that got her mother fired returns. She makes the decision to fix it and shows up at the office belonging to the associate who called and got an earful of Hermione’s misdirected rage. Will she be able to win her mother’s forgiveness and get Mrs. Granger her job back? Meanwhile, in the previous chapter Ginny promised to tell Luna all that she knows. Will Luna be the next person in on all the secrets of Hermione’s amnesia? Read to find out!

1,835 3
13 Redemption

Ron’s time to heal has come. He ventures to the precipice and dangles his toes over the edge, risking everything to begin the journey that leads to healing. Will he be able to move on from Hermione, or will he fall into a bottomless abyss?

1,123 3
14 Un-Happy Ending

Yet another memory fragment surfaces in one of Hermione’s dreams. This one is about Ginny finding Harry and Hermione in a quite precarious situation. Will Hermione talk her way out of it or will she wake up before she can find out?

1,469 3
15 Boy, Interrupted

Now it’s Harry’s turn to reminisce. We take a dive into Harry’s psyche and uncover the missing piece of a fragment of Hermione’s memory we never got to see the end of. Meanwhile, Luna is dropping hints at Ginny to get her to talk to Harry. Will Ginny suck up her pride and push Harry to tell the truth?

1,439 3
16 Crazy for a French Girl

Hermione finds a mysterious piece of paper (again?!) under her bed. Just when she’s thought the mysteries are done for the day, she sees a familiar face below her window. Meanwhile, Draco Malfoy encounters a beautiful French girl. Will this new love interest prevent him from helping Harry like he promised?

1,230 3
17 Some Things May Be Better Left Unsaid

Hermione is still a wreck. After dragging herself out of bed, she finds that someone has left a letter outside of her door that could change everything. After she unknowingly drinks a bottle of water with potion in it, she faints and embarks on a long journey of uncovering memories one by one. Could one of them finally reveal the big secret Hermione’s dying to know?

2,411 3
18 Taking the Plunge

Hermione’s long-awaited journey to answers has begun. She goes to the park in search of the person who was waiting patiently for her under the apple tree in her memories, but finds something a little more unexpected. Is the mystery close to being solved? Read to find out!

1,593 6
19 The Truth Inside the Pensieve

Hermione gets a front row seat to the memories she lost from the amnesia when she takes the plunge into the Pensieve. What secrets will she learn and what other mysteries will she uncover?

3,200 6
20 Underneath Every Truth Is A Lie

Harry has a heart-to-heart with someone he never expected, and Hermione gets another memory back. But is it true that with every truth discovered, a lie becomes clear? 

1,515 9
21 Something Worth Waiting For

Hermione and Harry have a face-to-face after her Pensieve journey. They both speak their peace and both are forced to admit and face their mistakes. Will the end result be a pair of broken hearts or a long-awaited-for reconciliation?

2,184 8
22 Dear Diary,

Hermione finally gets her diary back. Luna gives her strength and she goes home to read through her long-lost vault of thoughts. What kind of things will Hermione uncover? The mystery is slowly piecing itself together as our story nears its end.

3,824 7
23 Forgive Us Our Sins

Hermione has a talk with Ginny and a few more things are made clear. But when Hermione leaves, what is it that Ginny is reminiscing about?

1,842 4
24 A Will and a Way

After fixing things with Ginny and Luna, Hermione wants to fix things with Ron. She knows her mistakes can't be erased, but she has a few ideas on how she can set the things still in her control right. But how will he respond? Ron Weasley may surprise you.

1,855 4
25 A Warm Feeling in the Pouring Rain

Harry gets some unexpected insight from a few close friends; with this new knowledge, will he and Hermione finally be able to pick up the pieces?

1,493 13
26 Back to the Place Where We Began

After all that Harry and Hermione have gone through, they have finally emerged from the battle, very much alive, in love, and ready to start a new life together. Where will they begin this new journey? Take a guess.

2,052 7


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