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Snape, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-01-18 10:13am
Last Chapter
2008-08-31 10:40pm
Last Updated
2008-08-31 10:40pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Muggle Studies

Charity settles in at Hogwarts.

This story takes place at Hogwarts during Harry Potter's fourth through seventh years; therefore, it borrows several characters and plot lines from J.K. Rowling's books.

4,500 3
2 Dragons

Charity cleans the castle and attends the first task where she reunites with an old friend.

3,776 2
3 The Yule Ball

Charity attends the Yule Ball and makes a new friend...or two.

2,074 1
4 The Owls

Charity receives disturbing letters from her students' parents. The class takes a field trip to the kitchens.

2,021 1
5 The Lake

Charity attends the second task. The class gets harrowing swimming lessons.

3,403 1
6 The Final Task

Charity escorts Hufflepuff students to their common room after the tragic completion of the Triwizard tournament.

3,188 1
7 A New Year

Professor Burbage returns with souvenirs from her summer travels and deals with Doloris Umbridge.

3,016 2
8 Mr. Weasley

Snape helps Charity with potions. Mr. Weasley visits the Muggle Studies classroom.

3,959 1
9 Muggle Potion

Snape begins to see the light.

4,101 2
10 Death Eater Extraordinaire

Charity learns something new about Severus Snape.

3,879 2
11 The Truth Will Out

An ominous end to the school year.

1,997 2
12 Star Parties

A new set of rules at Hogwarts

2,834 2
13 Slytherins

Charity attends Slughorn's Christmas party and later deals with the Head of Slytherin.

2,797 1
14 Quidditch and Tea

Charity attends her first Qudditch match and has a mysitfying conversation with a portrait.

3,084 1
15 The Tallest Tower

Snape surprises Charity.

2,277 3
16 Letter to the Editor

Charity resumes her grand purpose.

2,165 2
17 Lord Voldemort

Charity goes shopping and takes an unexpected field trip.

2,590 3
18 Doughty Street

Charity takes up a new residence.

2,987 2
19 The Delivery

Charity receives a special delivery and visits a zoo.

2,980 2
20 The Mission

Snape asks Charity to do him a favor.

4,098 2
21 A Forest

Snape takes Charity deep into the forest.

3,158 1
22 Waiting

Charity goes to Paris.

4,330 2
23 Respite

Charity gets an unexpected visit from Snape.

1,780 0
24 Wizards

Charity reads the book and receives shocking news.

3,098 1
25 The Interview

Charity is interviewed regarding Snape

5,146 3
26 Return to Hogwarts

Charity returns to Hogwarts.

2,581 0
27 Spires and Tombs

Charity attends Snape's funeral.

2,523 0
28 Into the Pensieve

Restoration begins in earnest.

4,373 5


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